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  1. We're never gonna listen to these songs are we?
  2. have you heard any of the songs?
  3. All of the stuff or just a little bit of it?
  4. I really like it It sounds like a foo fighters song sang by axl
  5. Does anyone think that the 2 songs are gonna be fully leaked?
  6. I think is ask me to believe
  7. I know at the end he says something about what it takes to be a man
  8. I thought atlas would have pianos on it
  9. But this is really atlas or is it another song? I think I read someone saying is wasn't actually atlas
  10. Atlas sounds like a UYI song I liked it
  11. Maddy is my favorite and i love breakdown but I don't hear it that much, so I wouldn't get bored of it fast
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