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  1. Indeed. money changes everything!
  2. More than being one of the best bands in history, they are engaged in environmental, human and political issues. Gigaton, the new album, full of songs with messages that invite us to individual growth, arrives at a critical moment in the world.
  3. Gonna call the presidentGonna call a private eyeGonna get the IRSGonna need the FBIThere's not anymore That I can do
  4. reflective album and that makes us reflect, in this moment of quarantine it is an intense experience to listen to this album several times. I did this all week. reflection times. this is also growing on me:
  5. I also liked it a lot. great record with some solid and sober songs. mature work. Sounds like a trilogy in my opinion ... Yeld / Bolt / Gigaton.
  6. http://loudwire.com/guns-n-roses-timeline-career-photos/
  7. Listening in full right now! your opinions?
  8. If Axl goes to the beach and jumps into the sea ... there will be extinction in various parts of the planet.
  9. Norah’s version didn’t conviced me. VR’s version is gold...for some is the best ever,.. to me, this one is special too:
  10. Off-topic listen to this guys! It’s amazing!
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