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  1. GNS

    This is not a drill

    to the person whos trying to bruteforce their login of my account. I will give you a helping hand. My password is 15 characters long, and is made up of 9 random characters that don't repeat, 6 however do. I hope that helps, and good luck cause you'll need it.
  2. GNS

    Greta Van Fleet

    they look like the mumford & sons trying to sing like led zepplin while imitating wolfmother.
  3. GNS

    How To Post An Article

    dont post when you're maud as hell.
  4. are you still on the weed phase of manets, manets? cmon bro give that shit up (at least until you have a chance to properly ruin your life)
  5. you just ruined it two seperate ways, by participating it and by doing it wrong. we got brazilled.
  6. almost signature worthy, almost
  7. shit eating grin oh wait, that's slash's next album.
  8. GNS

    Red Hand Chinese Democracy

    no probs, we've all been there.
  9. GNS

    Red Hand Chinese Democracy

    its just materialistic shit. Why want something just because its rare? dumb as fuck. You've seen the artwork, dont give into something you think you want when you dont really,
  10. GNS

    Dave Grohl is Shit

    FF is radio rock garbage.
  11. such quality threads, gunsnfnroses would really be in the shitter without these
  12. Can we please give Maud his very own Gunsguy news reporter title? He's well and truly deserving of such a dishonorary title.
  13. GNS

    In defence of Chinese Democracy

    anyone miss miser? we thought we had it bad then
  14. whole lotta nosey?
  15. So Axl loves Pirates as much as his fans . Good, now get your ass to the studio and do your job
  16. GNS

    Countdown to AxTermination

    what happened to a xl?
  17. GNS

    Countdown to AxTermination

    yes, slash's toothless mouth was open in the original photo.
  18. GNS

    Countdown to AxTermination

    Guys this image was actually doctored on photoshop. This was the original image, Axl spent the summer of 98 in Brasil snorting coke of primo brazilia viva pussia , hence his natural orange brown glow.
  19. GNS

    SCOM dedicated to auad

    Happy birthday LA ROLA VIVA !!!!