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  1. Late to the party again! Anyone kind enough to send me some linkage? thanks
  2. Bring you to your Wheeze! Do you know where the fuck you are? You're in an Iron Lung baby! Time to breathe!
  3. as opposed to a cock grab had he still been involved?
  4. If new material materialises before I De-materilise off this planet, you can colour me Fucking shocked!
  5. I know im relatively new here and it seems fairly tight knit here but its nice to be able to interact with GNR fans without Overlord Jarmo and his cretins, sorry Minions, damn, sorry, admins hanging about like the harbingers of doom for anything that may be against the narrative and not part of THEIR GNR lore! No one should have to be forced to feel like they cannot be part of an online community due to people making real life shit for you because of it. I'd agree with whats suggested above but for the fact that you're allowing the ASSHATS to win but I'm cool with whatever
  6. Merry Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever other backwards, twisted religion you claim to celebrate! Hope you had a fun day regardless. BTW, theres only one tuesday left in 2017!
  7. I was there when he threw the security guys out (Birmingham, UK). Was kinda cool of him. Its usually fans getting punked.
  8. I seemingly missed this back in the day. Better Gone? More Like Better Gone.....in the trash! What a pile of bum dung that was! The Acoustic guitars were OK but the rest of it was awful!
  9. Remix? Here's a novel idea.....release the music without overproducing the shit out of it, then if you want to do a remix album down the line, THEN go to town on it. Or, and this is a better idea......how about some NEW music? Too progressive for you, you say? Hmmmm. FFS
  10. Best Moments Vocals of Axl Rose, isn't that an oxymoron? LOL All the same, I'll go out on a limb and say its a very, very short video with not one single complete song in it!
  11. I happened to listen to the BBF video first and thought, meh, don't sound "too bad" but then realised that id watched the wrong one first, popped on the NITL version and HOLY FUCK. The out of tune guitar, it makes listening painful. Axls vocals are, quite frankly, shocking. Mickey I was expecting but he cant even sing it anywhere close to the album version and cant hold a note, never mind a fucking tune! Was it my ear (hard to tell when it sounds so fucking out of tune) but have they changed the key/pitch for that song? it almost sounded like Axl was having to start in a key higher than normal to begin with so the lower registers never become an issue but just sounds painful throughout then and excruciating when its time to "Rasp" What a clusterfuck. So glad we have that on a soundboard!
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