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  1. I dunno, I think he'll be able to behave for a year or so. He's learned his lesson, he needs money now.
  2. She's 22 and that pic seems to be from 2018. But if that's supposed to be Hillary on the TV, my BS-Meter just shot up faster than Hunter at a girl's high school volleyball game.
  3. Me too, very cool! I like when I scroll down really fast, the screen turns to all background. Very psychedelic.
  4. It's 4 rows, top left to bottom right. CONFE, which is also at the bottom of the cup, is for the Federal Statistical Council. EUVOU is a corporate event management platform. Sounds like the council had a conference. Or maybe it's just an eyechart.
  5. Remember when they swore they'd leave the US for Canada if Trump won in 2016? Pussies talk the talk, but never walk the walk.
  6. LOL .... I posted that a while ago. We knew it was coming, right? And Flippy won't spit in the food or take baths in the sink. 😄
  7. http://www.howardstern.com/show/2011/03/15/touring-with-david-lee-roth-rundowngallerymodel-2454/ Sammy blamed the failed ‘Van Halen VS. Van Hagar’ joint tour on David Lee Roth: “Every night he was unreasonable. And every night he tried to get the upper hand.” Sammy said he wished David the best (“I’d love to be friends with those guys again.”) but thought he should come clean, as David (according to Sammy) is clearly bald (“C’mon, Howard. He is.”) and gay: “The way he always dressed and acted, I was like, ‘Well, this guy’s…[gay].”
  8. So did Ricky Martin, George Michael, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, etc. If you'd rather call DLR bi instead of gay, that's fair.
  9. Maybe the underage family member was Champ? Check out the traumatized look on the poor puppy's face as Joe gets ready to sniff him, it's like the puppy is saying "Not again, Joe".
  10. Any dude that has banged Anna Faris for more than a decade has got my support.
  11. He looks like a smaller, gayer Gronk. Not that there's anything wrong with it. I'm glad Steve Perry didn't replace him, that would not have been a good fit.
  12. As a recent comp, SOTT 13 LP's and a DVD all for $299.98 which is $21 each. http://store.prince.com/product/5QLPPR056/sign-o-the-times-remastered-super-deluxe-edition-13lp-180g-1-dvd?cp=103229_103233 It's basically for people who don't have the time or patience to deal with waiting in line for hours to get close to the stage. People work until 5PM, show is at 7PM or 8PM, reserved seats is the way to go. Or for those who like to tailgate until right before the main act takes the stage.
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