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  1. not me but i thought the forum nerd miser would have had a solid wank to this thread, but clearly hes moved on. fat fat fat
  2. from 9:29 mark onwards, visiting the guns n roses house during appetite era listen to the story he shares at 17:00 mark regarding the hair transplant story.
  3. Do you have this ? Can you please send me a download link
  4. Axl rose is so fat that he whipes the cooking pan with his stomach to make it non stick before cooking.
  5. Pappa FAT


    I hope someone is ripping/downloading every video of these only fan sluts and hosts them indefinitely on torrent servers for Millenia to come, these women should be viewed by the world and not enjoy any solace of privacy ever, they chose this path they can reap everything that comes with it
  6. The bar tender says, which one of you has guns n Roses leaks, All three look at each other, before MSL rolls forward and says, I don’t know these two freaks but I have a rich lawyer daddy who keeps me out of jail, then Walker steps forward and says, I m not a freak, I’m a woman, then gunsguy says, I only pretend to be a woman on a guns n Roses message board, but at least I can still stick my dick in my wife
  7. Love golf, you get to smash the fuck out of a white spherical object, it’s a good supplement for axls head.
  8. Who’s going to finish their transition to their final form, first? Axl rose to Jabba the fat? or Walker to a transvestite with a pussy and tits? (yes, technically they’re both become the same thing as one another but to different extremities)
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