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  1. lets loot zutaut's house
  2. Yeah! One of the best Chinese Democracy Tour concerts for sure
  3. This concert was pretty good! Axl sounded great!
  4. US Army is full of Nazis Jesus man
  5. but maybe other people told him about it cause I remember reading a beta's interview saiyng that stephanie cheated on axl with everyone so maybe beta knew and told him idk
  6. Ctrl + F => Axl Those are the important parts
  7. I bet on bumble. I think Finck has a good relationship with Axl
  8. Just finished the book After that I don't even care about a new album anymore Sorum made clear for everyone to see: GNR now is just a cash grab, Axl, Slash and Duff are not even close to being real friends Things are just too weird, like, a album at this moment it would be just for making more money Fuck this band! Fuck Axl! Fuck Coward Duff!
  9. Do you guys think Susan knows that Steph fucked Duff? Cause she still friends with her
  10. Probably that's why Beta hate her so much
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