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  1. yeah I'm not buying an iPhone again either. It's hard to find shit not made by slaves/china
  2. I was going to buy a Xiaomi to replace my old Iphone. Not anymore. I'm boycotting china.
  3. I'm not an imposter or latino. I'm some hoarder from Los Angeles, CA. Are dermathologists considered doctors?
  4. I did task 2. Maybe you'll have to open your eyes a little bit more the next time, you damn CCP agent.
  5. Why is nobody talking about this? http://www.state.gov/fact-sheet-activity-at-the-wuhan-institute-of-virology/
  6. I had no idea GNR played Shotgun Blues and covered "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" live on tour.
  7. Miser hasn't done his task Offical Vote: @Wilco / Red
  8. Dark Green was here and left a big shiny shit

  9. Miser playing mafia? Did I just hear the Great Screech a-coming? I’m in! I’ll be Black.
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