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  1. 3 more years for the 30th anniversary box set!!!
  2. 1. Soul to Squeeze 2. Zephyr song (only song i know how to play on guitat) 3. Turn it again 4. Readymade 5. Aeroplane (amazing song when stoned) 6. Transcending 7. Behind the sun 8. Dont Forget Me 9. Goodbye Angels (The Getaway album would be good if the drums sounded better then they did) 10. Breaking the Girl Not really in a specific order
  3. The last good thing he did was UYI2/Spaghetti Incident
  4. I don't know, even with all the fat and shit I doubt the album would suck. They've changed and mature since UYI so they could probably come up with something decent
  5. You may have a point on the rest but So fine is top 5 worst GnR, GITR is cringy (ITW is too but I find GITR much worst), and CW is overrated and boring.
  6. Why are you trying to trade those songs when you aren't even sure if they are legit or not?
  7. I feel like Beta was Axl's scapegoat. What idiot will reject making money from the reunion and/or album?
  8. I feel like it was all on Axl while Beta was the "yesman" in order to keep the job and not piss off Axl.
  9. Damn, I thought this was gonna be a Melissa leaked nude topic.
  10. Hopefully this tour is the start of the 2002 lineup reunion!
  11. He should be more worried about the live performances and people hating it (Example: Raincoat incident, Acoustic show, and Golden whatever the fuck awards)
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