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  1. As I stated I was on a four day holiday. It is 11 PM herę, I just unpacked. Will give my tuoughts tomorrow. Sorry guys
  2. Sorry guys! I AM having a 4 dat holiday. My wideo is nad at me cause I spent the morning to reread the thread. I tend to agree on Brasky. official bite: @Bill BraskyBrasky
  3. Do you have to bump this thread up? I was having a nice day and now it's fucked up
  4. Is this game nie about different GN'R lineups? Popcorn's snare misy be Portman if do.
  5. If the game is really GN'R the mafia guys are like the setlists. THE SAME as usual. Maybe with one shitty cover.
  6. I was excited for two days like I have never been since pre-CD era. Now I am back to normal - 'meh'. Also, if anyone tries to say anything positive about this band, please refer to 1987-1993 era or 2001-2010 era (if you a are a die hard Chinese fan). Other than that, fuck you Alex Ross. But hey! This September we will have another concerts with the exact same setlist! Maybe a new cover! Holy crap can't wait. Maybe I will buy myself this new truck toy so I can stick it in my ass and actually feel the buttfuck this band is giving me as a fan! What a time to be alive!
  7. Okay so if I heard 22 seconds of checkmate and 1 minute of low quality Atlas then I am on spot?
  8. You know what's sad? Until now every time there was a fuss about new leaks I dug the Internet with hope. That is how I got here first. But now I am just like 'meh'. Oh Faxl... What have you done to me?
  9. "There was this idea - @Alex Trebek knows this – called the Guns N' Roses Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if they could become something more. To play the music that we never could. Steven Adler stabbed himself still believing in that idea…in musicians." I am in!
  10. I can wait till it's like 10 dollars and even then would battle myslef to buy it.
  11. KFCBucket

    The Next Game

    If I am alive by that time, then count me in
  12. KFCBucket

    The Next Game

    Is this still a thing?
  13. Remember kids, confusing the hosts name gives great results
  14. Also I would like to congratulate @hotdogman. I assumed he was vanilla town entire game. Also, me and Ragnar were gonna go with killing Liars during the last night, but then I had the luck and I saw that you were using your PM system. So I decided to go with you and not Liars. It all turned out pretty well.
  15. First of all, a big thank you goes to @Vlad for hosting the game and for giving me the opportunity to have a role for the first time since I started playing mafia (and already as a Mafia Boss) I would also like to thank @Ragnar for being the Goon and for great cooperation. We really marginalised our conversations to quick name throwing each night. Also Ragnar was even better mafia than me as during night one he suggested killing @Bill Brasky, @GnRLiars or @magisme (so the cop and the doctor in the first try!). I would like to say "Sorry, Pal" to @magisme . My reasoning was that Liars, Brasky and @wasted are always very vocal (yes, we didn't know Wasted was Mafia traitor). Based on the previous games I felt that Mags was the one who structured Braskys and Liars thoughts and 'helped them' encouraging others to follow Town. So I decided to lynch Mags to keep you guys loud nad unstructured Also you were attacking each other from the beginning and that was even more helpful. I would like to hear @Bill Brasky's story on his investigations. As for the final day - I believe this is where mags was necessary. My only chance to lynch @GnRLiars was to show him as overconfident and unstable. And that was easier because of the way he plays (throwing votes, changing them etc.) Even though, I still was sure that I am fucked, but it worked quite well Finally, I would like to tell @arnold layne that I am sad with the way you played. I believe you upset not only town, but also mafia, as we can't really say we fooled you. You just somehow decided to avoid giving reasons and explaining anything in order to behave like a 5 year old. Shame.
  16. If I had any night powers ... The conversation between you and Ragnar at the end of the previous day is really a good catch. Except it was the only time you guys did communicate during the day. And you even liked his post. I guess I have voted the same as you Liars. How is that an advantage for you and a disadvantage for me? You fucked as many town players as me during the lynches. I could even argue that I didn't vote arnold yesterday and you gladly did....
  17. You were so overexcited that you can use GNS that you didn't evrn check who you voting for. So yes. Mafia does flip.
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