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  1. if you come over here ill get you laid if its the last good deed i do for humanity, that's some miserable fucking shit your sprouting. Fucking hell man get a grip of yourself and get some titty in your mouth pronto!!
  2. she might as well put a blow torch to her eggs, she won’t be using them cause no guy would fill his load in that paki looking chin rat.
  3. tm likes you deep down , you should do a retort video back
  4. make the invoice out to “gook nation, fuck you long time” request in full the sum of : US $5 trillion dollars. care of: the world
  5. Did you see him call you out at the end of the video?
  6. You could rest a black mans fully erect cock on that chin and she would still have room to land a Boeing 747 jet on it.
  7. I have GTA V on pc , got it free from the epic games deal. Maybe it’s time for me to dig into multiplayer
  8. I’ve never played gta online, is it too late for me to get on it ? Is it overran by Uber levelled talented cellar dwellers who will headshot me .23 seconds after every spawn before I can even scratch my ass?
  9. translation "fatify a fat ginger by importing his already fatself into a fat app to get fatter, and then exporting the result to then re-import it again to get the desired fat outcome. fataculous!
  10. the man the myth the legend, He looks a little like msl but actually better.
  11. i downloaded this last name and it’s fun as fuck multiplayer, granted its early days so I’m in the novelty honey moon stage but I’m really enjoying it. It’s an instant gratification game with short quick kills that reset , I love it
  12. that tshirt baz is wearing has offended downzy to his soul, how will the fag wake up each morning now and defend bach and all the other mindless dem supporters?
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