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  1. GNS

    The Return of Woke Axl Rose

  2. To put it in persective, there's a 10 year old kid somewhere out there in the world that was born on November 23rd 2008 , who is considered a boy genius and knows 32 foreign languages, can recite the quran back to front and is only 2 years away from being accepted as a nasa candidate to head up their race to orbit the moon, to try and beat Elon at his own game. Meanwhile, Axl is sitting on recorded music 10 years before this boy was even a twinkle in his dads eye and has done jack shit since. Let that sink in.
  3. in just ovver a month it'll be 10 years since CD. give it up people, go find your Jesus.
  4. GNS

    Bill Cosby

    I always thought his sweaters were questionable, now I have evidence to support my suspicion.
  5. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    the power couple of the 2010's.
  6. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    When you have everything that money can buy, you yern for the things that are free to potentially everyone but only a few are fortunate to find.
  7. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    the fused spine is from doing 68,000 hip thrusts into primo milfs pussies.
  8. GNS

    Tiger Woods

    There will never be another person like Tiger to play the game of golf. Arnold Palmer may have won more titles, but no one has completely transcended the game and the way people approach golf like Tiger has. He has done more for sport in general, not just golf, than Michael Jordan or Michael Schumacher. He was the worlds first billion dollar sportsman on top of banging countless women. His luxury yacht that he was travellign to the U.S open on is called Privacy and there's nothing private about his life. He has reached such a level of success and enjoyment that none of us will ever even comprehend. The second you hear the word 'tiger' you think of him and not even the animal anymore. That whole issue with him banging birds has made him an even bigger household name. He's a fucking anomaly. Seriously, hwo the fuck can you hit straight with a wall of people 20 metres in front of you either side.
  9. GNS

    Can we bump this section to the top?

    your avatar permanently lives on the default browser screen of my phone. I'm not sure if I can rest easy with that or not.
  10. duff money 'integrity-never" mckagen. Sounds like he's about to enter the octagon. Conor better watch out.
  11. GNS

    Living The Dream

    this is so fucking bad that I would be trying to torpedo shits out of my ass while on the toilet so the splash of the shit dropping into the water would mask the sound of this.
  12. GNS

    Living The Dream

    does anybody actually enjoy listening to Myles voice? serious question
  13. axl singing just acdc songs
  14. GNS

    Just fucking lol.

    I dont care what anyone says. Beta and Slash being in the same room is more monumental after what transpired when slash turned up 'drunk' to Axl's mansion, than axl and slash ever getting back together.