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  1. This could turn into lyric material for the next record. Seymour will be jealous.
  2. Fermanager would know who trocolli is as he provided the tape, that is another indicator flebeis is fake.
  3. Honestly I never heard of dadud, where the hell did this fella came from?
  4. Is that account real fermanager tho? Some people said it was all Atlas doing lol
  5. New discord is better than the old one, thank by taking care us
  6. One thing that still bugs me is: how could CD-Rs survive for almost 20 years on a locker? That is beyond me lol Is there any possibility that this whole discs on a locker history is a fake to attract buyers?
  7. So Fernandos involved and ok with this bulshit? Just imagine if the bands in the known and making a grand from these "leaks" lol it might be a controlled situation, selling songs for thousands of bucks is way more profit than a public formal album that would have costs to manufact and would probably sell poorly. GNR world is so weird that I wouldnt be surprised if theres a shitload of songs being sold to selected few willing to pay 5k for a single song.
  8. Whats going on in reddit? I dont know how to use that shit
  9. Is @Dadudaware of the stuff walker did? How can any gnr fan be ok with that lol And we tought Salsh was the biggest cuck of the bunch.
  10. That propaganda guy on discord, is he fuckin walker or something? Fuck off, those guys are the ultimate cucks.
  11. A man that doesnt spend time with salami can never be a real man.
  12. Last night I played Perhaps and SoG on a club where a GNR cover band was playing (so a lot of gnr fans around). The DJ couldnt believe the songs were real as he was also a fan and let me play it. The crowd looked confused as fuck with the songs, the cover band guys asked me for the songs but didnt like them (they're mullet mofos). It was cool to see the reactions.
  13. Perhaps State of Grace Hardschool Atlas
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