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  1. I miss Stephen A. and Skip together on First Take.
  2. Skip is a Spurs fan and he gets paid millions to be a professional sports troll.
  3. Golden State fucked up by not putting Klay back in the game. If I was Klay I would walk away from this team after that. Not putting him back in the game was a cheap pr stunt by The Warriors after their gross mishandling of Kevin Durant.
  4. Looks to me as if the US has staged another Gulf of Tonkin type incident as a preamble for war with Iran. Hopefully the American public doesn't fall for it this time.
  5. If Robbie Robertson dies do you think they will add The Weight to the setlist?
  6. Twitter has destroyed another career.
  7. He likely blew out his achilles which is the death rattle for his basketball career. He may come back and play in a year but he will never be the same.
  8. RIP KD. I hope it wasn't internet comments that made you decide it was a good idea to play last night.
  9. They had three great albums: Too Fast For Love, Shout at the Devil, and Dr. Feelgood. Even their not so great albums (Theater of Pain and Girls, Girls, Girls) had memorable singles.
  10. If only they could have cataloged the one night stands. They hinted at it in the video for Patience. Road pussy is what made this band great. Wives and girlfriends always fuck things up. That is basic Behind the Music 101.
  11. I guess this means Axl's bringing back the beard.
  12. Axl, Slash, and Duff are a covenant of lesbians.
  13. I see they've remade Men In Black with a chick and the guy who plays Thor.
  14. He should start wearing the Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian shirt again.
  15. It would be rad if Axl ditched that Glen Campbell shit and added Eat It to the setlist.
  16. "Axl's one smart dude. He looks at the cubed slice of pizza from every angle."
  17. Hey Misster, hate talk like that will not be tolerated on here. This is a gender fluid Guns N' Roses community.
  18. It is going to sound like Chinese Democracy with Slash shredding on it instead of Bumblenerd.
  19. I think it is time to put the Terminator franchise on hold again. Mrs. Doubtfire was the last entertaining transgender movie. A johnsonless John Connor doesn't quite cut the mustard.
  20. Nobody would care whether or not Axl was built like a house if he didn't sing like Mickey Mouse.
  21. I think I will watch the Beach Bum again. There is nothing worth going to see until Once Upon A Time In Hollywood comes out.
  22. I don't think this fatlete campaign is going to work out too well for Nike.
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