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  1. No sir, I've never been up in a plane before.
  2. Airplane being re-released with 4K restoration for it's 40th anniversary. Is this scene gonna be deleted?
  3. Yup, if Trump wins again the libs will totally lose their shit. They can't deal with not getting their way.
  4. This shit has been going on for decades, especially in the fast food and restaurant business. Workers who are sick don't want to use up their PTO, or don't want to lose money if they've got no sick time. Management needs coverage, they aren't gonna close just because they or their subordinates are sick with the flu or whatnot. And employees don't have to hide their symptoms, all they gotta do is insist "It's just allergies". Yeah, right. That's one of the most popular excuses for those that don't want their boss to send them home.
  5. "Isn't the point of this movement to hold each other accountable?"
  6. It wasn't that long ago when Seattle would crack down on everything including actual tickets for jaywalking. Now, they allow everything short of murder.
  7. Most protestors/rioters don't really give a damn about who they are impacting, because they aren't doing it for a specific noble cause. They are using it as an excuse. So the governor of Minnesota wants Trump to fork over HALF A BILLION as compensation for the destruction in his twin cities caused by the riots. Fuck that The reason for all that destruction was the shitty leadership by the Dem governor, the Dem mayor of St Paul and the Dem mayor of Minneapolis. They allowed the looting, burning and destruction to get out of hand and now they want federal tax dollars to repair and replace everything? Fuck off with that shit. I hope they don't get a dime, but I know they'll get most if not all of it.
  8. My perception has always been to protest where the change is needed. Protest in front of City Hall or in front of the police department or in front of the damn statue, I'm all for that. Have a rally in the park or organize a parade. But blocking highways, that serves no purpose and can actually prevent ambulances/firetrucks/cops from helping people in need. It reminds me of when Christie closed lanes on the GW in retaliation against the Ft Lee mayor, and a woman died because her ambulance got stuck in the ensuing gridlock.
  9. Washington State Police said they would no longer allow protestors to gather on the interstate. "Pedestrians walking on the freeway will be arrested". The stupidity of those in charge over there in Seattle is off the charts. Blocking highways should never have been allowed to begin with, hopefully other cities that have been allowing it will put a stop to it.
  10. How many other well known people have the intelligence or enlightenment to realize the black community often makes martyrs out of criminals and doesn't give a damn about the epidemic within their community of killing each other, destroying black lives and destroying their surroundings? She not only realizes that blaming whites is an excuse to avoid accountability, she broadcasts it in a very articulate, powerful way. And talk about courageous, imagine an African American woman going against an entire demographic of which she's a member. She's what Axl used to be 30 years ago, someone who doesn't bow down to massive pressure, insults, and I'm sure plenty of threats from the radical libs - both white & POC.
  11. To the best of my knowledge, no business has gotten in trouble for not enforcing a local gov mandate for required masks. Early on, about a week into the mask mandate where I am, I didn't even own a mask or face covering and I walked right by 3 cops in a Walmart. They said nothing to me. As recently as a month ago, my local Costco had "mask required" signs posted at the entrance. Customers in front of me went in without a mask, nothing was said to them. My philosophy in stores has always been, just keep my distance and hold my breath when I pass somebody nearby. And I ignore the "one direction" signs in the aisles and at entrances. 😀 I've never worn gloves, I use paper towels to touch things like freezer handles and credit card machines. When I'm pumping gas, I use a plastic bag as a glove and then throw it away. There's always alternative options. Oh man, didn't know you're in NYC. That sucks. Thank God your shitty mayor can't run again. At least you're not in Seattle, right?
  12. I'm in a mask-everywhere region. I spent 3 hours today with a buddy walking through downtown parks and streets, and another hour working out in a gym. Didn't wear a mask all day. I think everyone should draw a line somewhere, I'll never wear a mask outdoors or at the gym. Hasn't been an issue yet, and if it ever is I've got my little "protester" sign in my pocket that I'll use as a hall pass. 😀 But as for establishments, we have the option to shop elsewhere and business owners have the option to refuse customers. As a business owner I'd never want the government or anyone else be able to tell me how to run my business. It's been that way forever though. Think about it. Many bars and clubs already had dress codes, and even limits on how many dudes are let in. You have restaurants like Chick-Fil-A that refuse to open on Sundays for religious reasons. You have bakeries that refuse to make cakes they find offensive. You have stores that give discounts to older customers, and allow only certain groups of people to enter during certain hours. If they are willing to lose customers because of their own rules, that's their choice.
  13. Most of those things I honestly don't give a damn about. I prefer drinking and eating with just friends & family. I prefer meals at home instead of overpaying for often sketchy people preparing my food and serving me. I prefer movies at home. If I had the money and space I'd prefer working out at home. I've been working out at a gym with no mask. Masks in grocery stores is not a big deal to me. Business owners have the right to make rules for their place of business. The thing that really, really pisses me off is the funerals. Have the service outside and space people apart, nobody should die or be buried alone. Jobs shouldn't be lost because owners are too lazy and/or cheap to make a few changes. Parks should be open and aren't a problem if people keep their distance. Family get-togethers should be happening with a simple temperature check and a few other changes. As usual there is way too much of an over-reaction for something that can be easily prevented, if people just use their brain.
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