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  1. GNS

    what are you eating

    There’s certain ironicity here somewhere
  2. This is what happens when you make internet your life, you quit over a fucking nerd internet game. they should go fuck some pussy and stop being one.
  3. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    this is one of the best videos ive ever seen http://www.thesun.co.uk/video/golf/golf-fan-wears-mugshot-shirt-of-tiger-woods-at-the-players-championship/ sneak peek:
  4. Funniest and truest analaysis I’ve read online. the dude was a few numbers short of hitting 21 blackjack. He did the best with what he has and that’s commendable
  5. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    You're american living in china, you could eat that shit 5 times a day and still look healthier than 90% of the population.
  6. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    Food of the gods.
  7. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    Half correct. He gets primo big titty milfs to serve them both juicy, freshly deep fried colonels best thighs, and them old saggy breast cuts.
  8. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    From one pussy grabber to another, freedom is also just one grab away (if the price is right).
  9. I miss his complete bastardization of the English language. I miss seeing him struggle in simple conversations which quickly became confrontations. Swing free brother
  10. Tiger just doesn’t know his way around the holes on the course.
  11. Side note Oldest ive fucked was a 52 yo last weekend, but she was fit and tighter then some girls I’ve been with who were less than half her age. Weird thing was she’s had kids and the younger bitches havent
  12. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    I fucked a 52 year old last weekend off a dating app, I should’ve known that was an omen to Tiger winning.
  13. He’s books are like his posts but on steroids with beer mixed in, so you get a pump and a nice fat gut.
  14. brilliant, 2 words, amazingly brilliant.
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