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  1. daphatves

    It's been fun

    Thanks for being so nice and accepting. I hope you guys have many more discussions on GNR, hoarding, what Axl is doing, etc - For me (due to the RNRHOF Axl incident) this band is done and I am done with them. I won't let the door hit my butt on the way out...I will be quick and fade away into a former GNR fan. All the best!
  2. daphatves

    The languages thread

    English, French and Czech...
  3. daphatves

    Anyone tried electronic cigarettes?

    I approved one companies Canadian patent for the e-cig... That's all I know about them...
  4. ^ you forgot to add fortus to the rhianna (sp?) poster...ha!
  5. daphatves

    Guns "camp"

    BBA - could you explain more? - seems like a cool story to tell. If not. - could you tell who contacted you and what their roll in this organization was / is?
  6. That's the problem...what is good is baried in fart noises and pro-tools edits... What happened to a les Paul through a marshall???
  7. What is funny is that the "band" guns n roses posts only pro-Axl propoganda on Facebook...this "camp" (as we all know) is biased on all Axl, and not guns... Too bad these fan boards are the only source of a proper medium! Maybe I have been drinking too might, but not respecting thee past )unless it means ticket sales) is garbage...
  8. daphatves

    When was the last time we spoke about MUSIC?

    I can't pin-pont the exact date, but sometime in the early 90s. This
  9. daphatves

    This is why Axl is not attending

    I hope they thank Axl and congratulate him, and not bash him...
  10. daphatves

    Guns "camp"

    And who did you speak to in this "camp" and what was their role?
  11. I don't want to predict the future, but I think my future interest in Axl and his roses will not be very high...I am sitting tight for the hof, and will see where I stand after that... Not a threat, promise or lie...
  12. daphatves

    Guns "camp"

    I hear this term thrown around alot... Who is in it, what do they do and what entry is required? Is the camp the lebeiesesesesieseiesbleiebes? Is the camp Axl and his voices? Is the camp someone in the band? Lawyers, pr people, the hiring staff and recruiters?
  13. daphatves

    Finally...Official Band Photo

    She's their official photographer... Oh...ok
  14. The only thing worthy of this level of hate is if he sodomized Axl's wife with a snake while taking a dump on Axl's prized dog...