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  1. Hey folks ... we can not, definitely, expect any more ROCK N 'ROLL from these guys ... look ... GUNS N' ROSES bassist Duff McKagan says that his upcoming solo album will consist of "observational songs" that find him "pointing out out some things" that he has noticed over the course of the last few years of touring. McKagan began recording the album back in March 2018 with producer Shooter Jennings. The two worked out of Station House studios, located in Echo Park, California, writing and recording in between McKagan's tour with seminal rock band GUNS N' ROSES and the release of Jennings's eponymous album, "Shooter". The album will be McKagan's musical follow-up to 2015's best-selling book, "How To Be A Man (And Other Illusions)". Speaking to Thomann Music at this year's NAMM show in Anaheim, California, Duff said about the genesis of his new solo record: "I've written a couple of books. And this last tour that I was just on was two and a half years [long], and we traveled around the world, like, four times. And it was a very interesting time. The last two and a half years has been interesting in England, interesting in America [and] interesting in the rest of the rest of the world as well. And I'm a history reader. All I do, really, is just read every night. I like being informed, I like traveling, talking to people and knowing what the lay of the land is wherever I go. And it's evolved over the 30 years that I've been traveling. It interests me. Instead of writing a book about that, which is what I was thinking of doing, especially the climate that we've evolved into — sort of more divided… This has happened many times before. History repeats itself, but people get pretty [worked] up not realizing this has happened before. "So I wrote these little vignettes that were gonna be starts of stories I was gonna write about, but they became songs," he continued. "[They're] kind of observational songs… And I'm really proud of it. It's like another book for me. It's a launching of a book as opposed to… It's not a rock record, so I don't know if people will be surprised or not. But I thought it was important for me now as a father and a citizen… "I've read so many goddamn books on history, and I still do, that I thought maybe it's time for me to just point out some things that I've observed," Duff added. "Not pointing fingers at anybody, 'cause that does no good. I feel like I have a voice that I can kind of say, 'This has happened before. Here's what happened then. It's happening again. Let's not fall for it again.'" Full article here: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/duff-mckagan-on-new-solo-album-its-not-a-rock-record/ _______________________ Thread created following the guidelines of this forum:
  2. The 53-year-old guitarist who was known for creating historical riffs in Guns N 'Roses in the late 1980's ("Paradise City", "You Could Be Mine, Sweet Child O' Mine, November Rain") returns to Brazil in May and June for concerts in eight cities. He will come with the Slash group featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. It is already one of the artist's longest-lived projects. They released their first album in 2012; the third came out, Living the Dream. Different bands or groups of different people are very different from each other. There are no similarities, says the guitarist when asked about the peculiarities of the bands that have passed. The personalities are different, the way they play is different, and even if it's all rock 'n' roll and groups of five, they're unique. " Slash's third album and the Conspirators was recorded in early 2018. & quot; We were on a break between the legs of the tour and we pre-produced and produced the album. The tour in question was "Not in this Lifetime", a gigantic series of concerts that marked the reunion of three members of the most celebrated Guns N 'Roses lineup: Axl Rose, Duff McKagan and Slash. They have not stepped together on the same stage since 1993. The series of shows began in April 2016 and lasted until December of last year. He went through Brazil twice (in November 2016 and in September 2017). Slash declined to comment on Guns N 'Roses, but has already released in interviews that the band has new songs and may release a record soon - according to Guns N' Roses' relationship over time, that brief may mean from July 2019 to December 2030. I do what comes naturally, but at the same time, different aspects of my work work in different ways in the bands. It's hard to explain. I compose and see if it works. If it does not work, I'll write something different, says the guitarist about the composition process. And maybe what did not work for one works for the other. You can be Velvet Revolver, it can be Conspirators: Something that does not change when we hear a Slash band is a certain Californian rock spirit, sunny, traditionalist. I never thought about it, but it's possible. Almost all the records I made were recorded in California, but I do not know if that applies to all of them. In addition to clear talent as a guitarist, Slash is a figure who personifies the rockstar who has an dangerous lifestyle. He is fascinated by snakes, always walks in a black top hat, does not take portraits without holding a bottle of Jack Daniels. On stage, he loves to play without a shirt and with a cigarette in his mouth. It's almost as if we ask ourselves: what is rock and roll? One of the possible answers would be: Slash. For being who he is, he is not very happy when he talks about the current rock scene, which has been losing more and more audience for genres like rap, funk. I think rock definitely is no longer in charge in terms of commercial viability. And that has been happening for some time, says the guitarist. But things are what they are. There will always be changes in the music industry. But rock is not dead at all. Aerosmith's 'Back In The Saddle' Aerosmith's 'Walk This Way' by Aerosmith 'Hello There' From Cheap Trick 'UFO Rock' Bottom Slash 'Black Dog' One of Dave's latest album Grohl, but I can not remember the name of the song 'Can it be a generational question? Did the young people simply lose interest in rock? Somehow, it may be, yes. But I'm realizing that there are a lot of kids picking up guitars and they're crazy to learn rock and roll, even more than they used to. And I think they're doing it for the right reasons. So I think a new generation is coming. Let's see what happens. Slash is one of those musicians who appear to be on an endless tour, always playing in various parts of the world. What do you hear, see and read when you have some free time? Well, I hear some passing things, people give me records, I listen to the radio, I have contact with new songs here and there, "he says. I try to keep track of what's going on. Already with the cinema is more difficult. I like horror movies, and the last one I watched and enjoyed was 'Hereditary.' 'A Silent Place' is good; the remake of 'It' was great. There's a cool lineup of new series on Netflix and Amazon Prime, he says. I'm reading a great book about the Altamont festival [conducted in 1969 in California with bands like Rolling Stones and Jefferson Airplane, which ended with a woman stabbed to death and three other deaths. In São Paulo, 25/5, in the Space of the Americas. Other presentations are marked in Porto Alegre (21/5), Florianópolis (22/5), Curitiba (24/5), Uberlândia (MG) (27/5). Full article: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/ilustrada/2019/02/slash-rockstar-excentrico-afirma-que-rock-perdeu-terreno-mas-nao-esta-morto.shtml _______________________ Thread created following the guidelines of this forum:
  3. I have also been in dental procedures in recent months. It is expensive but needed.
  4. still needing care in this regard. my sources in são paulo told me that he scheduled a dentist in May, in the city.
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    New Axl article in Penthouse

