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  1. I should have added, the fees for each of those same $125 seats is $31 per ticket. And parking is $52. Like him or hate him, you gotta give credit to Kid Rock for trying to keep prices down. A few years ago he had a couple tours where all but the front row seats were priced at $20 and included free parking and also $4 beers and $20 shirts. Tickets were paperless so they couldn't be scalped. Wish other bands/musicians had followed his lead.
  2. $125 + fees for the worst seats in the house. It's crazy, but with all the wealthy snowbirds and the rich and famous in town for the game and looking for something to do that night, tickets will probably go fast.
  3. Can somebody help me understand what's the infatuation with Zack Wheeler? Dude will be 30 in May and has pitched only 3 full seasons and is coming off a very average 3.96 ERA 1.259 WHIP year, and he gets $118M ???? Seriously??? Do teams get THAT much of a hard-on from guys who can bring the heat? Seems like the Phillies want to steal every big name player from their division rivals, now they're talking to Strasburg.
  4. Fuck me, how did I miss the resurrection of this thread??? I will forever bow my head in shame. FACT: Bidets can be found in 81% of Japanese households. Yes, leave it to me to bring statistics into a conversation about the cleanliness of pussies and assholes.
  5. I think the Forbes article nailed it. After 4 straight years of touring and the venues shrinking down, and most importantly a ton of similar bands doing the reunion thing next year, the time is right. Rock fans ain't gonna choose seeing the same damn show a 2nd or 3rd time in 4 years over bands they haven't seen in a long while or may never see again. But this line from the article made me LOL: "With proper vocal maintenance, a practice regimen and adequate rest, there’s no reason to believe Guns N’ Roses can’t continue touring for the next decade."
  6. Rave, one of the greatest concert videos ever.
  7. I wouldn't want my eyes on top of my head like that, I wouldn't be able to wear baseball hats. 😞
  8. Well he's 82, so yeah that's possible. His last great performance was probably Anger Management.
  9. The Focker movies were good. But then he went downhill.
  10. Yeah I don't have a problem with feathers and fur and shit, that's just what many entertainers wear as part of the show. Hendrix, Prince, etc all did it. As for fashion trends, what's "cool" today is often laughed at in the future. 20 years from now we'll be posting about how gay skinny jeans are. Fortunately there won't be any pics of me in them, because I come from the future.
  11. Describe myself in 3 musicians ... okay. Britney Spears, warm and wet with a sense of risk because she's so crazy that you never know what she'll do. Jennifer Lopez, definitely back door with her. It would be like going through the appropriately named Gotthard Tunnel until you hit a treasure trove of guacamole. Ariana Grande, so tight with a tinge of Pete Davidson's toothpaste showing up when I'm done.
  12. We really need a poll between the chaps ... and the diaper ... and the skull fucking .... And the bulging shorts ...
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