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  1. Pearl Jam's 'Ten' is one of the best albums ever. There are times I listen to it more than AfD. The more 'mature' tha band is, the less songs I could pick from their albums. However from each one of them at least one-two songs are enjoyable. As for the upcoming album, call me reatarded, but I really like 'Dance of the Clairvoyants'. As for the 'Wolfmoon' - it is just another PJ song that is less angry than they used to be, because they are older.
  2. I have listened to it while driving to work today. I would say it's not as terrible as some of you say. I liked Ordinary Man, Little Green Men and some parts of other songs. Of course there are a lot of numbers that have already faded away. Yet, as @wasted already mentioned, because of the personal Ozzy's situation, it is somehow heart grabbing that he sings a lot about the end. The mixing sucks, especially in the Trap Malone tracks. But - since I am an old man - I listened to it through my car speakers and it wasn't too loud (as I believe the driver needs not only to see but to listen to what is going on on the streets) so the mixing didn't bother me that much.
  3. Then drop it. Bring the couch on stage, use acoustic guitars and do some less demanding songs. Hell, Axl could even have a beer and some tacos to digest while Slash and Richard play the 45 minute solos for KOHD...
  4. Apart from obvious fat clogging the vocal cords, where is the energy in that show? Slash just noodles through the song and barely moves... I could accept the lack of movement on stage if the performance was better ... But we know this is not the case. This feels as uninspired as the 2011-2012 dawn of NuGNR. I believe if Axl broke his foot as he did in 2016 he would just cancel the tour, because you can feel he once again doesn't give a fuck.
  5. Enemy fans use new music. Its ineffective. Enemy band members use rehearsal. Axlax flinched. Team Brazil use management. Axlax is confused. It hurt itself in confusion.
  6. Mariusz Pudzianowski comes only stretched! Takie it or leave it!
  7. http://www.iheartradio.ca/104-1-the-dock/news-trending/sales-slow-for-guns-n-roses-toronto-show-1.10552681 Did Guns N’ Roses misjudge the appetite for tickets to see the band live in Toronto? According to Ticketmaster, roughly two-thirds of the 48,217 tickets available for the July 13 concert at Rogers Centre remain unsold nearly one week after pre-sales began and three days after they went on sale to the general public.
  8. Thank you very much @John Bonham. I really enjoyed this one. Sorry to all the town. After the uruguns reveal I felt undefeatable and became one of the most mafia-helpful townies. Still, I survived till the very end which I managed to do only in the game in which I was mafia boss @popcorn's snare, @Damn_Smooth @uruguns - congratulations! BTW - I am from Poland. While you can't claim it is South America, you can always claim it is a Gypsy of Europe
  9. I have seen them in 2006, 2010, 2012, 2017 and 2018. Enough. If they don't care, I don't care. The tickets aren't cheap and there are plenty of other bands to see or things to buy. I would gladly buy a new Guns N' Roses CD...
  10. My three are popcorn, Liars and Deadstar. I'm down to follow any of them
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