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  1. Bad news ... this is one of my favorite bands since always. I was at the show in São Paulo last October. Baltes' note says: "For all fans of ACCEPT: By this means, I would like to announce my departure from the band's bass player ACCEPT. I've been with the band from the beginning. Many of you have also been there. I would like to thank everyone for the great years we shared together. Keep the metal. Peter. "
  2. Hello Guys. I wish the week that begins is productive and positive for all of you. I've been checking, and I have not found any thread that deals exclusively with this "new" track to come up, so I invite you all to post here all rumors and news about "Children of the Revolution”. That said, come on! Zak Starkey participates with the band in tribute to T-Rex? Axl Rose Fan Club reports that a mysterious user in a band forum, which leaked in recent days unpublished versions of Chinese Democracy rehearsals in 2009 said that the drums of the song was made by Zak Starkey, son of Ringo Starr (Beatles) and who plays drums as a tour musician for The Who. Recalling that even the cover of the tribute was officially announced by Guns N 'Roses, who will then say of this supposed special participation in the recording .. http://www.instagram.com/axlrosefaclube/p/BrD6V63HTUC/ Initial rumors about the song came from journalist Mitch Lafon: _______________________________________ Thread created following the guidelines of this forum:
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    What Are You Listening II

    What a voice!
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    What Are You Listening II

    This song fuckin rocks! One of the many U2 songs I love. Try to listen "Magnificent"...Awsome too.
  5. The last words from Red Panda in Guns N’ Roses’ final show of the Not In This Lifetime tour in Honolulu. “Okay now, we have a bit more to do here. I want to thank you, I want to thank the fans all around the world for making the last couple of years fucking awesome. I want to thank the band that I’m sure hates me. I want to thank Opie and our crew. I want to thank Jeremy and all of our sound [crew], and all of our security, and all of our business and management teams. Thank you very much for the last couple of years, and we hope to keep this thing running, so we’ll see what happens next. We had to get through this first, and you helped us do that. We can’t do what’s next until we finish this.” http://www.alternativenation.net/axl-rose-reveals-if-guns-n-roses-will-break-up-video-announcement/
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    Greta Van Fleet

    Hey folks! Let’s talk bout these guys! Greta Fuckin Rocks!
  7. The new supergroup of the time is the Deadland Ritual. The band is formed by none other than Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) bass, Matt Sorum (Guns N 'Roses, Velvet Revolver) on drums, Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, Vince Neil) on guitar and Franky Perez (Apocalyptica) . The Deadland Ritual's debut on the stage is set to be at the Hellfest 2019 festival. The band's name had already attracted attention by taking a prominent position on the event's flyer, alongside names like Kiss, Def Leppard, Whitesnake and Rival Sons.
  8. Oh yeah. He saved the band. New songs on the horizon: 0. A dentist please!
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    Greta Van Fleet

    Their sound has originality. They are inspired by Classic Rock, not just LZ. Any song from the guys you're willing to listen to will notice qualities.
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    This is not a drill

    Our forum is the best.
  11. GUNS N' ROSES bassist Duff McKagan is putting the finishing touches on a solo album that's coming in 2019. McKagan began recording the album back in March with producer Shooter Jennings. The two worked out of Station House studios, located in Echo Park, California, writing and recording in-between McKagan's tour with seminal rock band GUNS N' ROSES and the release of Jennings's eponymous album, "Shooter". The album will be McKagan's musical follow-up to 2015's best-selling book, "How To Be A Man (And Other Illusions)". "I wrote a couple of articles about historical places I passed through on this last tour and people kept asking if that was going to be the focus of my next book," says McKagan. "But an unseen and irrepressible force guided me to write little vignettes of reflective prose…little instant reactions. "The heartbreak, anger, fear, confusion and divide I have experienced over the last two and a half years of traveling this globe of ours coerced these words into songs that tell my truth, and one that I hope will spread and help us all. I do this for my daughters…I do this for my love of where I grew up…I do this, because I truly feel it must be done and said right now." Adds Jennings: "From the first night we sat together at my piano hashing out arrangements of his songs, before going into the studio to record them, I felt it was a really important record that had to be heard. The songs have so much heart and are so musical that I could just hear all the arrangements immediately and I could really feel them." About his connection to McKagan, Jennings says: "I met Duff right after I moved to Los Angeles nearly twenty years ago. I was such a massive GUNS N' ROSES fan when I was younger. I'd say that they had a lot to do with me even moving to L.A. But there was some kind of magnetic force I guess that kept us orbiting each other over the years. When the idea of collaborating with him on this album came up, I was very eager to get the job as producer. I felt like the music this man made was part of the fabric of my own musical identity and that I would really love building a record with him. Once we sat down and started going over the songs he had, I instantly knew that the two of us were going to be a great fit together." McKagan's last solo álbum, "Believe In Me", arrives in 1993. His LOADED outfit releases "The Taking" in 2011. Three-fifths of the classic GUNS lineup reunited in 2016 after last performing together more than two decades earlier. The "Not In This Lifetime" tour, which is now one of the highest-grossing in music history, launched in April of that year with a nightclub gig in Los Angeles. Joining McKagan, singer Axl Rose and guitarist Slash on the "Not In This Lifetime" trek are drummer Frank Ferrer, keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist Richard Fortus and second keyboardist Melissa Reese. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-bassist-duff-mckagan-putting-finishing-touches-on-new-solo-album/
  12. Rumored single on the way. ”The Stalker”
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    Greta Van Fleet

    Give them a chance. Try this one:
  14. everyone gets tired of the "pace" of axl.