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  1. How are the reviews so far? If the rumors are true, then this is a whole new level of crap.
  2. can you send a link? apparently rick is behind these last couple of leaks lol. wonder if he'll leak the 2020 album in full before it's released haha
  3. Portuguese hoarders (Lourenco's friends at least) only had one more Better demo that didn't leak. It had an acoustic guitar somewhere very faint if I recall correctly. Supposedly their source had 2 more new songs..... If you have a spare $6,000 and you want to throw them to the trash, buy VMA's from the Buckethead guy.
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Guns-N-Roses-Original-DAT-Tape-MIXES-Collection-Dont-Cry-Versions/333411087632?hash=item4da0d97510:g:5d4AAOSwwWtd2u7p http://www.ebay.com/itm/Guns-N-Roses-Original-Rehearsal-TAPE-ULTRA-RARE-Uncirculated-1986-Original-5/333415835693 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Guns-N-Roses-Betamax-1987-Tape/174105087461?hash=item288978cde5:g:KUcAAOSwn4tdo0V3 All from Zutaut........
  5. http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/223016-time-to-open-the-vault Speaking of hoarders.......
  6. He def was an intelligence asset. Acosta when he went after him in 2004 (I think) was told not to as he was way above his pay grade, that Epstein was an intelligence asset. Ghisailne Maxwell's father was Mossad and probably she and Jeffrey are too. CIA makes sense too..
  7. He was the guy that made that fake Monstrosity CD, and also made many fake “Jackie Chan” leak clips to bait people into trades. I suppose you found out about Grenade's legitimacy through MSL's documents?
  8. Well he's the guy that found your Grenade..... 6 years ago. Any clues as to how you found out the grenade is legit? The guy was a known forger.
  9. mafia was literally all newbies, strangelove and later magisme lol.
  10. If you mean by 'nonce' pedo then lol yes. Here's some literature for you. Read at your own risk. Disturbing.... I was more nervous than I had ever been before a night out with someone, probably the build-up Ghislane and Jeffrey had hyped this meeting up to be. To break the ice, she played her favorite guessing game ... "how old do you think Jenna is"? When Andrew guessed correctly, I was seventeen years old, she was surprised, thinking I could have passed for younger. "I guess we are going to have to trade you in soon" she laughed, always the first one to throw in her quick-witted two bits, all of them chuckling along with her. Hardly a laugh at all, unknown to me at the time his eldest daughter is only five years my junior. I was finding it hard to make much conversation in the beginning, just laughing when the occasion called for it, and keeping up with Andrew's constant glances in my direction, was all I could manage. Andrew followed my lead and disrobed, throwing his attire to the floor. I wanted to nm and hide feeling his hands touch me again, but my servitude for Jeffrey kept me there. Getting out of his stronghold I turned my attention to the steam filling up and tried to turn his attention to the marble bench where I suggested he take a seat while I rubbed his feet. By the look in his eyes I knew he could care less about a foot massage, his real desires were being shown by the arousal his body was forming. He indicated where he wanted me to touch him and how. I fulfilled his seedy requests, but only just. There was no pleasure in this for me, the only thing I derived from this event was to sink further into my slumber of depression. 1 couldn't remember a time when I felt needed for anything other than my body or amusements thereof. After his massage was thoroughly conducted I couldn't wait to get back to my room for another shower. Sitting on the floor of the shower under the harsh spray of water, 1 scrubbed my body where he touched me. Feeling abhorrent and ashamed what I had become, I let the water wash away the grime. Prince Andrew had that notorious cheesy grin slapped over his face, as he looked me up and down like a shiny new car on display and he was about to take it for a test drive. Ghislane led me to the decadent sofa he was lounging on and twirled me around to give him a good lookover before sitting me down on his lap. Like a show pony I knew exactly how they wanted me to be paraded around, with the last ofmy dignity long lost, I had nothing more to lose. It was easy to give them the reaction they desired, all I had too do was pretend to be entertained by their lewd gestures, and when Andrew cupped my breast with a doll made in his image, I only giggled away. Ghislane wanted to take a picture of the bizarre scene and even got Johanna, another one of Jeffrey's so-called personal assistants, to come sit on his other knee for the snapshot, giving the impression girls couldn't stay away from Randy Andy. Many crude jokes later and I was asked to show Andrew to the upstairs massage room. It wasn't easy meeting the sexual desires of these strange men, the Prince being one of them. He loved my feet and even licked in between my toes. Then there was the lack of passion in the intimacy we shared, to him I was just another girl and to me he was just another job. Not the right reasons to be together but I thought in this world and to these monsters, there didn't need to be a reason. To them it's nothing but a reenactment of their personal fantasies. To me it was a living nightmare. Bonus 1. Bill Clinton: Sitting across the table from us was Bill with two lovely girls who were visiting from New York. Bill's wife, Hillary's absence from the night made it easy for his apparent provocative cheeky side to come out. Teasing the girls on either side of him with playful pokes and brassy comments, there was no modesty between any of them. We all finished our meals and scattered in our own different directions. Bonus 2. Matt Groening: I was enjoying our conversation, when Jeffrey insisted that I give Matt a foot massage throughout the duration of the short flight. I never turned down a client but when I saw the shape of his feet, I nearly threw up at the thought of having to touch them. He had yellow crusty toenails that even someone with a chainsaw would've had troubles cutting through and then there was the fluffy balls of leftover pieces of sock wedged between the crevices of his sweaty toes, now that was the real icing on the cake for me, no way could I attempt this I thought. Then I had an idea. I went to the back of the plane and rinsed a wash cloth in warm soapy water and returned for his dreaded foot massage but not before attempting to clean them first. From Virginia Roberts memoir. There's a lot more. This is just scratching the tip of the iceberg. There are Trump accusations too but I can't find them right now. And if you check Epstein's black book, which is his contact book, you'll find a lot of politicians and actors, who are probably pedo's too.
  11. Holy fuck. This movie will be so shit hahaha
  12. The palace staff is pissed and reportedly one of them said “now what are we going to do with all these underage hookers?”
  13. Queen cancels Prince Andrew's 60th birthday party lol
  14. The more I listen to it, the more I appreciate Axl. His vocals are so damn good in here.
  15. what?? was that the instrumental on the we transfer link? how do you know it's Cuban skies?
  16. Taken down. Also don't post links in public. You don't want GNFNR to be nuked.
  17. Prince Andrew stepping back from royal duties....
  18. lol wtf where? it's the medley a couple of times, with and without axl. there's a cool band huddle in the end too. quit your bs.
  19. CD2 (so far..) : Hard School Atlas Zodiac Soul Monster Perhaps Oh My God Silkworms Going Down State Of Grace
  20. Alright, let's see who didn't vote Strangelove when he was OBVIOUS mafia. It was fuckin obvious that Strangelove was mafia the second it was revealed that Deadstar was a cop (although a very shitty and confused cop. Still right about Strangelove being Mafia) Let's see... 10.i was just kidding 13. punkie 2. mags 5. salsh broski As to what I think who are definitely mafia here: Punkie (see above) Salsh Broski (see above) john Bonham (started bandwagon on deadstar) I was just kidding (see above) hotdogman (strangelove's bitch for 4 days)
  21. Discuss. @John Bonham Is it ok to distribute links through pm’s? or it endangers the site? apparently vmas are making the rounds too but i haven’t received it.
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