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  1. Paradise City. and that's all she wrote. Well i thought it was better than Rio at least. Madagascar was cool, so was OTGM and Prostitute, probably my highlights. Thats about it. It been real guys Good Fuckin' Night
  2. He doesn't even try to go for the high notes anymore let alone rasp the part before the solo. Honestly tragic. Dublin 2012 was a better version
  3. He was probably thinking to himself "Oh No! slight variety, we can't have this, they'd better fix this shit"
  4. So basically everything past Sorry is just the same show they had yesterday
  5. Just realized something. They played CITR and Sorry early. That means we're gettin Maddy and Wichita Lineman in the encore. Fuck ya!!!
  6. Jesus That PC Also... What was that voice around the 30 second mark? Is it a new shit voice or just a mutated frog rasp. Someone verify. Cheers
  7. So did anyone watch the Justice League movie. Howd u guys find it? I thought it was better than BvS and Suicide Squad but thats a relatively low bar.
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