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  1. I mean he did do it last year... So....
  2. Does anyone think we'll be seeing Angus show up at any of the GNR shows this summer, in particular those that are somewhat close to Aalten (this is apparently where Angus lives for those who don't know)? Like the ones in Gelsenkirchen or Nijmegen?
  3. you know what they say about great minds...
  4. He would most certainly fit lmao
  5. What do you guys make of this?
  6. Holy. Please tell me how the hell that would work out logistically...
  7. Is that how things are done? He records before Angus and co. even put down their parts? I feel like he would be better vocally now than after NITL...
  8. Soooo end of April? May? Cuz they do start touring again in early June...
  9. When did Mickey hear Axl sing??? He says "a few weeks ago"... What's that supposed to mean? Did he hear him in private?
  10. What do we think: is the album being worked on as we speak? Or will they all wait until the fall?
  11. I’ll be happy to share duties with you, bro. ? Do you also hang out over on acdcfans.net?
  12. You speak from the heart, my friend. Thank you!
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