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  1. I disagree I think my post is the only non shit post here
  2. Oh no, an auto zone and target, say it ain't so! What the hell are people supposed to do? Protest peacefully like those jagoffs in Michigan? That goes over well when the tables are turned. Fuck those cops, I hope they are tried for murder. It'd be criminal if they aren't
  3. Now can I get an extended Rise of Shitwalker with more space battle and Jedi ghosts in the finale?
  4. Hard School Locomotive There Was A Time
  5. Im just relieved to hear Gunner is alive and well
  6. Honestly, it isn't even Axl's look that bothers me that much. He looked a lot better in 2016, but the short hair isn't even that bad when seeing it in proshot. He just sounds tired, they all kind of do, even though Slash's tone was good. They should be putting out the very best they can if they are going to do highlights. If this leads to weekly proshots and that included good years like 2016, 2010, 2006/07, and classic stuff, AWESOME If this goes on for a few weeks and fizzles out and only includes the most recent lame performances, it sucks
  7. I'd be really excited if it was a full 2016 show in proshot with good audio. Especially Detroit Instead its a more recent NITL show where he won't sound good, and not even the whole thing
  8. That is true. They are better, but still not my favorites. They made the show too sentimental for me. I still watched them all.
  9. Season 8 was a solod addition. Everything else of the netflix era is pretty bad
  10. I have a hate boner for Trump and I even think this shirt is a total humiliation for the band. Its fucking awful, cringy, and tone deaf
  11. Oh I missed this one, save it Bacardi or someone so I can bug you again for it in another 10 years. I can't be bothered
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