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  1. I cant imagine how Izzy could be involved with this band at all these days. I was listening to some Izzy solo stuff last night, then I watched that video Matt uploaded on social media of him playing Patience and man, Izzy doesnt really fit this shitshow at all, I can understand why he havent joined NITL, its such a embarassement, it doesnt fell like a real band and Izzy is still legit to what he does and believes. GNR should just break up. Its over, Alex should just get back to his mansion and keep eating takos and feeling sorry for himself until he explodes.
  2. Ill have to work home from now on, being in the office was the only way I had to get away from the mistress. Now im fucked. damn you coronga.
  3. Thats some classy buteco right there. He probably got some bottles of 51 a package of Eight cigars and went straight to Rua Augusta to fuck those trannies on the thub afterwards, thats how we party in Brazil. Yeah
  4. Gunsso Rosa is so shit that their only “new” song in more than 10 years is a shitty one probably written by Robin Finck and Junky Stinson 23 years ago lol Slash is the cuck of the cucks for actually doing this
  5. Alex will also terminate the new virus by eating it. His fat level is so high and concentrated that no virus can survive it. Then Alex will be praised as the new messiah an the prophecy will be fulfilled.
  6. Plebe Rude is great, my father used to be in punk bands during his teens and actually played some gigs with Inocentes, Clementes former band before joining Plebe Rude. These days im in a family rockabilly band with my father and my uncle, and Clemente goes to our gigs sometimes. I once asked him how it was to open for GNR, he said he never talked to any of the members ad that they’re a bunch of divas
  7. And another poor fella here to talk about Guns And Roses. This is a geraldine bailey forum.
  8. Axl is so fat that will be used by Trump as a new kind of biological weapon. They’ll drop him from an airplane on its target country and it’ll be instantly destroyed with a huge earthquake.
  9. Sure, but he probably needs to become a singer again.
  10. Im glad you guys like it cause that’s probably all we’ll ever get. Alex will probably die from his huge fat deposits on the arteries and then we’ll get the holy grail that is Hardschool take 234 w/ pitoman farts up. 2.5db
  11. Holy shit you people still want to listen to hardschool, atlas shrugged drums up 00,3db? get a life.
  12. I hanged with Gilby a little bit when he came to São Paulo, maybe ten years ago. Hes a good guy, really down to earth but aside some tracks from his first album i couldnt careless to his music.
  13. Great song, gonna listen to it while putting my confederate flag on the balcony later. It fits Brazillian carnival that is happening today.
  14. Does Dreyfus has Homo feelings for Miser? Answer wisely a) Yes b) Yes
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