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  1. This is just a guitar sample, Richard plays lots of stuff and tastes last tech on guitar sound from many suppliers like Dito Looper ect ect Dont build casttles in the wind from this...
  2. Id pay 1.000 bucks for Chinese 2, this demo box collector comes 20-30 years late imo....not even "Crash Diet" on it!
  3. WOW !!! she really sings! good high tone at 3.13 cool how muc potential to do different stuff. I just love this kind of crazyfuncky weird attempts!! LOVE IT!
  4. sounds weird but I like it, more than 2001 versions, it works for me! Not in par with Jackie Chan but it fits very well which is superb, one of the best for next CD.
  5. I hope unhopely unhopeable that the TOUR is in support of something.......... We can only hopey-dokey.....
  6. Can someone post me the song, I loved its potential, I wonder if it lives to hype…snippet was good
  7. I rank ATLAS as what it is, a NON EXISTING SONG that is way way old before even born. Same with THE GENERAL. The good music is just OUT THERE, the bsides subpar stuff is just NOT OUT THERE, they just does not qualify. Axl want his music released he would perform it live to push Label to release like he did with Chinese. He doesnt perform it, he doesnt believe, he doesnt care. Its his music and he has the right to do whatever with it. LETS JUST MOVE ON. It will be RANKED when RELEASED.
  8. NO, Im OK with Slash getting the good money he deserves! Once this tour is over he will go back to work, studio, albums, tours etc so its just a cash break everybody in this room would do in his place lets be honest He releases music and thats all a musician should do........
  9. Dear Axl, How many albums you feel it would complete your musical statement? Can you tell us something about actual Silkworms and Oh My God? Thank you!
  10. Id be happy to satisfy you. 5 back together could work for just one show, they could broadcasted as the last show together and get a big amount of money for each.
  11. You are not paying for 20 years ago perfomances. you are paying for the sake of watching Legendary Rock Icons just ALIVE while you can. tehy could be dead by now, same as Richards/Jagger.
  12. Those two are low key and dont mean any effort for him (technically). Any like this he may do it well ala Sorry, Dtj etc.
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