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  1. It appears to be an Amazon Cloudfront based thing
  2. I have scanned the forum and there are no leaks or links to leaks. I have PM'ed you proof of scanning. Don't waste your time chasin' rainbows
  3. He has probably saved this forum from being hacked and put offline Sometimes the person that cares about the house is the one that shuts down the party at the right time.
  4. Doing an integrity scan on the other original posters. The madison character would have been a good one to keep. NY journo, probably could have got you lots of inside info. There is no one else really of note
  5. Dave gnr should be in the middle of your thing. The first posters you have are the people you need to look after. They are the people that carry a forum
  6. I like you. You have great hair But, the guy was here before you. Why are you turning on an original poster over something that is obviously an in-forum joke. I go to many forums, I have never seen that before in my life
  7. A random early thread with user dave-gnfnr2k
  8. You have nothing to hand out. None of your links have ever existed
  9. Well, the links on the site have never existed and have no imprint on the net It is a positive thing though.
  10. By the look of you, the radio plays when the radio isn't on.
  11. Ahh, so it was all gun play, pardon the pun. Fair game. Need to be a bit more careful. Sites can be targeted and put offline if the wrong people pick up on this.
  12. I did an integrity check of your site, and the links to everything you claim have never existed. ??
  13. Last post. From what I know, it could have been. There were tracks always destined for CD, and ones that were variable. Atlas was one of the variable ones, CITR was one of the last minute selections for the album. That information is from studio staff in 2008. There are a few other 'completed' tracks you see.
  14. Anyway, these things are traded on the wrong side of the internet, it may be a good idea not to upset them. And it keeps you out of bother with the band
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