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  1. This place is a mess. See you in March’20.
  2. Calm before the storm. European dates will drop next month.
  3. You have no clue of what you are talking about. Don’t worry for Richard, he already earned millions dollars during this NITLT Tour. And for the music, just wait for the new album because he will be everywhere : writing credits, lead and rythm guitar, solos, riffs etc...
  4. True. He wasn’t ready and it didn’t work.
  5. Ok guys : Brasky is right. I can confirm what he says is true. Oh... and for the European folks... dates for next summer will be dropping this december.
  6. Dude, calm down, I’m just not a hater. I’m just beeing honnest here : Ashba was good during these two shows. That’s it. The only true asshole in the GN’R community is Slash2baz.
  7. Still hearing March'20 for new material from my contacts + European tour next summer.
  8. I saw Ashba onstage twice in Paris in 2010 and 2012 and he was good. Nothing wrong with his playing during these two shows.
  9. Frank worked his ass off and improoved a lot during the last 2 years. He is a world class drummer now and he will give entire satisfaction on the new album. You shouldn’t worry.
  10. I have nothing to proove : the last 3 month say it all. 3 month ago I told you about march’20. Oh... and Slash2baz is an asshole.
  11. My connexions 12 years ago were not the same as today. remembering what I Said 12 years ago makes you look like a psycho. Buckethead is long gone and 6 feet under. Nobody cares. You may work for BH, but again, he is 6 feet under the shithole of GN’R history today in 2019. Turn the page. 4tus is the only one remains. Time gives me reason. Over 6 million people (and counting) accross the world give me reason during NITLT with Richard on guitar. Don’t be bitter : you lost this game a long time ago. Take it Izzy.
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