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  1. It’s true, because he’s having a hard time remembering words that have more than 1 syllable each.
  2. Do any of you guys ever stop to think , how the fuck did the world get to this point in the span of just over a year? biden and his horse head partner/sjw supporters, chink virus, economy, travel, etc. take me back to 2019 and every year before it
  3. My opinion of him, is he a cunt? Yes is his belief system fucked? Yes is he the hardest working person in hollywood ? YeS does he take everything he does seriously ? Yes weigh it up
  4. I wonder what brand of nappies Biden wears
  5. scrarch the whole thing up with steel wool and tell people it’s called an “after market matte finish”
  6. Hear that? The sound of Sleepy Joe sniffing
  7. Joe Biden's newly appointed cabinet enjoying their first meeting together d
  8. Let’s see how unoriginal Biden is going to be. The ‘hard’ problems will be ignored and the easy problems once solved will be hailed as major accomplishments.
  9. If you really want more pussy, abstain from masturbation. Wanking kills your motivation to chase hard for the puss.
  10. It’s almost like he’s trying to appeal to the kids of the 80s which he thinks is today, ”cmon man” god damn degenerate
  11. They got the warning wrong on that Twitter post , it says “manipulated media”, I think that Twitter ceo faggot Dorsy should provide a more specified title, should say, “Manipulated senile old man”
  12. Close, you need to use plurals not just pronouns as Dazey is just one of many of Downzys “gentlemen”.
  13. ones a short annoying cunt who fluffs around in his cage all day sounding like a transvestite, the other is the bird in the video.
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