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  1. I knew it was just a matter of time before Cora would be exposed as the overrated manager that he is. The entire team was ridiculously unprepared for the start of the season. You can't have starting pitchers appear in just two games all of Spring Training, and then throw them into the regular season fire. They will simply not have the arm strength. He kept saying he was holding them back so they don't get tired in September and October. By then nobody will give a crap how rested they are, because they'll be hopelessly out of the playoff race. Another factor that is kept under wraps for the most part, the flu has been sweeping the clubhouse. Three players have been publicly mentioned as having it, I'm sure there's several more who have had it or are fighting it. When you're in the same clubhouses, buses and airplanes, you can't avoid catching it. But that's still no excuse for the crappy start to the season. Not to mention all the bullpen crap they've thrown against the wall to see what sticks. I have no worries about the starting pitching and offense eventually coming around, but the hole they've dug will probably be too big to overcome by then. So @skeeter, how are you liking Kelly so far? That's the way he's always been, either spectacular or horrific. Not much middle ground with him.
  2. FWIW Rolling Stone has the Cherry Pie album Top 20 all-time for hair metal.
  3. It came out in 1990, right as Glam Metal began being called Hair Metal and grunge began becoming popular. In fact Warrant released grungy albums after Cherry Pie, but they sucked.
  4. I agree with much of what you said. But it's statistically proven that whenever free benefits of any kind are involved, a good portion of said benefits are distributed to those who aren't deserving. Which is why those who receive benefits SHOULD be monitored. Anxiety and overworking are usually not choices. Accidents from your own drunk driving, no sympathy there but it's most likely a one-time thing. Gaining 200 pounds from eating a ton of crap every day? That's on you. Emphysema and lung cancer from smoking every day? That's on you. Plenty of other health issues that are a direct result of everyday longterm life choices, rather than one-time fuckups. Yes, many thin people have illnesses. But there is nothing that contributes to health issues more than obesity, and 90% of the time obesity is the result of lifestyle choices. We shouldn't have to pay for other people's bad lifestyle choices.
  5. I hear ya man, cost to attend a game at Fenway is insane. Price of success. Still a lot cheaper than Bruins, Celts, Pats.
  6. I think a lot of the changes MLB has made to speed up the game has helped. It still has it's slow moments, but so does every other sport. To me the boring sports to watch are golf, soccer, and auto racing when there's no crashes. As for cost, all the major sports have gotten really expensive. But less popular baseball teams can be a bargain. Tampa has $7 ticket promotions, Toronto has Toonie tickets, I sat 3 rows behind the dugout in Pittsburgh for $27. I know when you bring kids it's hard to keep the cost down, but otherwise I park cheap a couple blocks away, and I bring my own water and food, and I buy my gear online or in department stores. When it comes right down to it, fans are responsible for ridiculous prices because they are the ones who keep spending $8 on a bottle of beer and $6 on a 12 ounce bottle of water and 50% ticket markups on the secondary markets. If people stop buying at inflated prices, the prices will come down. People just need to stop being stupid with their money.
  7. I'm going with the last 1/16th of Used to Love Her, the first 1/8th of Brownstone, the last 1/4th of Out Ta Get Me, and the first 1/16th of You Could Be Mine.
  8. This is why free healthcare for all is bullshit. Why the fuck should I pay the medical bills of those who intentionally do damage to their own bodies and put their own health at high risk? They want to inhale 10,000 saturated fat calories a day and not get any exercise? Fine, as long as they pay for all the healthcare they're gonna need.
  9. I don't know man, there's a reason why they are the only one of the 4 teams that are named after New England rather than Boston. As for life post-Brady, I appreciate your optimism but I don't think you can remove the greatest QB in history without expecting a Superbowl championship drought. It's not like we have Steve Young waiting in the wings. Basically I'm just trying to give Nate reasons to not hate Boston or the Patriots. Yeah Gwynn was a great one, I think only 3 others have 3,100+ hits and a career .338+ batting average. I got to see Pedro pitch for the Sox in Montreal, it was fantastic. Lots of great players called the Big O home. They would have won it all in '94.
  10. It's just two Boston teams that have been successful of late. Patriots won't win anymore after Brady is gone, and they really aren't a Boston team anyway. Celts are going nowhere. Bruins always find a way to choke. And Boston schools suck at college football and basketball. Didn't the Sox win the championship on your wedding day?
  11. Dude check out Mookie Betts. He's the best 5-tool player in the game, his catches and arm are legendary.
  12. Not sure if I feel sorry for this guy or envy him, it's a helluva life for a 34-year-old. Sleep until noon, then watch TV & play video games & eat all day every day while naked. His old man should win Father of the Year.
  13. Machado looked like shit, his contract will turn out to be the shittiest in MLB history. As for my team, that's what happens when your ace starter pitches just twice in Spring Training.
  14. Not when they are as young as 12 and 13, and not when they are girls. This should be a major, major story as nobody would think a 12-year-old girl would be involved in something like this. And yeah I mistakenly believed the lead singer/songwriter was bigger than he actually is, probably because I had read the band was releasing an album next month.
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