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  1. What's left for GNR fans? eat salami, play avengers, deal with gypsies ...

    1. maynard


      The hardest part is dealing with the gypsies. They are sneaky motherfuckers. Our gypsy here is an example. Tries to play the victim while does his gypsy shit all over the place.

    2. auad
    3. Salsh Borski

      Salsh Borski

      Fucking Gypsies

  2. Tenderness

  3. Soon is the word!

  4. It's so Izzy :lol:

  5. Izzy is returning :thumbsup:

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    2. GnRLiars


      It seems to be a done deal... I’ve read tidbits about this on Twitter 

    3. EstrangedTWAT


      Do you people just sit around eating lead paint chips all day?

    4. GnRLiars


      Yeah, don’t you?

  6. Intelligence, loyalty and passion, attributes highly valued by these sides of Brazil

  7. We are the best music forum on the web. Easily 🤙

    1. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      Looks like you realize that GNFNR is the elite of the elite 

  8. GNR has become so uninteresting that even this place has changed -  it has become a gamer's forum :facepalm:

    1. Bill Brasky
    2. magisme


      lol brazil is so shit

  9. Star Wars? Geez...

  10. Nothing is true; everything is permitted

    1. magisme


      I get so triggered when people think this is just from a video game.

    2. auad


      I just copied someone's phrase from here ...
      I did not even know it was from a video game ...

  11. I noticed that I hardly heard GNR in the last months ...

  12. #DeleteFacebook

  13. Has it not occurred to you that the crowd can be wrong sometimes?

  14. I'm here to stay.


  15. give peace a chance

    1. GUNNER


      I'm giving piss a chance right now. No hands.

  16. Didn't realize how many times I come here a day until now. Good to be back. 

  17. "do not just come here and get what we have ... collaborate too!"

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