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  1. Mossad has entered the chat.
  2. Prince Andrew has entered the chat.
  3. so um did the riots achieve anything of substance ?
  4. didnt they say there was confiscated bombs in there?
  5. that's what the masturbandose does to you.
  6. yep I think that by charging with him with 3rd degree murder pretty much guarantees him not being found guilty maybe on manslaughter but even then..
  7. CNN: Minor incident in Beirut, totally pacific. Deaths reported but all of COVID
  8. From 7:50 onwards, he keeps saying that he can't breathe. Even before Chauvin did any neck restraint. Dude was clearly overdosing – foam on his mouth, autopsy shows really dangerous levels of Fent and meth. That's not saying Chauvin isn't a piece of shit. Should of been fired long ago and kneeling on him for so long without keeping track of his condition isn't really excusable. But there's no way he's getting charged for murder. and the antifa kids won't like that
  9. The charges against the cops will likely be dropped It will cause hell in Minneapolis. Buckle up Americans.
  10. AC/DC sucks. I have such a superior taste in music for that simple rock and thunder music. I am so superior to everyone else!!!!!! Did I already mention that AC/DC sucks? Yeah it sucks. My taste in music is the best.
  11. can't be, where's the neckbeard ?
  12. remember… Dershowitz was Trump's lawyer in the impeachment. They are all mixed in in this mess.
  13. Axl is waiting for schools to re-open to release Hard School. How do you expect everybody to drop their books and start dancing in the hallways to Hard School if there is no school? Duh
  14. The band is doing great things for their fans. The fans will FINALLY get Sympathy for the Devil on Vinyl! /jarmo
  15. McDaddy


    or take a supplement but taking a walk is just a healthy thing to do from time to time.
  16. McDaddy


    people should go out take a walk even more so in quarantined places. good for your mental health, physical health , etc. quarantine doesn't mean stay in your house all day getting fat and shit like zero risk of infection by going out, even without a mask. I go running every day in the morning.
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