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  1. Slash posted a picture of Angus for some reason
  2. ANGUS AND STEVIE SPOTTED ALSO, ONLY THE BASSIST IS A MISSING FACTOR NOW although it is most likely Cliff. sorry everyone for the disappointment
  3. There's no guarantee that Axl is completely done with AC/DC, he might come in sometime soon to do an album with Angus and them
  4. Sorry guys, I didn't want to be the one to break the news to you. But yes, the current singer for AC/DC is Brian and they've been in the studio for a little while now working on a new album with the Back in Black lineup and Stevie instead of Malcolm. That picture was taken a few days ago, no doubt, outside of their regular studio in Vancouver. Axl is in London currently and Brian is in Vancouver. My guess is that the AC/DC boys had a heart to heart at Malcolm's funeral and wanted to do one more album with the classic lineup. It might not be over entirely for Axl/DC. My guess is that Angus is gonna get Axl on board after the classic 'DC lineup does one more album, then Ax/DC will happen. Or it could be Brian on the album and Axl on the tour like last time. This was very unexpected for everyone.
  5. Everyone start banging those rocks together and start screeching incoherently. We are now living in the caveman country.
  6. Will Guns 'n' Roses ever be as good as it previously was? (read the last 4 words of the thread title for the answer)
  7. we'll just have to wait and see
  8. If he shows up at one of those, I think it's going to seal the deal that he will continue to work with Axl, that's too much involvement to just be a side project
  9. I was about to make that joke in the reply lol
  10. I think Angus is hiding inside that case
  11. Apparently Axl has his personal trainer on his ass and is getting into shape and training his voice, might see it sooner than we expect.
  12. I'm not Brasky my dude, I got no insiders, I am Brasky's apostle
  13. NEWS Steve Vai seems to be a fan of it STEVE VAI Says New AC/DC Studio Album With AXL ROSE 'Would Be Fantastic' http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/steve-vai-says-new-ac-dc-studio-album-with-axl-rose-would-be-fantastic/
  14. Yeah! there's actually a fellow on the site with the same name that I have on this site, but it's not me my username is Powerage1978 on fans.net
  15. Loud and Angry you say? I have just the thing for you my friend, the rawest, loudest, nastiest, dirtiest live album ever recorded AC/DC - If You Want Blood (You've Got It) recorded at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland in 1978 Explanation behind the album name: AC/DC gives all they've got on this album, if the fans wanted blood, so be it.
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