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  1. Thank you for this page, here I feel free to say VAI TOMA NO CU FERNANDO
  2. Yeah, he is afraid of a lawsuit. Im pretty sure a needlee couldnt get through his asshole atm
  3. Uhhhh he is so fragille and sensitive poor little mexican. Take your enchiladas and go cry on metoo duff brand new pussy
  4. Alex cant handle reality, he is so out of it that he hired the nanny and her sons to handle his life. Beta just knew Alex weakness and used it to her favor. From secretΓ‘ria no Pier em Itajai to millionaire manager with no previous experience. Thats the dream of pretty much anyone lol So yeah, Alex fault for being a lunatic
  5. He didnt know a single shit about singing so it was cool but at the same time, it lead us to mickey.
  6. They should release it as a instore only album right now. They did a show for 80000 people in Mexico, make it a trend of killing their owns fans and make justice for the Most Dangerous Band on the Planet nickname.
  7. Is the pictured hard drive THE hard drive that has the suposed 600 songs? Cause I highly doubt this was a mid 00s HD, this is a recent Hard Drive and theres no way in hell this was forgotten for years and years on a storage locker lol
  8. I think its worth $0,50 ,which is like R$ 500,000,0000 brazilian monkey reals.
  9. Mr Santos, how did you feel when you found out your wife was banging the PatrΓ£o while your son was licking his ass?
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