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  1. They’re too used to letting the hangers on, that Andre cunt and the rest of them from molesting underage girls at shows, fuck them all
  2. What do you call Msl and walker working together? A hammeroid, they’re the pain in everyone’s ass that serves no one any benefit.
  3. I guess pimply donut worker and fatty McCant fly won after all. @MSL fuck you you far cunt and your side bitch
  4. Axl is a lazy cunt that had one of the best artists in the world to help paint his mural and he was too lazy to even show up. Fuck I can only say he has to be clinically retarded
  5. This thread was an absolute piss take, none of these degenerates deserve anything less than us laughing at them. Sincerely, You cunt in chief
  6. I’d say walker would’ve given the dildo a good workout before he put it in the post.
  7. This new account posts a lot like a certain person who now owns Msl’s old forum... hmmm
  8. This x 10000000 and a small mention of brother Brasky somewhere in it inconspicuously
  9. Axls leaked inbox subject lines of his emails “Taco Bell: welcome to the vip club “ ”Taco Bell: congratulations you are now a premier member” ”Taco Bell: “here is your black onyx lifetime card, 10 free tacos each month as a token for your thousandth order this month” ”Taco Bell: We would like to send a dedicated sales rep who’s sole job would be to just feed your face 24:7. Because of you we are now worth more than Apple and google combined”
  10. Rick dunsford logic: ”I’m going to teach axl and Fernando not to mess with me, I’m going to spend $3,000 on plastic surgery to alter my facial features, go to a mans hair salon ( and not a binary one) and have a male haircut and then spend $hundredssss of dollars attending every gnr show in the future. that will teach them for banning me, I’m going to continue to line the fat fucks pockets!
  11. Well fuck me dead its hit the rolling stone website (lolbrasil) version http://rollingstone.uol.com.br/noticia/fa-de-guns-n-roses-e-banido-para-sempre-de-shows-da-banda-por-pirataria
  12. Little dick rick got banned by the self proclaimed, “mr king dick”. You dont bring a little dick to a a fight with a big dick unless your little rick.
  13. Axl done fucked up holding out for so many fucking years. Now hes old , fat and cant sing and he'll release atlas shrugged in 2020 the EXACT way it was recorded on the leaked track from 2000. Motherfucker is retarded
  14. we have to worship these guys magisme, they are our meme lords
  15. I googled passages from this text and nothing is returning results so it looks legit in that sense, i just cant be fucked reading.
  16. Pay your tributes to these bad boys of gnr rock
  17. He looks like the type to have a wank at a gnr show when axl is standing in front of him so point stands
  18. @axlrosefan4life I don’t like to say I told you say but damn nigga there’s a cost to everything in life. Remember I said to you to watch the ego? Now your paying for it by not being able to see the 1 thing you like more than new gnr music. Lesson learned hopefully. Peace!
  19. We have to keep out those nerds who have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on the band over the years, not to mention Fernando gave this gunt (he’s a girls cunt) spare batteries to live stream, because uncle axwy might see him in the audience and cause him to lose his wig from boiling over in anger
  20. id say he weighs as much as 1 of MSLs leg, so 320 lbs.
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