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  1. Well you took it to Game 6 and avoided getting eliminated at home again, that's better than most expected. At least you've still got the Miami Dol ..... eh, nevermind.
  2. So if there are multiple fatalities during a Massachusetts church service, would the headline be "Mass Mass Mass Shooting"?
  3. Ironic the Yanks' best and highest paid reliever coughs up the series-ending walkoff.
  4. You mean like rooting for the Yankees to beat his hometown Cleveland Indians in a playoff game IN CLEVELAND? Yeah that was big-time douchey. @EstrangedTWAT
  5. I was rooting against the Lakers when Ball was on the team because I can't stand the asshole father, but now I couldn't care less.
  6. I don't think many would get pissed off at the Yanks winning, because it's a lot different now. 20 years ago they outspent everyone by a mile and won a lot, that's why they were hated so much. But now? Their payroll is reasonable, they don't buy every available star player, and they haven't even been in a World Series since 2009. Would anybody get pissed if the Lakers or Canadiens won it all? I don't think so, for the same reasons.
  7. Best thing that could have ever happened! Lynn Guini: "Honey, whatcha doing on the computer?" Mr. Guini: "Oh not much babe, just watching some GNR concert videos on Pornhub". Lynn Guini: "Okay have fun! If they play any new songs, make sure you call me over so I can watch it too." Mr. Guini: "Absolutely babe, will do."
  8. Generally he's been douchey over the years, acting like his shit don't stink, dogging it at times, etc. Then this year he left his original team and joined their biggest rival, just for a few extra bucks, and made comments about his new team having a better chance of winning than his old one. Here's one example of his douchiness: And I almost forgot the gayest helmet throw ever. 😂
  9. Funny how life works. His first year with the Yanks, he becomes a World Champion. Probably thought he'd be playing deep in the playoffs every year. The next ten years, doesn't even make it to the World Series. Ironically he'll always be remembered for his half year in Milwaukee, when he was absolutely brilliant. They got his best.
  10. I know if I ever win the lottery, I'm not telling anyone. I'd probably just fade into the sunset.
  11. I don't think any team truly has chances against Cole. With runners on base, he turns it up a notch. I think if you're gonna have concerns, it should be about: 1) Sanchez's catching. He let two pitches to the same batter get by him, and lucky for him the umpire blocked one of them. 2) Stanton's availability. As long as he's day-to-day, your team is playing shorthanded. 3) Bullpen management. Quick hooks because of sabermetric matchups is never a good idea. I hope the Nats win it all too, but I'm fine with the 'Stros too. Ironically they share the same spring training facilities, what are the odds?
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