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  1. @Bill Brasky I get its unlikely, but has The General, Seven or the Soul Monster been traded about at all? Likelihood that any/all of those would leak if they have been traded? Cheers man
  2. Or save everyone the trouble and take it instead!
  3. You’re forgetting Quick song! Lol
  4. Cos a certain heart attack waiting to happen or his “Igor” decided to dick with it?
  5. The snippet I posted yesterday with my witty comments along with it made me disappear from MSLs discord. Im devastated. DEVASTATED! Talk about touchy. Least I know now that MSL stands for Massively Sensitive Lardass!
  6. Hey @Bill Brasky Shock Horror! Mister “I wish I could visit Canada” doesn’t believe the hype! ”brasky doesnt have any legitimate sources anymore. he really has no way of knowing if quick song would be on an EP or not or if an EP is really coming” Yet he has all the answers? 🤔
  7. See! “I’m of Canadian stock, I’ve never been there, it’s my DREAM to go to Canada...” literally waddle yo fat ass to the car and point it ⬆️ way for about 12-16 hours and you’d have achieved your DREAM! nope, too lazy plus there isn’t an abundance of fat soaked munchies he can chow down on, presumably between snacks!
  8. He’s too fuckin fat and lazy to travel to get to Toms locker sale so can’t see him waddling to an airport and coming across the pond do do that. Now, if he sells Axls autobiography and the discs, he could hire a hitman... but that involves finding one and id bet he’ll get distracted by a Twinkie or suchlike before doing so. Im safe! 😎
  9. Professional? jus cos he gets $20 bucks to wrestle doesn’t make him remotely professional. Using the term wrestler is stretching it also. Factually, the only part that is accurate is Obese!
  10. There's 11 November 23rds left till 2030. Patience Grasshopper!
  11. OK man. When you do decide to unlock the barn door, please let me know! Cheers
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