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  1. I was just trying to give character hints earlier in the game JB legit gunned for another player, TWICE, implying he had proof of them being dirty.... And what do you know? PS was clean JB should be dead, but he isnt an easy lynch because we have to be as sure as possible our pick is a F.A.T. sympathiser
  2. We arent overlooking it. Its just a Town lynch today can very well be game over. I do not want to rush a lynch. I jumped the gun voting for mags so early (although I still think hed be a good candidate) As I said, if Bonham pulled this shit successfully earlier he'd be dead
  3. I think Magisme is the safest vote- off. Hes playing a really good game either way. I think the best clues are the couple of pro Axl posts at the start but those could have been shit posts JB is the most righteous lynch. He fucked up immensely and he usually plays recklessly. If Town wasnt so behind id say kill him for sure. His story is convoluted BUT could be true. Why be secretive about his suspicions about PS though? And he went for PS from the very start GNRLiars and Ragnar could go either way DS I think is Town Val and Deadstar I'm not sure but I lean Town
  4. This would be bat shit insane. I doubt it's true but it's be a fucking insane play
  5. UNVOTE- MAGISME When was it decided Liars was confirmed dirty?
  6. Izzy is the only other gnr member and he doesn't talk Axl up like that
  7. Does this seem like a quality pro-town post or mafia scum smoke- screen bullshit? Mags usually hangs back but he has been very involved this game (which is much appreciated if he is town). I'm just pointing this out, Mags doesn't necessarily stick out to me, but I know he does to some others Also, upon going back and rereading I muat remind everyone that JB said he KNEW PS was dirty not once, but twice, at two different points in the game. He had it out for PS early. We can see if the first time was before his whole "Iron Man" claim. If so, he will be an easier lynch. He SHOULD be an Insta lynch but we cant Fuck this up
  8. Why dont you think hes mafia? If he is, hes in a good position. He tricked us and just has to weasel out of Day 3. Then he can potentially win when it's night mode
  9. The ONLY reason I'm not rushing to kill him is because one mote town lynch and we are almost certainly fucked Sucks
  10. He didnt help himself, but JB didn't even try to explain why he was sure of PS
  11. Why the Fuck couldn't you try to explain all that shit instead of "I KNOW PS IS DIRTYYYYY" The absolute Fuck Your convoluted blame on mags isn't even bad. I could buy that. But Fuck, what a fuckup
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