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  1. Axl sings about being a lonely cuck in a sad voice during the verse. It’s a follow up to his lonely tear drops lyrics.
  2. So what you’re saying is, you were doing a “little dick rick” before little dick rick had shit.
  3. She could shit in my mouth if her toilet ever stops working
  4. Thanks for taking the time to write a long post about me, kissy kissy xxoxxxox
  5. I bet he strokes his cock to every time axl sings the line about his shoulders not being wide enough.
  6. the most beta (pun not intended) looking fuck in the whole gnr community lands the motherload of material. You couldn't script a better story than this bullshit. Fucking little dick rick.
  7. You're in Japan arent you? You could just save time and go to the local butcher.
  8. Can you include some plush carebears , not handled by an ex fat cunt wrestler?
  9. Its already happening, I’m losing my brain swells.
  10. @John Bonham if you banned anyone from South America from posting here, we would lose 50% of the members but we would gain back 200% of our brain cellls. tough one to way up
  11. I swear you could lose more brain cells reading the broken English from the above post then if you did using the amount of drugs popcorns done.
  12. She’s about as free as her titties (before this photo, when they were being supported by an extra tight, ill fitting bra)
  13. I’ll admit I was reading it then I saw those pear of brown titties and I got side tracked then skimmed the rest why are they stopping flights though?
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