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  1. we could sue gunner everytime he's late gibberish-ing up a thread.
  2. has shacklers remix leaked yet?
  3. does anyone remember that guy? if you don't but now you do cause of this thread, I apologise. I still don't know how that leech lasted as long as he did. Props to him for the madagascar melody but thats it.
  4. GNS

    Lets praise the justice

    and yet you murder the english language. Should you stop that to?
  5. GNS

    Former GUNS N' ROSES Guitarist DJ ASHBA Arrested

    Not only does DJ blow on stage, apparently he's blowing his way into a DUI arrest (next up , prison).
  6. GNS


    can we purge broskis account and madisons?
  7. GNFNR does it first and better goes a touch over 2 hours (2 hours and 3 mins) Welcome to the jungle is absolutely insane Axl does a acapella portion of Since I don't have you with a little too much reverb on the vocals) intro into sweet child the whole show is fucking amazing, more to come (dont pm me for a copy, i'm not sending it out. feel free to ask any questions)
  8. all good just playing :). By the way, i was at the concert your using as your avatar. She flicked peanuts off her nips into the audience. Same show where Axl sung happy birthday to Jarmo.
  9. GNS


    Imagine being one of the most gifted peope to have ever picked up a guitar, and in order to share your talent with the world you need to do so by wearing a disguise. Add on top of that, you have health issues such as problems with the heart that plague you and yet that talent hasn't waivered one iota. I've said it before and it can be said about most musicians, but Buckethead wont ever truley be appreciated by the wider community until long after he's gone.
  10. less than 24 hours to go, let me be the first one in the community to make a thread dedicated to the discussion of the impending leaks.
  11. Generally speaking, its the general.
  12. true, and by all means the party clip is a number of years old now and we all know that Axl changes lyric structure of songs often from demos/early versions to final release versions (look at the evolution of Better for example, "you know i know you know better ...") so the final version may/will most definitely be completely different (if its ever released).
  13. which part dont you think are the lyrics? i'll give my opinion on how accurate the transcription is. Obviously though I only have the same set of ears as everyone else.
  14. listen to the party clip or the reconstructed one and follow along. Obviously its not 100% accurate, but the gist of it's there.
  15. Can anyone care to send me the november rain demo in remastered quality? couldnt give a fuck about the rest of the release.

    1. meatpuppet


      I'd like to hear it as well.

    2. Budd Dwyer

      Budd Dwyer

      here you are, both versions (piano, guitar) it will be up for 7 days

    3. meatpuppet
  16. Can anyone care to send me the november rain demo in remastered quality? couldnt give a fuck about the rest of the release.
  17. GNS

    AFD 5.1 Stems Leaks Discussion Thread

    fuck this shit, either post the whole thing or not. Actually fuck it, ill pm 1 person who I know will do this in 10 minutes if enough people are after it cause he's not a snobbish fuckhead like some people who crave attention.
  18. Lance if you're out there, the lord thanks you a million times.
  19. Lets start this off (chorus, appears at the start of said clip) do you remember who did it? who did that to you? who would do this, to you? who would do this to you? to the young!
  20. good man, tempo gives it up but that solidfiies it. downzy still didnt think it was lol
  21. child molestation is a serious topic to write about, props to axl for writing a song about such a dark topic