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  1. its funny after all the shit broskirose used to throw at people, the 4-eyed fat fuck was on medication and lived out of a basement.

    1. Alex Trebek

      Alex Trebek

      its funny, after all the shit you've thrown at people i don't think anyone's ever mentioned you in any capacity

    2. Bill Brasky

      Bill Brasky

      Gns is my buddy 

    3. GNS


      Lol Alex pot calling the kettle black , I don’t even recall seeing your username until recently

  2. Gunner is a guck (geek-cuck) - lets get upset about a internet game

  3. Can we please all honor bacardi's memory in 1 year's time with the following.,


    Can I ask everyone to drop your undies, bend over and spread your asshole to reflect the gift he gave us in his last departing wish? It would be a great way to honor his memory.


  4. Are you bacardimayne?

  5. i'm back and it looks like i've missed nothing. That in itself is what i've missed.

  6. Can anyone care to send me the november rain demo in remastered quality? couldnt give a fuck about the rest of the release.

    1. meatpuppet


      I'd like to hear it as well.

    2. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      here you are, both versions (piano, guitar) it will be up for 7 days

    3. meatpuppet
  7. The best thing about the appetite for destruction boxset announcement, is the Saskatoon release.

  8. next year some of the very first chinese d recordings will be 20 years old, just let that soak in

  9. I've waited 25 years for this band to officially release shadow of your shit

  10. same shit band, same shit tour, same shit every damn day. If only they would destruct

  11. 2 days since brian... LOL

  12. ---spam break---/


  13. tom petty died of an accidental overdose (he was battling depression and insomnia) xanax was one of them. Meanwhile Adler will outlive us all

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    2. Major Mayhem
    3. GUNNER


      "Adler will outlive us all"

    4. Donald Trump

      Donald Trump

      Sad but at the same time nice to know he went out like a rock star.

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