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  1. OFFICAL VOTE: MATIR98 Also, merry late christmas everyone!
  2. I'm down for next game. Should be available since its going to be a slow month next month
  3. One more win and I will be the next Undertaker with the undefeated streak
  4. Sorry, can't hear you over our victory 😉 just kidding, bro.
  5. Eyy, we won! We did it! My mafia playing sucked but I will try to get better for you guys 💗
  6. Hotdogman and Mcdaddy on the town list? Are you trying to protect them? those guys are big mafia suspects in my eye 👁️ I'm the townest MF in the game. UNVOTE/ VOTE: JB
  7. We all have one person in common. Should we go for the lynch or wait and collect more info? Who else hasn't posted?
  8. Just in case I'm not able to post tonight OFFICAL VOTE: Hotdogman He seemed like a Dr. S puppet. Stalling out his vote on Day 3.
  9. Didn't this happen with some Halloween merch last year?
  10. Didn't think it had anything special when I heard it instrumental, but this shit is so good with vox. Woow
  11. That's something a Mafia would say 🤔 Is it possible to have 2 expired sausages in here?
  12. Is there a set amount of Mafia or is it different each time? I'm trying to draw out a list of potential Mafias. I had Damn S on my list before but I'm wrong on that. I hope. Rn I'm looking at hotdogman 👁️
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