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  1. Sensacional o post cara! e a propósito...aquele “roteiro” pra netflix que vc escreveu no outro tópico...sobre a “união” de Axl e Beta. Excepcional! será NYT best seller quando escrevermos o livro baseado no roteiro.
  2. At this point in “career”, and having taken so many steps down in terms of human dignity ... a possible direction for this band and that they should consider: sexual performances. I have already suggested this in another topic ... think with me .. at the end of each show (which at this point could be a set of 10 songs at most) there will be varied sexual performances ... drawn every day ... all characters in the saga having honest sex ... Axl, Slash, Doof, Richard, Ferreira, Beta, Melissa, Fizzy ... and occasional guests like Mitt, Adler, Stephanie, Roberta, etc. Who cares about music? Give us interesting gangbangs.
  3. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/rolling-stones-steel-wheels-live/
  4. Ela gosta de saco grande porque quando balança enche o cú de terra! Opa peraí caceta!!!
  5. Exclusive extra to Maynard:
  6. http://www.nme.com/news/music/guns-n-roses-slash-recalls-first-time-he-heard-axl-roses-bluesy-melodicvoice-2714480
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