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  1. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/singer-roberta-freeman-interview-guns-n-roses-pink-floyd-1016795/
  2. The general public doesn't give a damn about adler or doof ... what really matters on stage is a fat man pretending he still sings and a toothless millionaire pretending he still plays guitar. a possible end for the band ... only the fat and the toothless on stage performing AFP and Contraband songs.
  3. Frank...buddy...you don’t give other choice than... S
  4. JB please find a way to fix this Budd’s post at the top of our forum.
  5. I am no longer interested in watching recent GnR videos. it's all disappointing. Melissa ... Frank ... is a bizarre circus. This current version doesn't interest me ... I love to be with you every day on the forum and I love the AFD and Ilusions material ... but there is a lot of good music being made at this very moment. Why listen to this horrible cover that is a Guns show today if I can hear a lot of new and interesting music? The guys should be ashamed to present it as if it were a GUNS N ROSES show. It is not! What they present since the "reunion" is BAD, badly played, badly sung, shitty setlist ... a complete defeat. Axl is in no condition to climb the stage ... Slash and Doof in the automatic and just for the money ... these guns don't interest me anymore! I like real artists who work in an organic and true way. An example from here in Brazil:
  6. All things considered..it’s pretty obvious that Slash don’t give a S
  7. yes, i already said this in several posts from several threads ... Metallica is an example of how to be professional and respect the fans ... every Monday i watch the shows ... sensational !!! The band sounds better and better ... I prefer the more recent shows than the old ones ... the band always surprises in their setlists ... brilliantly performs all their catalog ... James shines singing better and better ... what a fantastic front -man !!! Metallica does not stop ... always working on many projects, always surprising. Metallica lives! GnR died.
  8. Geez! I’m fuckin drinkin.. so... S
  9. I will never forget the way you killed Glenn and Abraham. I have more nightmares about that situation than about the GnR’s reunion.
  10. All things considered...No. both sounds like S
  11. Justice happened @popcorn's snare life is unforgiving. the truth always comes out. In the end ... Steven won. Round 2.
  12. “How To Be A Man” funny title...Doof sucks!

  13. Duff and Slash could show that they still have balls between their legs, fire Axl, call Matt back ... put anyone as a vocalist ... compose any album and write the last chapter of the GnR saga ... finally freeing us from karma.
  14. Everyone who has read the “reunion” section of Serum’s book... join me in this sincere and eloquent: FUCK YOU DUFF!!!!!
  15. I would say that “Is in my ass” thing, but no! After thinking for a little while, I decided to invite you to help me to deal with this thread. Having that in mind..,I start, S
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