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  1. what?? was that the instrumental on the we transfer link? how do you know it's Cuban skies?
  2. Taken down. Also don't post links in public. You don't want GNFNR to be nuked.
  3. Prince Andrew stepping back from royal duties....
  4. lol wtf where? it's the medley a couple of times, with and without axl. there's a cool band huddle in the end too. quit your bs.
  5. CD2 (so far..) : Hard School Atlas Zodiac Soul Monster Perhaps Oh My God Silkworms Going Down State Of Grace
  6. Alright, let's see who didn't vote Strangelove when he was OBVIOUS mafia. It was fuckin obvious that Strangelove was mafia the second it was revealed that Deadstar was a cop (although a very shitty and confused cop. Still right about Strangelove being Mafia) Let's see... 10.i was just kidding 13. punkie 2. mags 5. salsh broski As to what I think who are definitely mafia here: Punkie (see above) Salsh Broski (see above) john Bonham (started bandwagon on deadstar) I was just kidding (see above) hotdogman (strangelove's bitch for 4 days)
  7. Discuss. @John Bonham Is it ok to distribute links through pm’s? or it endangers the site? apparently vmas are making the rounds too but i haven’t received it.
  8. can you send it over? i didn’t get that one...
  9. Lol democrats, lol republicans. There's no right or left. They are two wings of the same bird. This, this, this.
  10. HOLY SHIT ZODIAC WITH VOCALS. FUCKIN' GREAT Tommy Z's hard drive is leaking finally!
  11. Anybody else got that new pm? From the same anonymous poster... Can't download the mp3 right now...
  12. Wasn't John Bonham was the first to flip on Deadstar and initiate the bandwagon?
  13. Honestly it's my first mafia game online ever and haven't played real life mafia since I was like 12 lol, that's why I wasn't very active in the beginning.
  14. I'm not a bad guy! I'm a salami lover too! I didn't get in the Deadstar bandwagon. If anybody should be voted, should be hotdogman. My mafia senses say it's him based on his voting history.
  15. Why again? I'm a salami fan too...
  16. No “hey hay” or “mack daddy's” in here for sure, that's nice.
  17. Lol the screaming part is pretty much indecipherable.
  18. Can't believe he actually references Elvis on the verse lol.
  19. The guitar solo is different and god its good.
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