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  1. KFCBucket

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    I have to admit one thing. Since like page 2 or something I don't even know what OP is trying to tell or what is he talking about...
  2. KFCBucket

    Axl/DC ACTUALLY confirmed

    If that is happening then good for all AC/DC fans. Here is how things should be managed. Even if it is only few new songs and a short goodbye tour. Wondering what is left now for the FAT MAN to do... Oh wait, it's probably the same as he used to between 2009 up until today. Taco Bell, politics and isolation. Maybe an open letter/twitt from time to time
  3. KFCBucket

    Who's the Boss now, bitches

    Even if all that OP states is true. Who the fuck cares which one of them is the boss? We are interested in new music. End of the topic.
  4. KFCBucket


    This is the part I can't agree with. Over the years it was Axl that I was following. Whether he was right or wrong (and we have to be fair that most of the times he is wrong, annoying, selfish, rude, dissapointing etc.) it was him that made me stick with the band. Don't get me wrong - I see him as a tragic person, whose paranoia and megalomania led to horrific waste of talent. But, man, even when he sucks balls during a show ... With one word, one smile, one comment ... He can make it right again. Damn, that sounded gaay. But I hope some of you get what I say.
  5. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    Maybe it is an unpopular opinion, but ... I would love to play again right now (Yes, I know how much work it takes to prepare a game)
  6. KFCBucket

    New Slash n Myles song.. whatever it's called

    Every time Slash puts out new music I give him a chance. Is this a mentality of a home abused woman? "The last time he didin't mean it. He is going to change..."
  7. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    Shieeet. Does this mean I have to vote myself on day one on next mafia game? Have to say I am clueless on how some of the townies played... Have a lot to learn I guess. Thank you @John Bonham. It was a great game
  8. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    Guys, I have to say I am really pissed at you for going all in on @GnRLiars... I am solid about my feelings from previous day: OFFICIAL VOTE: ARNOLD LAYNE See page 28 for explanation. Sometimes I feel I am unreliable to all of you just because I am new ... If arnold ain't mafia I vote myself next day
  9. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    Sorry guys but @arnold layne is mafia to me. I see I am in heat, but I don't know how you all just skipped to @GnRLiars so easily... Official vote: arnold layne
  10. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    Stuff like this brings me closer to the idea that your partnership with Gunner was not only a coincidence
  11. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    Answered this already a few times, but: I voted Gunner, beacuse I hated the way he was posting (personally, didn't get the gut he was mafia or anything). At that point mags was the only one not placing a vote and it was 5 to 3 for Ragnar. So I dared Mags to show up and vote for Ragnar so we could end day one. Yes, I could have done it myself, yes I decided to stick with Gunner as I reminded myself that Conor could prove town-useful by changing his vote from me to Ragnar.
  12. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    This ain't precise enough. I dared Mags to vote Ragnar. but he refused. Did it few pages later, because he was tired of shitposting. Don't let Gunners narrative get to you ;)
  13. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    Shit, me and my English skills ? Sorry, B. misunderstood your words and got triggered. Just ingore my last post.
  14. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    And then I find this post by @bacardimayne and he lands in the mafia section - two out of three people he suggested are town (me and magisme)...
  15. KFCBucket

    The Return of Bill Brasky - GAME OVER - Mafia Wins

    Okay guys, since I am probably the first to be killed now - because I supposedly encouraged killing Ragnar and then went "mute" for day two (sorry for that, when I was able to write it was allready night time in the game), I will write my thoughts so far: 1) My MAFIA assumptions: @GUNNER (no shit Sherlock), who I voted day one, but I would lie if I said I knew he was mafia. He was just annoying. @arnold layne - rather silent in the beginning, then voted for me without any arguments ("his post lacks balls") even though I gave a big explanation on my moves in the game. Then he pursued to attack @magisme on day 2 (just read through last pages). He seemed weirdly of track when it came to search mafia scum. I am not placing a vote on him yet, as I want to hear your thoughts. But he is my number one suspect for today. @GnRLiars - he is in this section beacues of his partnership with GUNNER. He may have not joined it intentionally, but that can also be used as a great cover up story (hey look I didn't know Gunner was mafia. Pity me!). But my arguments against him are to vague at this point, so I tend to look at arnold layne for now. 2) TOWNIES: @Damn_Smooth - accused by GUNNER, which - due to partnership - put the heat on him (GNRLiars joined with the vote). He also got a vote from @arnold layne, which also smells fishy to me. Could it be a mafia cover story for DS? Yes, but that would require a good strategy. Don't think GUNNER is this smart 3) GUYS I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK OF: @bacardimayne - silent, seems not interested in the game. Voted GUNNER. @Conor - it is another day when he places his votes in a weird way. First on me, then on GNRLiars (just to back out of it). Honestly, I can't think of his real contribution to the game as of now. @comedy enthusiast - he seems a townie to me. Gave rational arguments and voted rationally. Let's start day 3.