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  1. cuckie

    The Shot Glass ThreadBig

    One of my favorites
  2. cuckie

    The Shot Glass ThreadBig

    Big fan, grande grande, molto bene Show off your most beloved shot glasses
  3. cuckie


    Tubular and radical, bro
  4. cuckie

    Melissa getting fat??

    I don't know what to say... I mean, look at this! She's using the bag to hide her puffy fat cheeks!!! Axl who? This is just awful... sad... look at how she's promoting bulimia with that awful shirt... Also we get a hint at her Asian heritage as she tags the puppy with #instafood
  5. cuckie

    The General Chat/Random Discussion Thread

    I read an online tip about using toothpaste on an anal wound, and I've been trying that on and off for two days. I still have a nasty gash on my asshole, so I've learnt a valuable lesson. Tattoos are for life, and so are the stings from toothpaste against an anal gash.
  6. cuckie

    Dizzy Reed Sexy

  7. cuckie

    Dizzy Reed Sexy

    Alright then, who am I? Am I Miser? Warchild?
  8. Changes like cash, maybe?
  9. cuckie

    Dizzy Reed Sexy

    I meant new to this forum, I discovered this place in October when the Atlas/General ragefest happened, thought this place was fun and full of joy, and had familiar faces, so I signed up.
  10. cuckie

    Dizzy Reed Sexy

    I'm new I'm sorry
  11. cuckie

    I'm literally a cuck

    Hey Jackie She's pretty fugly
  12. cuckie

    Dizzy Reed Sexy

    Dizzy Reed Dizzy Reed with me thou shalt breed Dizzy Reed Dizzy Reed give my face your humid seed
  13. cuckie

    If Axl was an icecream.....

  14. cuckie

    Finally a new single!!!

    Haven't you heard the leak? It's a CD2 reject, a Tommy/Axl duet. I hope it isn't rerecorded by the NITL-line up
  15. cuckie

    I'm literally a cuck

    Miser has a thing for ginger girls too, I think, so I'm not helping my case here