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  1. im not racist, but i can hate on gooks cause why not
  2. 2 things dumb ass, its "blackout" not "backout" and I didn't write the post, I just quoted it, so go suck on my knob while you learn to type.
  3. "As much effort went into that as in making a new album."
  4. Here I thought the Black Friday sales were in November?
  5. Trump: “ Coronavirus is the worst thing to happen to the u.s in 2020“ society: “Hold my beer”
  6. in the description of the video 12M Views · 17 hours ago · The Cops in US arrest a South Sudanese who is an FBI agent. WATCH what happens
  7. Called it (well almost, gnr/axl) 1988: "immigrants and faggots ... niggas" 2020: "We stand on the side of justice. Black Lives Matter."
  8. White cops falsley arrest a black man who's actually an FBI Agent LOL
  9. this is like GTA coming to life, im dead set going to play some grand theft auto today because I want to go out and kill some motherfuckers online
  10. I’d say your close, it will be 6Ns, not 7, because Axl doesn’t like to say Nigger anymore
  11. we need an axl tweet to save everyone, oh pappa fat where are you?
  12. Want to know how to fix this? Easy. Place a 30 year minimum jail term for anyone caught causing violence or looting during the lockdown. Someone say, jails overcrowded and this will exacibate the problem? Lock that cunt up too. Easy fix - Build more jails or deport them to mexico.
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