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  1. Reports that Biden worked with the CIA whistleblower when he was VP. Biden led Democrats into the impeachment trap to save his own stupid ass.
  2. and for the record CD was a monstrosity!
  3. So where are those ''big guns'' ? Atlas, Perhaps, Grace, Quicksong are good, but they ain't big guns. Soul Monster, Zodiac, Devious Bastard, Oklahoma have potential, but not for Guns n' Roses. The fact is there is no better ''singles'' than Better, CD, TIL, no better "epics" than TWAT, Prostitute, Catcher.
  4. jeez... this band is pathetic. What a silly ep. No way I'm paying for that crap.
  5. Buckethead is the shit. Devious Bastard, what a groove.
  6. Billionare NO VOCALS Dub Suplex NO VOCALS State Of Grace VOCALS Oklahaoma NO VOCALS Devious Bastard NO VOCALS I.R.S VOCALS Hardschool VOCAL Dummy NO VOCALS
  7. that's exactly my point. It would be marvelous to have a double album.
  8. Doubt it, but we will have to see. I've got a feeling the new album will be a Duff/Slash shitshow.
  9. Quick Song rocks. Not sure with Axl's vocals and the sympathy for the devil wooos woooshit. Nothing is intriguing. Sounds good so far.
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