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  1. Appetite for Hamburger Use your Toothbrushes
  2. If these old farts still had it, it could actually work but that ship has sailed long ago.
  3. This place has a delicate smell of pretos and gordos. Thanks.
  4. So Alex took Yoda out of his paunch and introduced it to Duff? Cool.
  5. Someone did that on mygina and the spectrals (or whatever they call that) sure looks different.
  6. Do we really believe Alex stopped eating taco bells to record? I tought we were over this. Gordo.
  7. Nobody is going to read this shit. Isnt this the episode they needed sone coke and didnt have any? Then someone goes "we're in colombia and theres no coke?"
  8. This is a very serious internet forum, beware and fuck off. You cuck.
  9. Didnt see any difference from the past show lol he actually was really out of tempo, wtf is happening to Alex
  10. I want to hurt my ears a little, need links.
  11. Nah, thats Izzy, the other guy is the sauce for the photo and told it was him.
  12. Hes just a simple man, the other two look like transvestites next to him.
  13. In the end of the day we are worse than biebers fan. Think about it, at least they arent more than 14.
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