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    Favorite Star Wars characters?

    You might know this, but when was 20, he actually worked on ROTJ doing VFX. Lucasfilm offered him Episode 7, but he turned it down because he thought that it'd be too stressful... http://www.denofgeek.com/us/movies/star-wars/268469/why-david-fincher-turned-down-star-wars-episode-ix
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    - The Lost Guns N' Roses Music Video -

    Sorry man, wasn't trying to be a dick, just a little sarcasm....I know that I'm new to this site and respect that you guys have been on here for a good, long while. My apologies if you felt slighted. I made a video to the story that Axl wanted to see and tried to fill-in the blanks. I don't think that much of the song, especially lyrically, would have matched the story if it'd been made back then either. I think that he wanted something very dramatic that was apart from his meaning behind the lyrics.
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    - The Lost Guns N' Roses Music Video -

    Thanks very much!!
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    - The Lost Guns N' Roses Music Video -

    Uhhh...probably because the song is about Erin Everly, but Axl wanted the video to be something very different, which is posted above. Thanks for playing!
  5. Hey All! I'm fairly new to this site (lurking for just a bit and finally registered) and I've appreciated the real honesty and the lack of censorship (thanks to JB!). I am a very long-time, die-hard GN'R fan. Yep, since '87, when I was a wee lad. Over the years, I've seen them as many times as possible, which is now 7. (It would have been 9, if not for the Philly riot (that I fought in), which cancelled that 2002 tour.) And I've been on many forums and most of them turned to shit or just became boring. Or both. So, I'm glad to have found this site! Back in May of 2006, thanks to Sebastian Bach, Axl appeared on Eddie Trunk's NY radio show, with Chris Jericho & Scott Ian also in studio and Mike Piazza briefly calling into the show. During those great stories that all exchanged, Axl told a 20 second anecdote about what he *really* wanted to for the "Sweet Child O' Mine" music video. It's a far cry from what we got, which is a simple video of the band in a rehearsal space, as the label wouldn't let him make his concept. So, being the super fan that I am, I always wanted to see his Original Concept come to life. Over the years, I'd check out YouTube to see if anyone did it, to no avail. I thought that it'd be cool if I could make this happen and, if so, that it should be as if it was made back in 1988, and in-line with the epic mini-movies for which GN'R videos became known. Well, back in the Summer, I finally made this thing a reality and released it a few weeks ago! Now, Axl only described his original idea for 20 seconds, so I had to write a full story to make it a 6 minute short film, but I made sure to include everything that he mentioned, and I really hope that it lives up to what he would have wanted. Oh, and it's my directorial debut! "1988" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJTb6ppKFfc Please share the link with everyone in your part of the universe! Thanks very much and I hope that you enjoy it!! All the best, Matt P.S - If you haven't heard the Trunk show clip, here it is...jump to the 3:21 minute mark. SPOILERS!