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  1. How is any of that obvious @Deadstar
  2. That's a good point. There still had to be mafia left over from day 1 too, though
  3. Disagree! It sets the stage
  4. I just dont see how I am dirty at all this game. I was really all for killing MIA before it could be taken as a bandwagon vote and switched over to Ironfin. Both were bad guys
  5. Thanks JB! One more year closer to the long sleep!!!
  6. I thought inwas am okay mafia player I was on the money with Ironfin and Mia weird for Mags to single me out when a lot of people voted for uruguns. Maybe that slight defense of Ironfin is worth rechecking also it was my bday yesterday so I havent been on much. Sorry!
  7. Post pics of the toilet to prove you even have one
  8. Thank Everyone was sonsure about uruguns.
  9. Shit i just caught up. Im a little bamboozled
  10. I'm really sad I missed this. Can we do this again sometime? Golden gods was one of my favorite forum memories. So cringy but we were all hilarious. Wonder if the thread still exists on mygnr
  11. We are ahead so I'm not too worried here OFFICIAL VOTE- URUGUNS
  12. Looks like it might be a last minute piggyback vote to save face
  13. He was in the hospital for part of the time but before that he was very silent too
  14. Also I am sorry to bring it up but now Mags' very slight defense of Ironfin might be worth looking into that regard semi seriously
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