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  1. Is this to support FRANK FERRAR of GUNS S ROSES?
  2. So now they will release one shit live version of 30-years-old song per month? Exciting times!
  3. In this case the sad truth is the cause We got excited, because, whether we like it or not, we are curious about fat Axl's vault. I personally have listened to everything once and ... never came back to the leaks.
  4. I know what you mean @arnold layne. I also try to raise my son in the love of Guns S' Rose: I also tell him about FRANK RICHARDS as he is falling asleep.
  5. I am grateful I have joined this forum. Thank you all and bless you @John Bonham
  6. @Salsh Borski your voting pattern really sucks.

    1. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      I can't argue that... 

      There is some shenanigans going on here i think.

  7. Could you elaborate? Did you even investigate Arnold??
  8. Because we believe Salsh is the cop as he has proven correct about Brasky. And now he encourages voting on you.
  9. I believe my posting was always just on time. I never post too much. But I see explaining what is anorak means being valuable.
  10. Why am I suspicious? Yes, I voted redhook because I didn't give a fuck and it was a quick way to day two. Then I was going to vote Brasky but wanted to actually give him a chance to answer magisme request for pics.
  11. KFCBucket

    The Next Game

    You have truly dissapointed me.
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