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  1. 2006 ny was 10/10. he killed it. the last 2014 performance was pretty decent too. the rest suck.
  2. Axl is so fat that Thanos had to snap twice.
  3. i have 13 rolls of double ply extra soft toilet paper. will trade only for The General or a song of equal value.
  4. Why do people want to see geraldine bailey on full HD with soundboard audio? give me old GNR any time of the day.
  5. The warmup 1991 shows. Those shows were GNR at their peak. They were recorded on film, which is extremely high resolution compared to VHS taping (Paris 1992, Chicago 1992, etc).
  6. it has been going downhill for a while now
  7. Lol Clownzy is censoring discussion about this train wreck. MyChinaForum somehow manages to be even worse than TB.
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