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  1. This made me very sad. I like the thought that Axl is out somewhere. Lazy, fat, stupid. But alive.
  2. KFCBucket

    Countdown to AxTermination

    The AxTermination begins with diarrhea and IVs !
  3. KFCBucket

    Do you think Axl could make a better horror movie than Slash?

    Axl Rose IS a horror.
  4. KFCBucket

    "CD 2 is finished and ready to drop at any moment"

    I have come here many times since you posted this just to read it again and again. This post is pure gold. I should get it tatooed!
  5. Yet, Axl is incapable of "letting the music go" and putting it on cd or mp3. So we have a choice: Axl-baroque-buried in the vault-mastershits or generic rock by Slash with Fatsl on vocals. The horror... The horror...
  6. KFCBucket

    "CD 2 is finished and ready to drop at any moment"

    3 days left... Soon is the word? I was really hoping for ... Anything actually...
  7. I will give it a shot. I always do it with Slash. This time both records can compete. We will see how fast I skim through them.
  8. KFCBucket

    Favorite Disaster?

    We have it in our hearts, as well as we cringe when we hear it deep down in our thoughts.
  9. KFCBucket

    Has Silence of the Lambs aged poorly?

    Or maybe it is a code for talking about Chinese 2 unreleased material?? ?️‍♂️ So far I have discovered these tracks: Silenece of the Lambs (with Izzy's muted rythm guitar) Hopkins The Net Never Bothered Sandra Bullock Ray Liotta (previously known as Jackie Chan?) Also @comedy enthusiast hints that Thyme is the first track on the new CD Can't wait :D
  10. KFCBucket

    Trading leaks / unheard material

    It's in my ass. That's where Thyme is!
  11. KFCBucket

    "CD 2 is finished and ready to drop at any moment"

    Chillax, in 3-4 weeks they will triumphantly announce the November dates once again ;) Also @John Bonham, as I am steadfast in faith, any news on what the lineup on ChDem2 is going to be? Stuff from the vault with new riffs by Salsh?
  12. KFCBucket

    Geriatrics N' Roses

    Classic Rock Magazine: http://www.nme.com/news/music/axl-rose-is-working-on-a-ton-of-new-guns-n-roses-tracks-2369703#ylWs16GTuFWxVqej.99 Anyway ... Salsh is the new Ashba?
  13. KFCBucket

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    I have to admit one thing. Since like page 2 or something I don't even know what OP is trying to tell or what is he talking about...
  14. KFCBucket

    Axl/DC ACTUALLY confirmed

    If that is happening then good for all AC/DC fans. Here is how things should be managed. Even if it is only few new songs and a short goodbye tour. Wondering what is left now for the FAT MAN to do... Oh wait, it's probably the same as he used to between 2009 up until today. Taco Bell, politics and isolation. Maybe an open letter/twitt from time to time