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  1. Once there was this rock n' roll band rolling... 😣
  2. I am looking forward to watching this, but with a 6 months child and work and trying to have a family life I guess Christmas holiday is the time we will try to sit on the couch with my wife. We can't even finish the new season of The Crown due to the lack of time. I do not expect much of this movie. But I do hope it is going to be FINE.
  3. So... The fuck? I believe you would have win without replacement. And maybe we would have some more days to try doing something...
  4. Congrats guys! Still I have to underline I joined the game cause Brasky promised no gimmics. What I don't understand is why we needed anyone to replace MIA.
  5. Official vote: @John Bonham
  6. This! There is no evidence doc wasn't mafia since the beginning!! Also the fact that JB is trying to sweeten my ass. Me, a guy who was almost mute for first two days, an MVP. Shieeet. I am down to vote.
  7. Why the rush? Also it would be helpful if you gave some reasoning?
  8. So which one was it? I need to believe you are not mafia. Help me out!
  9. I would bet my balls that the inital post had this division which was consistent with Brasky writing about Alpha and bravo team. Then, after his edits, it dissapeared. Maybe it had sth to do with the MIA fuck up and having to switch someone's role...
  10. But MIA and Ironfin were just mafia goons... I doubt that Brasky switched Strangleove as he was the Boss. So at least three three were there in the beginning?
  11. I tried recreating the original team division for Alpha and Bravo. We can certainly see that we have only eliminated mafia from Alpha team. And look who is on the top of this list - JB. Coincidence? Let's read the thread again and learn.
  12. DAY 5 in Nam. Alpha and Bravo mancount: Alpha: 8.hotdogman 9.dr strange love - lynched day 4 mafia BOSS 10.i was just kidding 1 11.gnr liars - night killed night 2 town 12. MIA - night killed night 1 Mafia 13.punkie 14.iron finn - Lynched day 1 mafia 16. Mcdaddy 17.Arnold - night killed night 4 town ROLE BLOCKER Bravo: 1.jb 2.mags 3.damn Smooth 4.uruguns - lynched day 2 town 5.salsh broski 6.kfc Bucket 7.deadstar - lynched day 3 COP
  13. I would try Bonham or hotdog...
  14. This. Brasky get your job done!
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