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  1. I remember when this shit first popped in at Instagram, mygina lost their shit thinking it was a new song.
  2. Fantastic, specially the gugu pics. Id say the gugu pics are better than the song itself. Add Van Dames getting a bonner on a live show with Gretchen dancing and we have a perfect collection.
  3. Yet theres no music, so why?
  4. Fuck Soul monster, I'm just sad cause Gugu died. Meu pintinho amarelinho will always be remembered.
  5. Oh, is this for real? Along with soul monster?
  6. Some years ago Ozzy said something like Zakks becaming way too big and having such an identity that he didn't want his solo career to be just another Zakk Wylde outlet. It was starting to sound way too much like BLS. I guess the attention Zakk was receiving kinda made the madman a little jealous.
  7. Ozzy used to be a huge GNR fan at the time, he probably looks at Duff now and says: da fuck happnd
  8. Just imagine, an álbum titled "Stay of Execution" filled with This I Loves.
  9. Nirvana is way more overrated than GNR tho, they needed a member to die to get into the music canon. By the time they released In Utero their popularity where already on the floor. Hadnt Kurt died theyd probably have Smashing Pumpkings level of popularity if not even less these days cause Kurt couldnt writte songs and eventually would dry and the whole depressed teen angst shit wouldnt work anymore. I like what they did but they was just a product of their time. Not defending Axl, he is also a product of his time that cant writte songs. Personality apart, they're kind of similar when it comes to musical abilities. Kurt knew three chords, Axl knew one Piano progression. Both had "sex" appeal and became popular for that.
  10. Who has the nerves to be on a boring tour like that for almost four years without some sauce? Only SJW Duff. Itd be weird if he wasnt vack on booze.
  11. Holy shit this is legit, I tought it was fake. Check this out: At 3:01
  12. I hate man buns. Why to even let your hair grow if youre gonna use it that way. Seems pointless. I have long hair and girls always ask my why I don't use a bun. Not even the hottest pussy in the fuckin world could make me use a bun.
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