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  1. Can you include some plush carebears , not handled by an ex fat cunt wrestler?
  2. Its already happening, I’m losing my brain swells.
  3. @John Bonham if you banned anyone from South America from posting here, we would lose 50% of the members but we would gain back 200% of our brain cellls. tough one to way up
  4. I swear you could lose more brain cells reading the broken English from the above post then if you did using the amount of drugs popcorns done.
  5. She’s about as free as her titties (before this photo, when they were being supported by an extra tight, ill fitting bra)
  6. I’ll admit I was reading it then I saw those pear of brown titties and I got side tracked then skimmed the rest why are they stopping flights though?
  7. so is walmart the place where all the hip beta nerds shootup people these days?
  8. Looks happy and is telling jokes
  9. Can’t handle the truth? sincerely, your cunt is showing.
  10. _ How the fuck is this even possible?
  11. fuck me, @Val ! how are you ??????
  12. I’d be ‘new gnr cute’ and fuck with him and put the material somewhere on the island of Madagascar (along with unleashing a wild lion unbeknown to him) and see who wins.
  13. If axls house was on fire and I was the first one on the scene, I would risk my life checking every room in the house for any sign of recorded material, or key or combination written down on paper to the vault. After looting all the material from the mansion I would track down Rick and sell it to him for no less than the cost of his house and all his possessions which he would happily sell just to hear more material. What a cunt.
  14. Are you theee Val from yesteryear?
  15. Fuck me what a lay up and an even better retort. I’m proud
  16. Rick is having a wank over 20 year old demos that he dropped thousands of dollars on. I hope it gives him pleasure.
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