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  1. So which fag alt account are you? I couldn’t give a fuck if people remember my threads or posts or like me or not, this is the internet. Means fuck all
  2. How much is it? If we’re talking <$50 then let him keep it, obviously it means more to him having that then it would you (but 8 know your not on much money in your job so maybe I’m wrong on that). a bet is a bet so he should do it.
  3. GNS

    DEXTER Mafia sign up

    We had a lot of people who have recently left due to .. ‘problems up stairs’. Natural selection takes care of itself.
  4. I believe if it was compulsory to run a psych evaluation before signing up here, broski and bacardi would never have been members in teh first place.
  5. ill add it on the list fill me in if theres any I miss
  6. someone fill me in why bacardi left, was it personal issues?
  7. Which recent gnfnr member exited the forum in more pathetic style?
  8. You guys have a falling out on skype?
  9. No need to lock up your daughters, a new wave of contraception is walking around.
  10. Can we get a :Bacardi: emoji that shows an asshole being spread? I wanna commeorate his meltdown
  11. I wonder if he got into the band death grips because the only action he could get was with his right hand.
  12. GNS

    DEXTER Mafia sign up

    Sign me up, I wanna be part of a movement that sees more weak ass dipshits leave the forum
  13. I’m going to a vigil tonight at my local strip club. The strippers are going to light candles then pour the melted wax onto their tits.
  14. its fun to make fun of weirdos. Try it some time.
  15. I remember the big game he was talking about fucking all these strippers (like that’s an accomplishment anyway) and then I saw a photo of him and as they say, the rest was history .. or in his case, complete bullshit lol
  16. I never liked the cunt. I found it weird the little bromance him and Bacardi shared too.
  17. Out of everyone here, I would suspect that broski would be the most likely one to lose the plot and go on a kilin spree. And this was before watching his vlogs. After watching his vlogs, I was even more fearful.
  18. its funny after all the shit broskirose used to throw at people, the 4-eyed fat fuck was on medication and lived out of a basement.

    1. Alex Trebek

      Alex Trebek

      its funny, after all the shit you've thrown at people i don't think anyone's ever mentioned you in any capacity

    2. Bill Brasky
    3. GNS


      Lol Alex pot calling the kettle black , I don’t even recall seeing your username until recently

  19. don't laugh over the loss of one of our fallen autistic sons.
  20. bro ignore him, the guy thinks a zeppelin knock off band is the second coming.
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