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  1. It's the same reason he spent so many years working on CD, he's an over-the-top perfectionist with severe OCD. Every time he played what was recorded, he didn't like what he heard. A lot of musicians are like that. Hell, Prince had over a thousand songs in his vault that were never released.
  2. I think they'll be fine. They have the offense, and I'm betting they pick up some really good pitching before the trade deadline.
  3. It's certainly not what I was expecting. Tanaka vs Porcello seemed heavily in your favor, as did Paxon vs Cashner. Our offense is really in a groove though, can't think of anybody's 1-4 who is better. So who's your choice? Stroman, Boyd or Thor? I don't think Bumgarner or Bauer will be traded, as both of their teams are still contenders.
  4. It's either that, or the players have found a new "supplement". MLB has confirmed the pill of the baseball has gotten more centered, reducing the drag, so that could be it. If the pill is not perfectly centered, the ball tends to wobble more after being hit.
  5. You can't stop it, you can only hope to contain it. Hell, look at Mila only @ age 35 ...
  6. How about Kid Chaos? He already replaced Duff once, so he's got the experience.
  7. My girlfriend wishes I had an NBA package. As for TV, all you need is MLB Network.
  8. Word. Dude was epic with UConn and doesn't carry the baggage that Kyrie did.
  9. It was a joke, and the Sox were greedy as fuck to give up home field advantage for two games against their biggest rival. I knew the Yankees lineup would do damage against the shitty Sox bullpen, but the stadium obviously turned both team's pitching into crap except for the hard-throwing guys like ERod and Chapman. Cora should be suspended for his bullpen usage. Bringing Shawaryn into a tight game and leaving him in for 8 runs was inexcusable. And how the fuck do you make literally 13 pitching changes over the 2 games, but your best reliever (Workman) isn't allowed to throw even one pitch? Fuck Cora.
  10. Well luckily Stanton is back on the DL, but when he returns you'll have a tough time playing him, Voit and EE at the same time unless Stanton is healthy enough to play LF and that's a mighty big "if". You also have Sanchez, who has made it very clear he wants to DH a couple times a week instead of catching. Normally the backup catcher starts twice a week anyway.
  11. Finally a reason to go to Siberia! http://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/fitness-models-booty-slapping-contest-at-russian-bodybuilding
  12. This trade really doesn't make sense to me. He's a slightly better version of Chris Carter. More importantly, who is going to get pushed out when Stanton or some other Yankee needs time off from playing defense but can still hit? You're not gaining much, if anything, by pushing Voit out of the lineup when EE can't DH. Voit has been great, especially against RHP.
  13. So Nate, how much interest are you charging and is it compounded daily? If not collected after 30 days are you gonna hit his credit report?
  14. I don't know which was more shocking: Price giving up 6 earned in 1 1/3rd innings, or the bullpen giving up nothing in 7 2/3rd innings. Still seems like a lost season, Mookie can kiss his dreams of a $300M contract goodbye. Yanks will be fine once they get some starting pitching help.
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