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  1. Last Jedi sucked so much. I don't think they'll be able to save the trilogy with this movie. I hope they learn the lesson for the upcoming Old Republic trilogy. They can't ruin that one 🙄
  2. epstein was part of a Mossad operation if I recall correctly. that's why they did nothing to him in 2007 with that sweetheart plea deal. supposedly he recorded all encounters his contacts had with his “girls” and used it for blackmail purposes. there's so much powerful people involved... Clinton, prince Andrew, Trump. they all wanted him dead. it's awful that the victims didn't see justice served.
  3. I think nobody could ever touch Ledger's performance, but this looks promising. Hopefully it doesn't suck like most of the latest DC movies.
  4. Yeah, and L.A. Guns' music is a masterpiece? Estranged, Coma, Civil War, You Could Be Mine are some of the best songs by GN'R. And you also have the obvious hits like Don't Cry, LALD, KOHD, November Rain, etc.
  5. This. We haven't heard much of Caram's work because we only have CD I, but having Clink back could make a new album great.
  6. The acoustic live version and the '99 demo are the best. The Bumble guitar wankery sucks, but the Brian May solo was nothing too amazing. I believe Bucket or Robin could have done great solos
  7. What the fuck happened to Bach? When did he get so fat and old?
  8. Kurt Cobang is such a pussy Nervana sucks!
  9. Didn't Brain say it was like a ballad with a 'suck your balls' bridge or something like that? lol
  10. This is old. Mickey Rourke himself said in early 2018 that Axl was with his trainer and his voice was kicking ass. Axl came back even shittier after that.
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