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  1. He always sounds like that on YouTube videos! Just go to the gig and you will see for yourself!! OH WAIT
  2. Jeez, can this band go on hiatus again? This time forever?
  3. Any chance someone shares the file?
  4. I would like to be a vanilla mafia because Charlie Don't Surf
  5. Oh, there is one more thing. I enjoyed the topic Stuff You Don't Know. I came there to read what Brasky had to tell. Right now the topic is mostly: Bill, is Axl going to fart today? Is Bucketheads poop a unicorn or do the hoarders have it? For fucks sake, if Bill has something to tell, he will....
  6. Another thing that I hate is Discord. I joined the one @Dr. Strangelove and @uruguns provide and it is managed very well. The guys are doing they job. But I do not have the time to stick to my phone every second. Every time o go there I have 7 000 blded information and can't even read antyhing calmly because everyone is posting. I am old and I like it. Here I can just come when I have some spare time, read, click, listen and log off. I was really scared that you guys will swich to Discord for a moment.
  7. The funniest comment I saw on one of the boards while following the periscope streams was when GN'R started playing Knockin on Heavens Doors and someone wrote "HOLY FUCK! IT IS THAT SONG FROM THE LEAKS!"
  8. Perhaps I was wrong when i thought when the vault opens the Atlas will Shrugg Oooheeeyaaah But I wanna know how it feels What it is to be MacDaddy The hardschooled choice that you made Is not a road that I would take Oooheeeyaaah Oh my Fatty can it be I'm falling from your grace with me now Oh more than ever I still remember THE TIMES YOU GAVE A SHIT. *Dolphin sounds* *Buckethead cut and pasted solo* *Drums 1.5 dB up* Oooheeeyaaah
  9. As always with GN'R after 1994 all we actually have is letdowns. They show up at MTV awards? Yuck. They plan na album? Wait for it till 2008 by which time you already know the songs and the album turns out average. Slash and Duff are back? Make na Infiniti tour and get bored halfway. Start drinking/eating/not giving a damn. The mystic vault opens? All the songs need more work. Neither one of them is a solid hit. Bucket and Finck in the band? Interesting song ideas but better not follow them.
  10. The saddest thing is for me that they look as uninspired as we have witnessed in 2011-2012 period. Closer to disjointing than any creative action.
  11. McDaddy know it takes more to be a man. So he eats for two.
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