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  1. replace the last movie title with this one
  2. Fucking fat shit band is the correct use of the fatnouns.
  3. Axl rose is a fat fucking cunt , I should know my name is pappa fat fucking fat fucking pig fuck cunt
  4. Here's a snapshot of what's currently happening inside this building: You have an employee doing this: Only on this page: And as soon as this page makes a post: The staff member does this: To add this:
  5. A guy that’s taken a cock up the ass to see if he would enjoy it or not, isn’t exactly going to come out and say the real reason he hates trump.
  6. think this is who she’s referring to, 2nd post from top http://www.mygnrforum.com/topic/217019-member-picture-thread/page/32/
  7. We’re you living that dream right up until the full stop? 😂
  8. i created the best thread in 2020
  9. Let me just say that if any female here is lurking and reading this thread, either as of this post or at any stage in the future, you are required to send me at a minimum, 2 nudes, one full frontal with your shoulders back and legs apart, and the 2nd one, with you kneeling down and spreading your ass cheeks with both hands. I will then assess these photos purely for quality control purposes, and if you pass, you can become an honarary gnfnr lifetime member.
  10. Anyone remember dark angel from newgnr days? She loved bumblefoot like im talking obsessed. She was a nice girl but is no longer with us
  11. you didn’t miss out on much, the air released from her quiff had more feeling against my cock than her loose pussy did
  12. If my fat Axl thread isn’t best thread of 2020, I’m going to disappear faster over such an unjustified pathetic reason , since gunner and the mafia fiasco.
  13. 2 “illegal” parties in New York with hundreds of people gathering inside, this is why the infection rate is high, small area, breathing same air, standing close to one another packed in like fish
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