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  1. Only online, and at the moment this person seems both ignorant and dense as fuck. get what im saying?
  2. bro your posting normal 1 minute, neck mintue your posting these types of posts and you don't think your behaviour is abnormal. get.some.help.
  3. that's cool and all but stop skirting around the fact that you need some help.
  4. bro get some help and i'm not saying this as a dig or 'internet tough guy act' , go speak with someone.
  5. your making it very difficult to find anything remotely good about the Chinese race
  6. Fuck you china go back to making your shit goods in the sweat shops you good for nothing gooks
  7. This has to be the scariest fucking post you've ever made.
  8. Remember his so called great idea for human prepelled submarine or whatever the fuck it was to rescue the Thai children in the cave? Yeah, completely useless
  9. How ironic, the giant in that is the chinese government, and the walleys represent the civilians deaths due to coronavirus.
  10. Lol it’s like human version of where’s wally, but their all wallys
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