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  1. they started on DATs with daily runners to Axl and the record company mixes would go all around finished versions would go to high management the idea that its destroyed is fan paranoia and #fakenews any way I'm done with this shit band ill check back in if a leak ever happens again
  2. yeah it makes a lot of sense they could destroy it or they could make money off of it definitely makes sense to destroy it though this band is gayer than two dicks touching
  3. is guns guy the one who pretended to be a woman or just the one that lied about having leaks for a decade it all blurs together
  4. what is the point of this rambling? 1. no shit. 1a. but they could play new songs live. 1b. and are too pussy to do anything about it. 1c. could leak the album anyway if they wanted. 2. no one cares about slash's shit solo band. angus is axl's boss. axl owns the GNR name, business, and money. its another stalemate regarding new music 3. who cares about duff and his gaggle of spoiled brats? no one cares about this gingers gossip anymore tits or gtfo
  5. downzy is a cunt leak everything fuck this band see ya in the next lifetime
  6. Blade Runner 2049 a bunch of chaplin and keaton short movies
  7. hrs was funny i wish more people would stand up to gunts n' posers ok that joke wasn't great but fuck em seriously
  8. did russbc's post get deleted or something?
  9. i think if you claim to not be a bitch that makes you a bitch
  10. i think its our moral responsibility to burn the remixes so no one has to feel that pain
  11. kale, spinach, raddichio, chard, lettuce
  12. axl: ha ha the joke is on you im not releasing anything for the rest of my life
  13. i wish there was one of those 4chan autistic computer hackers in the GNR boards we could've had the entire chinese democracy saga years ago
  14. I'm going to listen to the old stuff again soon but I kind of view RHCP as Californication to Stadium Arcadium. Every band artist whatever rips off others but honestly early Peppers is overly derivative of so many bands and they did it way less interestingly
  15. is it true that mentally ill psycho fan is working on behalf of the mentally ill psycho lead singer?
  16. I don’t watch tv but sharp objects is he best show on tv
  17. The thing that makes me laugh the most is Axl went from wearing a t-shirt with a woman in a trashcan to tarting up the 17th keyboard player like she was Beethoven. Ok, that was the feminized media but still.
  18. Fake tits are vile Especially mid 90s tits They did to her tits what they did to Axl's face
  19. Don't look into liberalism and it's consequences on the economy Or the impending recession Better save your kraut my friends
  20. You guys should see Shock and Awe. It's kind of a shit movie but it exposes the MSM for the propagandizing losers they are Because it's an unsustainable business model. They're only going to get more pressure from studios and distributors to raise prices. They have a rule where you can't rejoin for like 9 months after you cancel so no, fuck them.
  21. to be fair both prince and axl knew the internet was garbage
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