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  1. Or are we forever stuck with the shit that him and Myles are fucking around with? Say what you want about Axls live mickey vocals, but I would gourge my eye out just so I could stuff it in my ear to try and mask the dying cat noise that is Myles cuckendy.
  2. GNS

    Are you buying a lotto ticket?

    dont buy the ticket, buy the company that sells the paper that is used to print the tickets.
  3. Izzy wanted money to stand still and add to the numbers not the music. Can't blame him for it.
  4. Best lesson i've learnt in life is don't give gifts with ever expecting anything in return. In saying that, you gave it to Arnold, nothing against him but he's the first to admit he's kinda given up on his ambitions so you lucked out on that. All the best to both of you.
  5. Axl will run for office in 2050 but will actually start his presidential run in 2080.
  6. Jimmi Hendrix's teeth are still in better condition.
  7. fuck fuck fuck shit shit shit fuck myles , we all live happily ever after.
  8. GNS

    GN'R Video Game Question

    you let some bitch eat your ass
  9. GNS

    Your favorite artists and artwork

    After today, this is everyones new favortie type of art.
  10. Maybe not the title, but he took away the moment of giving him the belt in the octagon. He can't get that back, had to leave lol.
  11. nah , was figuretively speaking. I was tempted to put $20 down, but it requried actual effort to go to the betting place, or sign up online, both of which meant getting off my ass. Laziness always pays.
  12. what meme? by the way thanks for the link got it working
  13. that khabib is a fucking rat, couldnt win without taking conor down and straddling him liek the faggot hei s
  14. this is a news story you can really sink your teeth into.
  15. Looking forward to seeing this. I wish they spliced in real footage of Freddie performing at different angles, I can't see it in the trailer but I hope it's in the movie.
  16. GNS

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    that guy is the white version of the guy in my avatar.
  17. GNS

    Are these 2 pictures of the same guy?

    look at the nose of both of them, it's different.