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  1. I don’t mind creed, that dude has a good voice
  2. Fernando if your reading this, go give your mother beta a kiss as a thank you for why you are the luckiest filthy looking immigrant to ever land on u.s soil
  3. I bet your dick looks like betas face when she overcooks axls food, all beaten up and blue and black in color
  4. China no longer has the influence and intimidation factor that it once Did, the world is waking up and calling their bluffs. Fuck China and fuck the CCP and every chink from thah god forsaken place
  5. “I don’t see people of color, I see a white pearly gate and an angel waiting for me” yes he didn’t say this but he probably would
  6. If I put my cock in that fat tubs enchilada, my cock would truley be living the term, “The path of least resistance”.
  7. Can you imagine if beta did a Dutch oven on Axl in bed after sex? neither could I until this Beirut thing happened now I have a clear picture of what it looks like.
  8. Biden: “I’m not going senile, travel restrictions to Egypt are banned”
  9. How are the CCP officials going? Have they come up with any more dog eating viruses yet ?
  10. As the singer dude from Linkin Park once said in one of his songs,this is not the end it’s just the beginning. For him it was in fact the end, and for us it’s the beginning of the end.
  11. I love eating a chicks ass and I don’t give a fuck what some bitch calls me as long as I can taste the remnants of what she had for dinner the previous night, albeit in its digested, colon-passed final form.
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