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  1. I don't know which was more shocking: Price giving up 6 earned in 1 1/3rd innings, or the bullpen giving up nothing in 7 2/3rd innings. Still seems like a lost season, Mookie can kiss his dreams of a $300M contract goodbye. Yanks will be fine once they get some starting pitching help.
  2. Now you can focus on your Twins. Halfway through the season with the best record in baseball, who would have thunk it.
  3. Many years ago as a joke, I added the sig "Turn around bitch, I got a use for you" to my work email with the intention of using it only once, just to a cool female coworker/friend of mine who I trusted. But I forgot to immediately remove it from my sig after the one email. The next day I had a cardboard box waiting for me on my desk.
  4. Yup, I envy it. A strong bullpen is so essential, the ability to protect leads is more valuable than anything. And it takes the pressure off the starting pitchers, they can go full-out for 5-6 innings and know the relievers will finish up. This is why I've always said, of all the great players during the Yankee dynasty of 1996-2000 the most valuable wasn't Jeter or Pettitte or Posada or Bernie ... it was Mariano. With him, nearly every lead was safe.
  5. 1) Churchill Downs - the holy grail of horse racing 2) Muhammad Ali Center - fascinating even if you never followed boxing 3) Cow Tipping (it's real, and it's spectacular)
  6. I think what's got people excited about Dark Fate, even more than the return of Linda Hamilton, is the return of James Cameron. In his own words this movie is darker, more sinister, more "in the moment" as it covers just a 36-hour time span, and it's got an R-rating. My only criticism thus far, why is Jason Biggs the villain?
  7. Already played 12 games against them, only 7 remaining! Another huge comeback yesterday, you've got a great offense there. Are you sure you WANT Stanton, Didi etc back?
  8. You won't be saying that after your Twins, Vikes and Wild do the same thing.
  9. This must be why Kris and every Kardashian never get with white guys. 😂
  10. A 3rd Boston championship in 7 months? It would be 13 since 2001, but they've never had 3 within a year.
  11. Skynyrd being discussed in multiple threads ... never thought I'd see the day.
  12. It was noticeable there was something wrong with him, he tried to play through it but the results on both offense and defense were not good. You got Hicks back at least.
  13. Very good! A few more of my favorites from the Great White North: Shania Twain Dorothy Stratten Molson XXX Alanis Morissette John Candy Sarah Chalke And the band known as Rush, responsible for one of the most underrated rock songs of all-time.
  14. Your Twins have the best record in baseball, you must be so excited!
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