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  1. Did you listen to the two songs? sounds like GNR will never sound again..better than anything on the CD.
  2. Man, please, listen to this...sounds good. sounds more GNR than actual GNR!
  3. I'm a beer guy too bro. Wine is cool, but here where I live is very hot. Cold beers is always a good idea...eventually I drink, I do gym everyday, so I drink eventually... I'm inexperienced in vodka. Cheese is cool and I like, but is very caloric...so...I take care.
  4. It's cool for anyone who's around and can go ... it's not our case. Soon we'll talk about wines and cheeses here in the forum .... talk about GNR shows ...
  5. @bran @sixes @magisme @Bill Brasky New Song!
  6. Izzy is returning :thumbsup:

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    2. GnRLiars


      It seems to be a done deal... I’ve read tidbits about this on Twitter 

    3. EstrangedTWAT


      Do you people just sit around eating lead paint chips all day?

    4. GnRLiars


      Yeah, don’t you?

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