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  1. Makes sense Slash is back on the bottle. These instrumentals are dope! Shits all over Slash and Myles conspirators
  2. This band is soooooooo shit.... thought axl had integritar
  3. Looks like the hoarders are scrambling to make some loot before it all goes out for free
  4. Snoops intro into the scene, great song! Big Puns version is slick (rick) too!
  5. I asked bc msl recently mentioned about when he sold the forum to jim. So I wasn't sure. Interesting that they changed it so you can lurk again. I just business slowed down....
  6. Doesnt she own that forum? Didnt jim convince her to buy it from msl or was that all lies?
  7. We have Evaders version, which is likely heaps better than GNRs....
  8. Is the opening guitar Robin?
  9. Can't believe the throat surgery kept that secret.
  10. Didn't she basically extort/ trick him to become the new gnr manager in 2012? Team Brasil was able to make the regrouping, and A4D, happen so there's that.
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