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  1. Please refrain from personal insult gents....I have no issue with you insulting the musicians, as I am pretty sure they can give two shits what we think of them, but please be respectful to each other........
  2. Don't kid yourself as he is very popular with the current legends, Jeff Beck, Clapton, Page etc., He is a real talent in a sea of mediocre modern music.........
  3. The Cult have released 2 different box sets, a 7 disc and 5 disc set, of demos which covers albums up to either the RAM or Beyond Good and Evil so there are a ton of demos available for that band. I have both box sets and they are amazing as they have raw demos of most to the album songs which are either very diffent then what ended up on the albums or they don't have any overdubs and are very raw so you get to hear Bill Duffy in all his glory. Lots of unreleased songs and instrumentals also. Both sets ar OOP for awhile now but you can score them on ebay for a decent price if you are patient
  4. Weren't you going back to school Homan? You meet a better class of idiot when you have a white collar job........
  5. An album of new material written by the current band...I have little interest in ChiDem leftovers as I thought ChiDem was mediocre.....
  6. Sorry I can't go around beating 12 year olds up. You have the mentality of a retarded person. I didn't realize Fake GN'R was GnR but ALRIGHTY THEN. Please keep it civil Mr. Stradlin....you may not like the pictures Broski is posting but he is on topic so please cool it with the personal insults.
  7. IMHO Lynch's Dune was mediocre at best and butchered Herbert's books I think the later John Harrison 6 hour miniseries was a little better but I would love to see someone like HBO do a continuing series, like Game of Thrones, from all the Herbert books and be more true to the story............
  8. Boy that sucks..in addition to being a brilliant writer he is a real humanitarian...........hope he beats the odds.......
  9. You live by the beach in Australia, a couple days off from work.is a vacation. IMHO a long weekend is not even close to the same thing as having a couple of weeks off where you don't have to think about work.....takes me a couple of days to unwind and get into vacation mode.......
  10. The Kanye West stuff is unlistenable.........absolute shit
  11. Why does he need to grow up? He is independently wealthy, can support himself and is doing what he wants even if we don't happen to like what he is doing....other than fans not getting what they want who is he hurting?............ ....... Why is being 'independently wealthy' a reason for one not to grow up? Because IMHO unless your hurting other people with your actions it is nobody's business how you act and spend your money. If Axl is not hurting anyone and has the resources to not have to grow up why would you care? How does it impact your life other than not getting new music from
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