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  1. Unvote: JB I need to read back the last 2 pages, definitely interesting developments before I cast my vote.
  2. @wasted care to explain why you changed your vote all of a sudden? Stinks of Mafia. Interested to hear your defense.
  3. JB has shown his hand very early on. If he is town (which I very much doubt) he’s going to get the rest of us killed because he’s playing stupid. I gave him a fair chance to explain why he voted the way he did (even tagged him in my post so there’s no excuse as to why he could’ve missed it) and he still ignores my simple request to explain the way he voted. it says it all, sorry bud but you gotta go. Official Vote: John Bonham
  4. Does anyone even really care if we get new music this year or next? I think Axls missed the boat on capitalizing on any hype he created over the past 3-5 years. No one is yearning for it now. Sure it’ll be big if they do release something but people don’t really care if they don’t compared to before.
  5. Very logical and thanks for your reply. Unlike @GnRLiars who quoted me but then refused to answer the very question and reason for my post. we’re starting to get somewhere now.
  6. @John Bonham @arnold layne @GnRLiars @Bill Brasky In 1 sentence (or less than 30 words) explain your justification for why you have voted for the people that you have. Based on your logic and reasoning, I will weigh it up and then cast my vote. If your reasoning is not compelling enough for me to decide on who I should vote for (after careful analysis and forethought is conducted) then I will come down very hard on you. Mafia are fucking scum and I will make it my mission or have you all suffer painful deaths. You will be crying harder then Gunner did by the time I’m finished with you all.
  7. Your very first post was to vote for me lol and here you are accusing others of what you are guilty of in the first instance. im not going to vote yet but I’m keeping my eye on you. If your town you are going to get us killed.
  8. i hope this game leads to another whingy third-world country bitch leaving the forum.
  9. id fuck that bride up the ass right then andthere
  10. I havent' seen saw either but im familiar with what its about.
  11. come get a mouth full of my saw mafia cunts, holding off who to vote for until some of the inactives start posting. @Jb has fired shots early - somewhat skeptical of him now.
  12. Salami king of autistic island, if I live there permenently, do I end up with a 8 pack ripped physique? life hacks
  13. salami king of autistic island, can you please help me. How do I lose weight without cutting down on my salami intake?
  14. Honestly I’m over the back and fourth bro, and no I’m not doing any attacks on you. This is just stupid now, all the best.
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