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  1. Don't forget I like Chinese Democracy! This is pure fun for me!
  2. Well, this something is called life... And I admit I am always quite mute in the first days as I do not like to produce posts just to prove that I am 'on track of something'
  3. I am playing, I am currenlty moving houses, so I was pretty occupied during the weekend. I am sad to learn that Val dropped the tasks, I was eager to say that I would love to be Britney Spears so Bill Brasky could take custody over me and have two votes!
  4. Waiting for someone telling the rest to vote Brasky, because he ain't doing tasks
  5. Yeah, yeah. But is he allowed to look Axl in the eyes?
  6. Making Fortus the songwriter and composer on all of the new albums songs and then firing him to bring back Izzy is actually a 100% Axl Rose move. I can believe it.
  7. If IT is a forum game count me in
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