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  1. They want to throw God’s wonderful breathing system out the door. You’re all turning your backs on it.


    Can you prove that it’s good for people to breathe carbon dioxide over and over and over again?


    God made it so that we would breathe in fresh oxygen, to go to our body, to every cell in the body.


    It has to have that to make energy. When you wear a mask, the nose is cut off, the mouth is cut off.

  2. 27 minutes ago, bacardimayne said:

    I love how upset smoothbrains get when you call their precious celebrities pedophiles, always predictably projecting about Trump.

    lol alll the pedophiles should burn, I dont care if they are celebrities, right wing, left wing, whatever.


    B-b-but Trump is draining the swamp! He's fighting the deep state!!!! Qanon!!!! 




  3. 2 hours ago, RedHook said:


    I guess nobody to watched the pizzagate video.


    There was definetly something going on there, the Shooter was the psyop to throw everybody off and make the Comet Pizza look innocent.

    If you look at the owners Instagram posts he is an obvious pedophile, plus the artwork on the walls was anything but family friendly. But of course the media failed to mention any of this.


    Hillary Clinton is a satanist and a pedophile, she prefers little girls. Bill Clinton is also a pedophile but he prefers little boys.



    On a side not some recent celebrities outed as pedophiles are Tom Hanks, Ellen Degeneress,  Seth Green, David Spade, and Oprah 




    How do you feel about Trump being part of the pedophile cabal too?

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