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  1. Hey fellas. Internet here has been pretty much gone the least couple of days. sorry! what have i missed?
  2. Chinese Democracy World War III Starts Now!
  3. I'm here lol. I'm still more active than iwasjustlurking or SoA. You haven't been very active either
  4. My vote still goes for SoA. No way he's not mafia lol.
  5. Better than Shadow Of Your Shit.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcCFfREw3oM Holy shit hahaha
  7. Hey i haven’t quitted, just maybe i won’t be very active but i’ll check in and post every day for sure.
  8. Strangelove never went by bacardi on any discord 💯
  9. 1. Editing posts is not a townie behaviour 2. Defending who edited a post isn’t townie behaviour either. I rest my case.
  10. stay of execution was never a name for an album!! it was for a residency if i recall correctly.
  11. School of athens is obvious mafia imo. My vote stays. libtard
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