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  1. KFCBucket

    Untitled Game sign up

    And we have Gunner shitposting in the thread. Damn this game fullfilled it's destiny before it even started!
  2. KFCBucket

    Untitled Game sign up

    ah, fuck it. I'm in.
  3. Thank you Gunner for the game. I expected something new and different and got it. Yet, I don't know if I enjoyed the game or hated it This was certainly the game in which I felt overwhelmed by the amoint of shitposting during night time here in Poland. I had trouble to keep up
  4. KFCBucket

    The Next Game Sign Up Thread

    Also I am hurt as I am not regarded as a regular! We played last three mafia games together
  5. KFCBucket

    The Next Game Sign Up Thread

    Was about to pass but with this time horizon... I am in
  6. Ok. But not 100% sure of this decision. UNVOTE/ VOTE: ARNOLD
  7. Since there is no other 'suspect' and I can't vote magisme... OFFICIAL VOTE @auad
  8. Fuck me. This is the first mafia that I can't keep up with both when it comes to what is going on with the players and plot, as well as the time of the play. First you guys vote liars out as I am fast asleep. Then Gunner takes months to open day 2. I am terribly sorry for my delays. This is not a strategy. I am currently moving places and it is sometimes hard to keep up with the amount of posts you generate. I will reread the thread as I can't vote Mags. And I don't know if I want to. Something smelly here
  9. KFCBucket

    The count to 1 million game

  10. Now back to the point. Have you guys considered that the partnershit (as it stands in the title) may really mean shit? You truly believe GUNNER sat down, thought trough the game itself and then created a masterpiece scenario? Or maybe he just used the partnership mode because none of us would play it in other games and he just loves the idea of partnerships? Also, are you 100% positive that GUNNER was meticulous in assigning the roles and considering their impact on the play? He himself stated that he may become bored on day one or even fucking up the game itself. Now. Let's for a moment believe that he really is a Portuguese patriot. Why haven't we spend a minute to talk about the history behind the game? We have Portugal and Brazil in game. As well as Troika itself (triumvirate?) That would mean that nubmer 3 is important (as there are 3 partnerships and probably 3 mafia players?) You know your roles... Who is good? Who is bad? Are the government guys good? Or maybe we have to watch out for Brazilian characters? Or maybe there is some Illuminati/Troika inside each branch (government, parliament, president)?
  11. Oh wow. I guess you think you are really valueable to town yourself, huh? Look guys, I contribute: 11 players, 6 votes to lynch, at least 3 mafia REEEEEE 33% or 36% You hear me? I crack the mafia code, follow me!
  12. So that's how mafia games look like without GUNNER. I enjoyed his shitposting more than everyone feeling like maths professors....