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  1. This is either very cool or creepy as fuck, I'm leaning towards the latter.
  2. They are using the word "check" for payments like people use the word "album" for recorded music. The gov sends out debit cards with the money loaded onto it, but only if they don't have banking information to make a direct deposit. I know, I got one last time because I have always refused to give the IRS my bank account information. The debit cards can be used anywhere that plastic is accepted, or they can be unloaded into a bank account.
  3. Did she have a problem with the 33,000 pages of Obamacare regulations that was forced on the Senate to sign? Nahhh ....
  4. And this just dropped this weekend, they are pretty much the only modern band now that I look forward to new music.
  5. Strong memory can be both a blessing and a curse. I wish I could forget some stuff too.
  6. Some people ITRW have wondered if I've got something mild going on too. Really strong attention to detail, really good memory, harp on certain things sometimes, and not comfortable in certain social situations. If I was told I'm on the far outer part of the spectrum, I wouldn't be surprised. The odds of being born with autism are 75% higher if the father is over age 45 ... mine was 52. Maybe that's why I liked this movie so much.
  7. It's usually not a matter of learning. If someone is bipolar, severely autistic, schizophrenic, whatever, then it's nearly impossible to control all the time without a solid med. Years ago I worked with a guy who was way deep in the autism spectrum. Every time he had an episode, he would try to be better and not let it happen again. But it always happened again, he couldn't control it. We all have our problems. Some big, some are small.
  8. Where I come from, enchilada is not food. Just sayin' ....
  9. I'm new, what's the background on it? Day-Z would have been much cooler.
  10. Me neither, I don't dislike anyone. Even TM grew on me.
  11. Just realized you spell apologize with an S and Daisy with a Z. Why the fuck do you Brits do everything backwards-arze? Don't they teach proper American English in your schoolz?
  12. I'm on a level below you, I do primarily just the big races ... Triple Crown, Breeders Cup, Pegasus, Arlington, Saratoga, etc. I bet strictly Exactas, Tri's, Super's .... vast majority is Tri's. Last year I went to Gulfstream for Pegasus, was a couple feet away from Baffert.
  13. Slots/casinos have evolved quite a bit over the years, but pre-covid if you go to certain places at certain times and play certain machines certain ways you've got an advantage over other players. I'm also into roulette, the shit I've seen. But lottery, absolutely ridiculous odds and damn near impossible to win. It does happen rarely though, I personally know somebody who won $15M on a scratcher.
  14. So THAT would explain why I could never run for shit.
  15. I have a system that takes into consideration a bunch of factors, such as opening odds and size of the field and how big the race and the race track. I go for longshots, it takes money to make money. The best chance to win big? Kentucky Derby, hands down.
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