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  1. I think nobody could ever touch Ledger's performance, but this looks promising. Hopefully it doesn't suck like most of the latest DC movies.
  2. Yeah, and L.A. Guns' music is a masterpiece? Estranged, Coma, Civil War, You Could Be Mine are some of the best songs by GN'R. And you also have the obvious hits like Don't Cry, LALD, KOHD, November Rain, etc.
  3. This sounded so legit until I remembered it was April fools lol I bet GN'R are on the studio or will be very soon, jokes aside.
  4. This. We haven't heard much of Caram's work because we only have CD I, but having Clink back could make a new album great.
  5. The acoustic live version and the '99 demo are the best. The Bumble guitar wankery sucks, but the Brian May solo was nothing too amazing. I believe Bucket or Robin could have done great solos
  6. What the fuck happened to Bach? When did he get so fat and old?
  7. Kurt Cobang is such a pussy Nervana sucks!
  8. Didn't Brain say it was like a ballad with a 'suck your balls' bridge or something like that? lol
  9. This is old. Mickey Rourke himself said in early 2018 that Axl was with his trainer and his voice was kicking ass. Axl came back even shittier after that.
  10. That's what MSL said. I tend to believe him.
  11. I wouldn't expect them to leak soon ☹️ I just hope that rumored Atlas with Slash and Duff gets released soon.
  12. I don't think it is. Atlas Shrugged and Jackie Chan are supposed to be out there. Jackie Chan sounds good from that clip.
  13. It's Evader's remix. Don't be fooled. He did a wonderful work. He cleaned up Live Era's vocals and pasted them on Estranged UYI Instrumental.
  14. I have: The General (drums only) November Rain (unreleased UYI song) Atlas Shrugged (1957 book) Sorry Remix (Featuring Brain, Melissa, Pitoman, Dizzy, DJ Ashba, Paul Tobias, Axl's Gardener, Beta Obeis, Ron Bumblefat, Perla Ferrar, Frank Ferrer, Dave Navarro, Robin Finck, Brian May, Gary Sunshine and Carlos Booey) Cock-A-Roach Soup (?) (CD?) Don't Cry (Featuring Shannon Hoon!) Suckerpunched (?) (Hip-Hop Remix) Zip It (?) (CD?) Prostitayah (CD?) Catcher In The Rye (2008 Demo) This I Love (2003 Demo with Paul Tobias on solo spot) Chinese Democracy (2003 Demo with Joko Ono on backing vocals) (?) = Unsure if legit I am willing to trade these for other demos ---------- Seriously, this guy's full of shit. I tried to “trade” with him until I realized everything he gave me was fake. Here's everything from him: http://mega.nz/#F!WMM1WYYK!qnqB31oN94u-cNaf8jRu3w
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