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  1. tom petty died of an accidental overdose (he was battling depression and insomnia) xanax was one of them. Meanwhile Adler will outlive us all

    1. Miser


      Xanax is only dangerous if you mix it with another depressant such as alcohol or an opiate. That said, overdosing on Xanax can have long-term effects on memory and cognition (a binge last month proved that). Benzos and painkillers are given out too easily, and they're part of the reason we have an addiction epidemic in the U.S. currently. You have people in my age group (20s) addicted to Heroin or Meth or Xanax, and older people in rural areas addicted to Codeine and Oxycontin. It's not good. I had a friend die last month from an accidental Heroin overdose, and quite a few I know struggle with Heroin addiction. It's just not a good situation and yet no one is really talking about it (I mean Trump or anyone in power).

    2. popcorn's snare

      popcorn's snare

      He had three types of fentanyl in his system, one of which, acetyl fentanyl, is not approved for use in the United States.  He also had oxycodone and two types of benzos.    

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