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  1. Would you like Manets to translate and forward this message on to your followers in Brazil?
  2. This song is about Axl blaming heroin for his breakup with Slash?
  3. I want to hear Quick Song. After that I am cool waiting another couple of years until the album drops.
  4. What is this discord thing you are all speaking of? Is it a chat room for leakers?
  5. Tom Brady is pretty good but he is no Michael Jeffrey Jordan. MJ is on another level compared to every other athlete I've ever seen.
  6. I fucking love the incoherent screaming. He should do that on more songs. Axl's voice is an instrument unto itself.
  7. I am sure I will get killed for saying this but I think there is something a bit Maroon 5 sounding about Perhaps.
  8. Is Perhaps starting to drop down for anyone else? I still can't believe he wrote two songs about John Lennon's murderer.
  9. Did Axl pattern his helium voice after Robert Plant's vocals on The Song Remains the Same? I am talking about the song and not the live movie Zep made.
  10. This is almost as bad as Silkworms. Pretty sure I will never listen to that again.
  11. The only thing I am certain of is that State of Grace is numero uno.
  12. Trump is a total BOSS when it comes to US foreign policy. He should kill off Bin Laden's entire bloodline and send a message to the world that the US is not to be fucked with.
  13. He probably just found out that Fernando is selling GNR laundry bags. I would be pissed too.
  14. Good for Axl. I hope he knows that Wasted and I are always available if he wants to take Guns and Chinese Democracy II (Stay of Execution) to the next level.
  15. I still have cable only so I can use the skip ahead 30 second button while watching recorded nba and nfl games. Once I can get top notch streams (DAZN sucks balls) I will cancel my cable.
  16. Catcher in the Rye and Perhaps. "You pulled the gun that shot and crucified my savior" "You used to be a little crazy now you're so much more"
  17. Isn't it kind of crazy that Axl wrote two songs about Mark David Chapman's murder of John Lennon?
  18. I think I like State of Grace a little bit better but Perhaps would no doubt be the more successful single. Both tracks are killer. Axl Rose is one talented dude. These songs better be on Stay of Execution. It is such a bummer that he wasn't able to put this stuff out decades ago.
  19. The first 10 seconds of this song sound as if they were lifted straight off The Fragile. This song is dope as fuck. It makes me think of the David Fincher classic Se7en. I believe State of Grace will turn out to be The General.
  20. I think Axl cribbed the piano lick at the beginning of Perhaps from Hey Bulldog by The Beatles.
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