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  1. RADAR spot on : mullet heads at nine, I repeat, mullet heads at nine. Two of them. They escaped from the 80's and never evolved.
  2. The difference between Fortus and Gilby is just enormous. Either Gilby is a complete shitty guitar player, or Fortus is a genius possessed by Jeff Beck. Or both....
  3. Izzy was a key member... 30 years ago. But he retired, and regressed as a guitar player and as a musician years after years. Today, in 2019, Izzy isn't skilled and solid enough as a guitar player to play in Guns N' Roses again. Seriously, he really is... average at best, to stay polite. Some people would say that Izzy is a poorely skilled player, with an amateurish technique and can't even play a 10 seconds guitar solo without making a fucking mistake. The dude needs to practice again, because he lost his skills. And it's been a while... Axl, Slash and Duff made the decision to keep going with Richard because he is a much more reliable, skilled and talented guitar player. It's day and night. They couldn't take the risk to get Izzy "the amateurish" Stradlin' back for the NITLT Tour to play the wrong tune, on the wrong scale, on the wrong song in front of millions and millions people all accross the world. No way in hell.
  4. It was completely different from anything Axl has done before... but it was amazing. First listen and I loved it. However, I don't like the album version. The Rio 2001 version is the best to me.
  5. 4tus will be everywhere on the next records. Mark my words. He will make people forget about Izzy for the entire century.
  6. Yes it is, even if it’s very short. that comes from studio recordings. According to my sources, Fortus will be absolutely everywhere on the next record(s) (riffs, solos, Lead & Rythm guitars, writing credits etc...). Axl considers him as the « secret weapon » of GN’R and we will hear him as much as Slash. It’s difficult to compare, but we will hear as much Fortus as Izzy on Appetite, but with more solos and Lead parts and a more modern approach overall.
  7. Slash is blown away by Richard Fortus. The Slash/Fortus combo is out of this world on guitar, and the best is yet to come...
  8. So... no reaction yet? ? I ain't about "old" leaks... it doesn't really interest me. I'm all about new music and things you never heard. I told you... 4tus is the secret weapon of Guns N' Roses. Be prepared to be blown away.
  9. http://wetransfer.com/downloads/7be8d3bb53790e5408c8fd4056a6b90720180611210536/25012f Right from the studio : you heard it first! Stay tuned...
  10. Fortus is currently paid more than Izzy would. BTW, even if Izzy returns, Richard would stay in the band.
  11. Steven Adler has just said it's not him on the new recording of SOYL. As I said last week, I know from my sources that Richard Fortus is on the track. I bet Frank is too on the drums.
  12. Also the guitar lick before Axl gets in the ring sounds life Fortus... Do you remember that a few month ago?
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