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  1. I bet Miser has had this pic since 2010
  2. He always looks miserable in fan pics. In the pic I got with him he at least has a slight smile. Its because rubbed taco bell goo on my hands before hands to remind him pf home
  3. Absolutely. Iran in particular has a very young and idealistic population. In the cities, they have modern tech, they are relatively Westernized. It isnt like a North Korea. The old world order will fall away from within with time. The world is increasingly connected and reliant on each other's economies and cultures. Isolation isn't a viable way to function and nations who are seen as third world or hostile will eventually have to change with time. Except for very few examples, war sets progress back. It disrupts nations, kills innocents, and breeds resentment. Unfortunatly, the truth is that unstable regions like the middle east, Africa, Asia, etc have been hampered by progress from Western meddling and colonization. That isnt to say there isnt great evil in those places, there is. If you have a young person in the Middle East who had a loved one killed by the USA, you arent going to care about politics or ideologies, youd simply want revenge and to hurt those responsible. It would consume your mindset.
  4. This is such a dangerous mindset. Not everything is black and white, good guys vs bad guys. Unfortunatly, it's easy to see why people in that region hate us. Its majorly warranted. We are a huge reason the middle east is fucked up. Thats before Iraq, too. That being said, someone admitting that isnt automatically supporting their government Nobody should ever get their hot dog hard when there is potential for inmocent people to die either
  5. Its probably new merch. Hopefully its GNR sausage. I hear Slash sausagized his brother Ash. Maybe we can get a taste Y'all know better. No new music unless its a leak and even then it'll probably be totally unfinished with no vocals or a scratch track Come on
  6. Nobody is defending Iran's regime. A great deal of Iranians despise the Mulahs too. War is not the answer, though. It will kill too many and give people over there even more justification for hating the West China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, and more commit even worse or comparable atrocities and nobody wants war with them either. It isnt worth the cost
  7. Lets hope that is what happens. If no US troops died this is an easy way out. US can say their attack was pathetic to its people and Iran can say it was successful to theirs Easy out
  8. Congrats on the shirt @EstrangedTWAT. You've talked about it for years. Dont frame it, use it as a hot dog bun
  9. I am Iranian American. I do not support their regime but what is occuring is a humiliating travesty. Iran is a beautiful country with a very vibrant culture. It is relatively modernized for the area, and has a lot of young people who want a better tomorrow A war would be an utter catastrophe, and for what? It isn't because we are the good guys who want to stand up to their evil government. We are in bed with the Saudis who are even more medieval and backwards.
  10. I'll just wrap it up OFFICIAL VOTE- SCHOOL OF ATHENS
  11. We gotta find those without crispy skin. If you have no snap, you are no dog
  12. Its a mess but I liked it enough. I wish the story was weirder.
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