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  1. Dexter: “Hey son, I ordered 'kidnapping bad ass chicks' and not these drunk guys. Solve this in two years”
  2. Dexter: “Hey son: what the fuck are these fucking GNFNR users talking about now?”
  3. Thread for the day 01/25/2021. "They were laughing - like he was a cartoon character, not Slash from Guns N' Roses," Gilby Clarke commented. Clarke has a single out titled "Tightwad" from the new album "The Gospel Truth." You can check it out here via Amazon. Gilby commented: Full shit: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/general_music_news/gnr_guitarist_explains_what_axl_thought_about_nirvana__grunge_recalls_fans_ridiculing_slash.html The Loved Extras:
  4. Bowie’s beautiful rendition for "Mother" by John Lennon. Launched to celebrate 74 years that Starman would do on 8th January 2021. Also:
  5. This is Amazing! Listen loud!




  6. Thread for the day 01/23/2021. After 9 years without playing in Brazil, Guns N 'Roses performed in five capitals in 2010 - and returned in 2011 for a performance at the Rock in Rio festival. The show at the Rio festival was surrounded by expectations, amid a heavy rain and a long delay to start, but right on the second song of the repertoire, "Welcome to the Jungle", guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal bizarrely missed the solo and left some fans discouraged. What happened with Bumblefoot, such a technical and skilled musician, in that situation? In an interview wi
  7. During an appearance on The SDR Show, guitarist Gilby Clarke looked back on his 1991-1994 tenure in Guns N' Roses, while also touching on Sebastian Bach, his early musical days, and more. Clarke has a single out titled "Tightwad" from the new album "The Gospel Truth." You can check it out here via Amazon. When the interviewer said, "Axl [Rose] was the one that fired you, right?", Gilby replied (transcribed by UG): You were talking about a time which was just so foreshadowing an event, that you're in Candy, and you went to see Guns N' Roses when you were just star
  8. Now I am sure that the legacy will remain intact.
  9. Lebeis giving a GNR's concert ticket to a fan in Brazil.

    Discuss 🤣


    The Extras:






    1. Cigarette Smoking Man

      Cigarette Smoking Man

      Ticket to what? Become part of the cleaning staff? Has Axl blocked up the bowl that badly in lockdown? 

    2. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      where are those thiefs and murderers in bikes when you need them?

  10. Há 30 anos, Axl Rose exigia VJ desconhecida da MTV para entrevistá-lo! O Rock in Rio 1991 completa 30 anos de sua realização nesta segunda-feira (18) - o evento aconteceu entre os dias 18 e 27 de janeirodaquele ano, no estádio do Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro. Uma das histórias mais curiosas do festival envolve o vocalista Axl Rose, escalado para se apresentar com o Guns N' Roses, e a VJ Cuca Lazzarotto, então uma novata na MTV Brasil. Em um texto divulgado na plataforma Medium, como parte de uma ação publicitária, Cuca Lazzarotto contou que Axl Rose a escolheu par
  11. very interesting article that deserves reading. Enjoy 😉 Imagine you are a great sprinter. Better yet, imagine that you are the world’s greatest sprinter -- Usain Bolt. And imagine that you are at the starting block for the Olympic finals. You have an image in your mind for how the race will be run, how your entire body will move and how everything around you will approach and recede. This feels like the biggest moment in your career -- an event that you have prepared a lifetime for. But then, the starting gun never really fires. You see people around you running.
  12. Thread for the day 01/16/2021. Guitarist Marc Ford, known for having worked with the Black Crowes from 1991 to 1997 and between 2005 and 2006, revealed to have been invited twice to join Guns N 'Roses. On one of these occasions, in 1991, he would be the replacement for Izzy Stradlin; in the other, he would join the band at the beginning of the century. The revelation was made in an interview with the podcast "The State Of Amorica: A Black Crowes Podcast", with transcription via Blabbermouth. The musician said he declined the invitation on both occasions, for di
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