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  1. It was a crazy, unbelievable story, but the story is 90% less interesting unless you were heavily invested in the forums from like 2002-2014 or were really into the Chinese years. Now, months have passed and there is a pandemic so 99.999% of even us die hards shouldn't give a shit right now The discs were cool as shit but also way overhyped for what they were. At first it was like 20 discs of songs with like a shit ton of full vocal songs, then it kept getting less until we realized there were only 4 new songs with full vocals, one of which is the most bare bones demo you can imagine. Eye on you and nothing and quicksong don't count. The instrumentals are interesting as hell, but again, only if you are a weird die hard like us. They give us a snapshot to what these stupid song titles we have had for 10+ years would sound like. Either way, who the fuck cares anymore. To still try and milk it for an additional 15 minutes all these months later..... come on. Unless actual, real vocal songs are ever to leaks, nobody should give attention seekers what they want
  2. Im grateful we got the leaks but he seems as deranged as other certain members of our deranged community
  3. This is going to make a really good mafia game in 6 months Combining the virus with forum culture and shit GNR has unlimited possibilities
  4. People also arent able to differentiate that criticizing a country doesnt mean you are shitting on all the people who live there China is trash. They have an evil, authoritarian piece of shit government who loves killing and fucking its own people. That same government has helped keep business practices, hygiene, and cultural aspects in the stone age. Fuck them. That doesnt mean I think all Chinese people should be melted and turned into hot dog meat. A lot of China's people and culture are badass. But it doesnt mean we have to pretend everything about their country is okay. Same goes for anywhere but especially China This virus exists because of those practices
  5. I think Trump is dumb as fuck but a temporary travel ban makes sense to me. Also, who would possibly be mad at calling this a chinese virus? It literally is from china
  6. To get you to click it because one doctor said it can happen This shit is no doubt bad and unprecedented in modern times, but diarrhea ass China quelled it in 2 months. They can do that but it will kill us all anyways? It'll get a lot worse, a few thousand more may die, which sucks but it isn't what people are saying it will be
  7. Only like 20 neq cases in China today. Shit will get worse and bad here then it'll be over and back to normal shit in a few months Had to cancel Disney next month though
  8. Pleasently surprised to see a Slitzy gif
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