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  1. RIP Tony Lewis


    1. bacardimayne


      tony's on a vacation far away

    2. bacardimayne


      Really though, RIP. One of the best one-hit wonders ever right there.

  2. While the fat man hibernates, PJ releases new music ... and it is good and sweet. listen:
  3. Best thread in a while. And, yes...Bacardi’s avatar is the definitive fat-masterpiece. pure genius. what was best in the mediocre GnR’s world in the last two years: The meme about Salsh's teeth Leaks Saskatoon HOB Some SB Topics and memes "Fat Axl" Gypsy thing Bacardi's avatar Matt’s Book (great reading) San Diego Image background VH there were three or four magnificent moments here and there, but I couldn’t specify what they were ... at least for the moment.
  4. It’s not “pro-shot”. it’s “pro-shit”!
  5. I choose not to hear anything else that comes from these guys' live performances.
  6. Finally this place looks cool!
  7. Enjoying this video at this moment made my day better and filled me with empathy and hope!

    Nirvana posting “new” versions is what the world need right now!


    This sick world needs that chaos that Nirvana offered!



  8. Let's put some controversy in this place. How many and many Guns "best music" lists have been posted on this forum? on how many topics? Many and many ... but even so, practically every week someone creates a "new" topic for us to choose once again a "definitive" list of the best songs in the bunch. Help me understand the fetish ... The same songs we've heard zillions of times lined up in ascending or descending order? with or without rasp? what are the parameters beyond personal tastes? What are the best "best" lists posted here? and what are the best lists posted out of here? A
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