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  1. Pandemic year. A terrible one. Let’s see all the categories JB will choose this year, and lets discuss about the best and worse...memes, threads, GnR shit products, etc No leaks in 2020? Or eventually some? So, What have we had the best and the worst in the community this year?
  2. Yes, in 2021 and beyond, the truth is that NITLT will be eternal, there will even be a star for this tour in the monuments and arches of artistic history. Fernando is already rehearsing to replace Axl in 2022. He bought a short shorts with the Brazilian flag, and that classic shoe "Axl" ... found one in good condition although bigger than his foot. And so GnR will be eternal. Fernando's children will carry the legacy on their backs forever.
  3. I recommend you to give a new listen to both records! There’s a lot of treasures in there. Both are miles away from any Slash and Constipators records...comparing that with Slash first solo record (great work) is unfair...different things. Libertad have some great moments...this is one of them...Scott was a good actor too, this video is a must see: Extras for U All:
  4. Hello guys. The thing in this topic that I propose is to discuss two different subjects, in the same package. The sound of Illusions When comparing UYI to other albums released in the same year, for example "Ten", "Nevermind", "Get a Grip", "Black Album", “Achtung Baby”, “Dirt”, and so many others ... they all sound better than UYI in terms of sound, mixing, balance. Many good songs from the Illusions were lost due to noise confusion. What were the causes of this? I believe that with a better mix and mastering and a better choice of repertoire, UYI wo
  5. Alan Niven, who was a manager of the rock band Guns N’ Roses from 1987 to 1991, revealed Guns N’ Roses’ biggest mistake while speaking to Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon and made weird comments on the band’s ‘Chinese Democracy.’ ‘Chinese Democracy,’ which includes 14-tracks in total, is Guns N’ Roses’ sixth and latest released studio album. The album’s recording lasted 25 years and was finally released on November 23, 2008. In the interview, the former manager discussed the band’s releasing decision of ‘Chinese Democracy’ and criticized them. He said that they should keep it
  6. I love this all motherfuckers. I also love you all and everything GnR related. edit: eventually I was drunk when wrote that above. on topic: I can’t remember when I realized that Axl is a moron, it was a long time ago for sure.
  7. Axl asking Miser: “hey guy...some suggestion to a thread? I don’t know how fóruns works at all”
  8. It could work if they were interested. name suggestion for the project: “PURPLE WEAPONS” Even the idea for the Ep title can help: ”IIntimate gel N’ huge vibrators” Call Ashba, Stinson and Sorum (tambourine and backing vocals)
  9. The song is just ok, but Matt’s drumming is really cool and solid.
  10. Slash? well... From Matt’s book: In any case, I signed, and they recouped the money from the Use Your Illusion records. That really fucked me up, because it took them a long time to do it. I mean, I didn’t receive any royalties for years after that. I could’ve said, “I’m not fucking signing it,” but I didn’t. I didn’t even get a penny when the double live album came out; even though I played on 90 percent of the record they screwed me on my royalty. Axl actually removed my name from the sleeve—or, more accurately, just put me down as a session musician. The only reason
  11. From Matt’s book: Izzy had previously been responsible for 70 percent of all our songwriting, but it was a long time since he had quit. Slash was now gone too, and Axl had begun playing guitar instead, occasionally showing us some riff he had come up with. Duff and I played along, and so did the new guy, Paul Tobias, who had replaced Gilby on rhythm guitar. Paul was Axl’s friend, but Duff and I hated him—not so much because of his personality but because the guy really didn’t know how to play.
  12. I even understand the compulsion of some to create repetitive topics ... But the participation of many of you posting and validating this ... is difficult to understand. old and mediocre songs ... that's what they are. easy to understand the reasons why axl didn't want to release a CD. it's a weak and cowardly record. the world didn't give a damn. there is a lot of good art being made and released right now. get out of the box.
  13. Welcome back brother @sixes unmasked!


    Hey @maynard! We miss you here!

  14. Someone available explain to suicideMatt two of the most basic rules of use of this forum: 1 - if you are going to post right after someone has posted our "S" ... your post should contain only the letter "H" 2 - Accept the fact. nothing happens at GnRLand. Period. It is a consolidated worldwide consensus that the best name for this imaginary album of guns is: "the legend of the red panda" ... but it is written between the lines ... it will be called "Guns N ' Roses”. and it makes sense.
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