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  1. pants-shitting, exhibit a
  2. Strangelove's shitposting is confusing at times but he's obvious scum. Deadstar is very suspicious too..... Vote: Dr. Strangelove
  3. @Bill Brasky Can you verify?
  4. Again... why exactly are you saying I'm mafia? Deadstar using pm's is fishy af.
  5. Again... check who defended MIA in past posts.
  6. Why do you think I'm a mafia member? I just pointed out that hotdogman and MIA could be mafia teammates...
  7. >tfw when the bushes start speaking Brazilian
  8. Lol no just assuming. Would make sense to pump mafia numbers by keeping MIA alive if he's mafia.
  9. McDaddy thinks Hotdog is bad...
  10. That discord comment def sounded suspicious...
  11. Btw, haven't played Mafia in years so maybe I got some of the rules wrong
  12. Defending ur Mafia buddy? 👀 Makes sense tho. Even if MIA is inactive, he's still a Mafia player (as long as Brasky doesn't mod kill him). By keeping MIA alive, they keep Mafia numbers high and get some Town lynched, getting closer to winning.
  13. Multiple posts in a row... again
  14. I love how people are already getting triggered this early in the game. Vote: Ironfin
  15. Hmmm am I getting paranoid or almost everybody acts suspicious?
  16. I guess we'll shitpost the shit out of day 1.
  17. LZ is landing zone I think.
  18. Too bad this guy will be suicided too.
  19. http://old.reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/comments/cq93tu/i_am_combing_through_all_of_the_epstein_files/ http://old.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/cr4tvy/i_am_combing_through_all_the_epstein_files_you/ I recommend you to read this if you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole. Disgusting stuff they did...
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