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  1. According to bro musk from his interview with joe he will be growing trees up there
  2. say what you want about how shit the simpsons has been for the past 10 years, but this is just an example of the pathetic world we live now. http://geekvibesnation.com/hank-azaria-steps-down-from-voicing-apu-on-the-simpsons/
  3. Manets manets manets don’t ever change , i like tits and I like sex, manets manets manets.
  4. Feels like walking into misers addict
  5. I didn’t think it was possible to shit post in a shit thread
  6. Those moments where you do the “shit sideways rock” where that brown log is suspended between your asshole and midair and you need the help of motion and gravity to free it from the abyss from which it’s descending from.
  7. You haven’t lived until you do a shit in your workplace toilet and it spends 15 seconds in slow-motion doing a slide down the side of the bowl before coming to rest in it’s final resting place in the water below.
  8. You haven’t lived until you do a shit big enough that the head of the shit is poking out above the water. You could put a flag on it and declare the newly discovered country, shitopia.
  9. the guy is wearing a hat, his big ass ugly five-forehead will still be ugly, but props to him hes lost a lot. Probably on the juice/test and fat burners cause the cunt is loaded but its still a great result. if you wanna lose weight, just do 2 back to back days of gym each week (helps to compound the effects of burning calories faster and dropping weight subsequently (like do monday and tuesday then rest and go again friday satuday) and cut out carbsj ust have high protein + veg diet . if you dont lose weight, its cause your fucking around in the gym or on your diet. that will make you lose it.
  10. Geraldine rose looks to have kept to a strict workout reigime over the festive season, keep it up papa fat.
  11. Oh take me down to Sam fransisci where the grass is green and I can do my shitties, oh won’t I enjoy spreading my brownnnnn eyeeeeeyeyeye take it !
  12. If I wanna pull my pants down and leave a nugget wherever and whenever I should be able to.
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