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  1. Ask sounds lime he's saying "hey diddle diddle the cats in the fiddle" in bring jt back home
  2. Iq like th e instrumentals so much id kill mayself to have them with fat axel
  3. Axl types like this sometimes, so does WC you been a bitch all yer life or jus ta me? i'd tat yet coward ass wit da teardrop, boi
  4. Definitely joel/Warchild. Well, I'm pretty sure it is. I recognize some typing
  5. Cannot believe, yet I still can, that Sorry and ITW are near identical to the album versions In 2001 he had near complete versions of IRS, The Blues, Madagascar, Prostitute, Better, Catcher, TWAT, Sorry, ITW, and Riad. 10 out of 14 songs were essentially ready to go and it came out 8 fucking years later. Not to mention Quicksong, Perhaps, Hardschool, Atlas, Zodiac, Prom Violence, State of Grace, among others were pretty much there along with a handful of very competent ideas. With a little bit of confidence and effort he could have easily put out 3 albums between 2001-2006 Fuck its depressing Edit- I forgot chineae on thst list. 11/14
  6. Oh thank the big dog in the sky
  7. Isn't he on Madagascar for the solo?
  8. Don't care about the reversals. Bucket isn't even maskless, he has another one on
  9. Riad isnt bad. I just think the verse lyrics suck and the bridge/solo and leads arent my favorite. I think the 2000 Intentions version is a lot better That being said, I think its weak compared to other rock songs from that era. Id say CD, Shackler's, Better, Zodiac, Quicksong, Prom Violence, Oklahoma, and Soul Monster are better musically
  10. hotdogman


    fuck you cunt
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