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  1. I had fun this game. GnRLiars and I could communicate throughout the game. I think we did a pretty good job. Well played. Hope Gunner comes back
  2. This is an easy one 1. Quick to vote and end the game 2. Singled out by JB who was right 3. Last ditch defended Arnold Official Vote- Magisme
  3. Well that was a lightning round. Mags may be onto something. Or mafia I'm good with killing arnold
  4. If Arnold dies and turns up town, JB is a must kill
  5. Can we role reveal? I'd also like to add I really dont think GNRLiars is mafia
  6. I'll go for GNS or JB depending on who has more votes Lets do it
  7. Actually Unvote- Arnold Lane He is probably town and him dying would reveal nothing. We should go big at an active player like GNS or Bonham. Bonham could be town but him dying either way may reveal something with the PM thing Thoughts?
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