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  1. My Thanks to Rick Dunsford, The Chairman,  @Bill Brasky, @Dr. Strangelove, @John Bonham, @Gordon Comstock! You guys Rocks!!!

  2. How will this work in practice? Will Fernando give Rick's photos to the security team at all upcoming shows?
  3. The guy says he went to 33 shows of the band. Geez 3 shows for me were enough. 1992 in Rio, 2001 in Rio, 2010 in Brasilia.
  4. http://loudwire.com/guns-n-roses-play-locomotive-live-2019/
  5. it's weird and curious ... people believe in religion, politics, UFOs, even GnR ...
  6. That’s a kind of miracle!!! The band played a song from two decades ago. What a thing man!!!
  7. Don’t forget about Beta’s Taco 🌮 Mix... is coming... Let’s send some bottles of tequila to Red Panda tomorrow!
  8. Hey Champs! A great week to all of Us 🤘

  9. http://www.austin360.com/entertainmentlife/20191004/acl-fest-axl-slash-and-guns-n-roses-gang-make-zilker-their-jungle?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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