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  1. Not when they are as young as 12 and 13, and not when they are girls. This should be a major, major story as nobody would think a 12-year-old girl would be involved in something like this. And yeah I mistakenly believed the lead singer/songwriter was bigger than he actually is, probably because I had read the band was releasing an album next month.
  2. Friend of mine told me and then I found it on Fox News. http://www.foxnews.com/us/five-youths-12-to-16-years-old-are-charged-in-nashville-musicians-murder
  3. So let me see if I got this right. A white kid does nothing more than smirk after an old Indian guy runs up to him and bangs a drum in his face, and it becomes a major headline as celebrities and liberals condemn the kid and his school. And when five kids (ages 12-13-14-15-16 of whom 3 are girls) murder a semi-famous white country musician while trying to steal his car, it's a non-story as there's hardly a mention of it anywhere. What a fucked up country this has become.
  4. In the Land of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  5. Two things wrong with self-checkouts. One, the people in front of you can be twice as slow as the cashiers. And two, some of the Walmarts and Costcos near me shut down all the self-checkouts hours before closing, which is total bullshit.
  6. Most Yankee fans don't like the new stadium, they think it's too "sterile". They could have thrown a retractable roof over it, for the prices they charge it's ridiculous to be drenched or freezing while watching a game intended for summer.
  7. Same with Yankee Stadium. They spent a BILLION dollars building it, in a city known for snow and freezing temperatures in April.
  8. And here's the best .... Axl in 20 years?
  9. 2nd-best picture from the victory celebration:
  10. Oh COME ON NOW, Bill. There's only one acceptable GIF response to a Seahawks fan who is trashing the Pats. The worst game-ending decision ever made in Superbowl history (sorry AIO).
  11. Never thought I'd see the day when you'd be rooting for the Pats. 😄 What Kraft did to Connecticut was also terrible.
  12. Jesus Nate, Canopy is up 69% over the past 3 weeks! Yeah it took a dump from mid-October to the end of December, but so did every other stock.
  13. Why do you do it? Lot's of stores don't allow it. I can understand MAYBE doing it if there's nobody else waiting.
  14. The worst is when they pick their numbers for the draw games, and they don't fill out the damn slips that go into the machine, and so the idiot clerk punches into the machine all the numbers for them. As for scratch tickets, biggest fucking ripoff. Even bigger ripoff than slot machines. Look at the odds for all the prizes on the lottery website sometime. 98% of the "winning tickets" are nothing more than break even or maybe $5 more. With every new scratch game they make the payouts worse and worse. Still it's a huge, huge moneymaker because of the instant gratification factor. Sometimes people's biggest downfall is having hope. Much better off throwing your money at the stock market, right now it's hard to lose with weed stocks.
  15. Sorry my friend, sports is one of the few forms of betting in which I do not partake. I can't be unbiased, therefore I'd suck at it.
  16. Ya think? Not very perky. The chick in the 2011 Worcester video right near the stage, better rack. Guy brought her along to go topless for much of the concert hoping she would get him into the aftershow, and it worked. Sure enough there they were.
  17. We almost had our first cannabis Superbowl ad, but sadly CBS rejected it.
  18. The only living person banned for life during his playing career by MLB is now pitching in the Red Sox organization and could very well be their closer this year. So much for MLB's drug policy, three strikes and you're still not out.
  19. So the Celts can't trade for Anthony Davis because of the Rose Rule. NBA has the most convoluted, ridiculous rules in professional sports.
  20. Polar Vortex, baby!! High temp of -14 Low temp of -22 Wind chills of -60
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