    the picture on the top is the best part of the "article".
  6. I think all this animosity toward Ashba has a name: envy.
  7. when the artist is lazy and does not worry about continuity in his work and launch new arts ... results in this ... February 2019 and we talking about CD ...
  8. I’m with you. in fact, as it seems...the fans wants to be fat as his idol.
  9. Good post. very good points. it's true. GNR was unable to develop its own sound. there is no element, which when we hear we could say, "This is GNR". It is a mixture of various things, and in the past there was some rasp. that's all.
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    Anyone miss the Ashba era?

    Finck N’ Melissa. Two worst Axl’s choices EVER.
  11. Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Gilby Clarke has signed a deal with Golden Robot Records. He will release his first solo album in 15 years, "The Gospel Truth", later this year. Mark Alexander-Erber, Golden Robot founder and president, says: "I couldn't be happier to sign such an incredible artist like Gilby Clarke to our GRR international roster. He is totally authentic through and through. He brings such a wealth of experience to his songwriting, playing and producing and I know the world is ready for his new solo album which is a long time coming. It is an honor to release this record." Clarke was equally excited about the signing, saying: "I am so happy to be a part of the Golden Robot family for my new solo record. I use the word 'family,' because I feel like I found a home. We share the same passion for rock and roll! Rock and roll is alive and well, and together we will turn it up loud!" At last month's NAMM show in in Anaheim, California, Clarke stated about the long delay in getting his new solo album completed: "For me, I can't do a record unless I feel good about the songs. I wanna make a record that I wanna listen to. So, these songs I'm really excited about. They're new songs. It really is classic rock. There's really nothing new on it — it's just a new version of what I like to do, which is loud guitars, man. So, I went in there. I used guys like Kenny Aronoff on drums, Steve Perkins — some really great players. I played all the guitars and did all the singing on it. But I think it's good — I think it's a good fresh approach on classic rock, really." Gilby has spent the last few years working on the disc, which will reportedly feature members of Clarke's solo band, EJ Curse (bass/vocals) and Troy Patrick Farrell (drums/vocals). Clarke replaced founding guitarist Izzy Stradlin in the GUNS lineup in 1991, during the "Use Your Illusion" tour, and stayed with the band for three years. After exiting GUNS N' ROSES, Clarke continued as a producer and solo artist, while also playing in SLASH'S SNAKEPIT, ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA, HEART and other acts. Clarke released his solo debut, "Pawnshop Guitars", in 1994. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/former-guns-n-roses-guitarist-gilby-clarke-to-release-the-gospel-truth-solo-album-via-golden-robot-records/ _______________________ Thread created following the guidelines of this forum:
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    What Are You Listening II

  13. Snippet of a new solo song: @GUNNER @John Bonham
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    What Are You Listening II

    Sounds funny try this one:
  15. Salsh first solo cd; Some BH tracks here and there...