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  1. Watching Ja Morant for the first time. This kid is gonna be great.
  2. Think of all the American school shootings they could prevent with these dolls. They could end Islam and bring about world peace.
  3. Circus Maximus Elvis Quick Song w Axl scat vocals
  4. Does anybody else think that Robot Sex Dolls will ultimately save us from feminism?
  5. We began the transition to cyborg with the popularization of the iPhone. Fentanyl killed off the weekend warrior. Political correctness got so bad that we elected Donald Trump.
  6. It's resting silently somewhere in my storage locker. Never to be opened, never to be played, and never to be looked at ever again.
  7. Firing Don Cherry was not very Canadian.
  8. Age of Innocence - Michelle Pfeiffer makes a cuck out of Daniel Day-Lewis in 1800's New York high society. Parasite is the best movie I have seen all year along with Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.
  9. Luka is clearly the best white player since Larry Bird. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he won the mvp award this year. I hear a lot of Giannis talk but that guy is all size and athleticism. Luka is a motherfuckin' baller.
  10. I tried getting league pass a couple of years ago but the streaming quality wasn't very good.
  11. Maybe they could start off with a fat tax on Big Mac's. You have gotta work your way up to fat people death camps. At Camp Fat Lake you either lose that weight or lose your life.
  12. It will be a good day when that happens.
  13. Did they add Fall to Pieces to the setlist?
  14. It smells like teen burgers in the jungle today. Here we are now, Bill. Entertain us. Is Big Dick Rick hiding out in Uranus?
  15. History will conclude that Donald J. Trump was the boulder that Middle America needed to push onto Coastal Elite Piggys in order to shatter SJW conchiousness and restore sanity in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
  16. Sometimes you die when you drink and drive. Everything but a telephone pole in your site. Skip the Dishes and hit the bullseye burger every night. The google assistant makes it so easy. Always knows what to order from Fat Burger to feed me. 30 minutes or less would please me. I wanna watch you feed!
  17. When you find that special lady on Side Chicks with the brother & sister roleplay fantasy and you are not sure if you should sext her. Will it be Luke awkwardly kissing Leia or Deb does Dexter? Let your dick decide. Bust a move. Bust a nut. With Side Chicks you never have to worry about getting busted inside an underage slut. Disclaimer: I don't know anything about Side Chicks. It was one of the porn site charges on Uncle Greg's credit card statement. I think they charged him a dollar for joining their site when he was blacked out and looking for some online McLoving.
  18. You could find yourself sitting courtside beside LaVar Ball if OKC gets a high enough pick.
  19. What color is your favorite participation ribbon? Mine is purple. It reminds me of when the skinny kids would twist the fat kids nipples and give them purple nurples. No participation ribbons for that. Only the satisfaction of a job well done.
  20. Watch Golden State tank and get the number one draft pick.
  21. You gotta fucking love Joel Embiid. Ben Simmons putting KAT in a choke hold and making him tap out was classic.
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