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  1. Didnt see any difference from the past show lol he actually was really out of tempo, wtf is happening to Alex
  2. default_

    Re: Leaks. Time to confess.

    I want to hurt my ears a little, need links.
  3. default_

    This is Izzy fuckin Stradlin

    Nah, thats Izzy, the other guy is the sauce for the photo and told it was him.
  4. default_

    This is Izzy fuckin Stradlin

    Hes just a simple man, the other two look like transvestites next to him.
  5. default_

    GNR ? % legit rumor thread

    In the end of the day we are worse than biebers fan. Think about it, at least they arent more than 14.
  6. default_

    GNR ? % legit rumor thread

    It seems to be a guest spot to his son project
  7. I dont know, maybe this is the general perception but I think VR would reach the same levels if anyone else had joined during the search. Scott had its glory but he was far from being popular by the time VR started, Slash, Duff and Matt were far more popular than the single hit grunge guy - and his hit wasnt half as popular as Jungle. I believe any regular band - no solo career - with a regular schedulle and stuff featuring half of Guns N Roses would get people interested.
  8. default_

    Ozzy & Jerry Cantrell > Axl & Paul Huge

    I was just playin SFTD on my old guitar. I sound better than the three bands together. And the original is great.
  9. default_

    Buckethead on death's door?

    I bet he wont. This seems like a bait to attract more than 5 people to his tour.
  10. default_

    Buckethead on death's door?

    Saw the bump and tought he was dead. Not this time.
  11. Yeah, its said he also fucked up the songs to his alternative fag tastes. These guys love being cucked.
  12. default_

    Does Axl have the craziest fan base?

    Does Axl have the craziest fan base? Yeah, just look at us. You dont need to log into facebook to see that.
  13. default_

    Grunge vs GNR

    The fact that grunge is done while gnr is still cucking us to this day tells a lot tho
  14. default_

    AXL/DC album or Chinese Democracy II album

    I hope Alex dont turn ACDC into fag music.
  15. So, in Monster HQ they have a Assba and Alex photo on the wall? I feel sorry for all the poor workers over there.