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  1. Could you elaborate? Dr.S voted for you on his own, without any longer exchange of posts between us... My vote was on Deadstar back then. You only managed to write some bullshit instead of giving us your thoughts so we could build sth on it...
  2. Remember this guys. Finally uruguns protects matir98. They both were silent when the heat was away from any of them
  3. THIS. And among those cleared you can't agree on Deadstar, because some of you have doubts, which I applause. So we have 7 out. I know I am town, so that gives 8 players. As I stated before I do not get vibes from popcorn or DS, which doesn't mean I am saying they can't be mafia. That is 10 players. Who is left? MY FAVOURITES: @matir98, @uruguns, @RedHook, @Salsh Borski . Been trying to suggest that we go after one of them today since the beginning of day two? Can we please go after one of them and then buttfuck me on day three if I am wrong and to be blamed for loosing a townie? Unvote/vote Matir98
  4. Can't we go for matir then? He is also my suspect.
  5. You finally solved IT. Vote me quickly!
  6. I know. I am dirty to you since the beginning, no matter what I do
  7. Okay. As i said I AM frustrated. At this point I AM willing to vote Deadstar just to finish this day. Even though I have already stated that I do not believe she is mafia
  8. Umm... We were on the same team two games ago... Last game you were a cop, but I voted you out following Dr.S. Are you trying to pull me into something?
  9. I meant @Salsh Borski I have to admit I have no clue at this point. But tend to think it is someone from the old guard. Also ... Do we really need everyone to role-reveal at this point? My actions were not aimed at solving the riddle right now. I do not think that is possible. Tell me then how was for example my idea of uruguns-matir cooperation beaten like a dead horse? Is it because matir wrote a cocky sentence that I have proven he is coherent? In that way you are also always coherent - accusing everyone and posting memes.
  10. I have given all of you plenty of reasons to say something or give us an information on how you think. Neither of you has taken the chance to do something. I feel frustrated at this point and frankly tired of this day. I think I will go back to lurking, seems like it is easier that way.
  11. Can't help. I do not want to vote Deadstar either. Actually this feels dumb. We are on day 2 and we "know": mags - cop arnold - tracker Dr.S - verified We also have: Facekicker, DS, Brasky, Liars who have not given any negative vibes, but somehow attack each other and vote themselves or deadstar who refuses to believe arnold is tracker (for no obvious reasons) And then we have RedHook, uruguns, matir98 and Broski - all shitty, all unknown. Does that make them mafia? Not necessarily, but hey, let's vote Deadstar. Fine job.
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