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  1. She seems like a psycho.
  2. Don't worry for 4tus, he's been very well paid. He's got the biggest paycheck in the band right after the "Big 3". The dude is a multi-millionaire. He's got enough money to live in a Penthouse in Beverly Hills if he wanted to.
  3. Don’t Forget SOYL was mostly re-recorded in 2018.
  4. A modern version of Use Your Illusion, but with crazy guitars between Slash and 4tus. Mark my words.
  5. NO. LALD rocks! BTW, it's both sad... and funny!
  6. Matt just tries to destabilize Frank Ferrer through Duff because he is jealous of him. That's it. I saw VR live in the 2000's and I saw new Gn'R (Chinese Democracy era) and GN'R (NITLT era), and honestly, Matt and Frank are both good drummers. Matt is no better than Frank. However, I saw GN'R with Brain in 2006 and the dude was a beast. FANTASTIC drummer. Brain Mantia is the best drummer I have ever seen live onstage with Abe Laboriel Jr (the drummer of Paul Mc Cartney) and Chad Smith (RHCP).
  7. The instrumental is incredible, very powerfull. The vocals are not.
  8. In the Meantime, that Song is fucking great. And I’m serious about it. That was a huge success in the 90’s. 1 Billion views soon. No shit... I just love that song.
  9. Eddie Money (the real one) was a great artist. He made some really great music. This cover is OK to me. I’m fine with it.
  10. Dude, Nothing personal here, take it easy 😉 For the rest, as I said numerous times, Fortus is rumoured to be all over the next GN'R record. The guy is a studio beast. Take care.
  11. They know him much more than Lazy Stradlin’, « the guy who can’t play a 3 chords song anymore at rehearsals ».
  12. 4tus is killing it. What a fantastic player! 👍
  13. He would never do that with 4tus. Basically, Richard learned to Slash how to play a couple of things on guitar during the NITLT tour.
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