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  1. This film is about the year 2001 of the universe of Guns N' Roses. Just this one in spanish but I hope you like.
  2. Best Moments Axl Rose Incidents: 2017 - Axl Angry With A Fan, He Can't Find His Car 2011 - Axl Angry With A Fans, Vancouver 2010 - Bottle Incident, Sao Paulo 2009 - Axl Rose angry with Paparazzi, Los Ángeles 2009 - Angry Fans, Argentina 2006 - Ejects The Security Guards, England 2006 - Confronts Fan, San Francisco 2006 - Technicals Problems, Download Festival 2006 - Fan Throws At 1 Pound, England 2002 - Band Fail, Philadelphia 2001 - Fan With Slash T-Shirt, Rock In Rio 3 1993 - Duff Is Knocked Out By Bottle, Sacramento 1993 - Axl Rose Gets Rocks, Argentina 1992 - Axl Rose Angry With Reporter And Break His Cam, Chile 1992 - Axl Rose Gets Bottles Thrown At Him, Chile 1991 - Fans Was Talking Photos About Show, St. Louis 1991 - Fan Kicked The Camera Gnr Photographer, Philadelphia 1986 - Bottle Is Thrown, Los Angesles
  3. It’s only excellent moment vocals, scream, high vocals, low vocals, and more... Thank for your comment!
  4. The third part of the Best Moments Vocals of Axl Rose... in this Tour No In This Lifetime. If you know more, i’ll probably update Thanks
  5. More interesting...documentary film about chinse democracy (part 3, only spanish) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzUhL2z-zfQ
  6. * "Scratch It Out/Bikini Twilight" (single, July 1989) (With The Go Team). * The Winding Sheet (album, 1990) (Cobain does background vocals on "Down in the Dark" and guitar on "Where Did You Sleep Last Night") (With Mark Lanegan). * Kurt Cobain & Mudhoney - The Money Will Roll Right In (California Live 1992) * The "Priest" They Called Him, (EP, 1993) (Cobain does background guitar noise) (With William S. Burroughs). * Houdini (album, 1993) (Cobain plays guitar on "Sky Pup" and percussion on the song "Spread Eagle Beagle") (With the Melvins). * Live Through This (album 1994), Cobain does backing vocals for "Asking for It." (With Hole) * Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars (live album, 1995) (Cobain does guest vocals on the song "Divine and Bright") (With Earth).
  7. Anastasia Ashley, Alana Blanchard, Erica Hosseini, Coco Ho, PuchaGarcía
  8. #RockAndRoll #Ophera #Flamenco #Jazz #Pop #Rock #HardRock #Indian Vocal technique, record, power, and more…
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