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  1. Dunkin donuts is shit. Krispy Kreme are much better.
  2. Wow this gets more and more bizarre every day.
  3. Rudy looks like the rapist priest from the Catholic school in my town.
  4. Today was the anniversary of the protest movement that broke out last year in Chile. Antifa-like faggots burnt down two churches. One of them housed over a hundred kitties. None of them made it.
  5. at the boat parade there were a bunch of triggered boomers screaming FOUR MORE YEEAAAAAAAARSS at some poor kids wearing biden t-shirts just saw a few minutes ago a car rally for trump in front of where im staying. I dont see any enthusiasm for biden at all over here.
  6. Today I saw the Trump boat parade at Palm beach. What a spectacle. Americans take politics to a whole different level that I’ve never seen on other countries. Gave me goosebumps really.
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