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  1. In episode one of the podcast we welcome special guest Dr. Drew to discuss whether or not Axl and Slash are at risk for type 2 diabetes.
  2. Eddie's voice doesn't suit this style of music. RHCP did it much better with Dark Necessities.
  3. The ratings for this impeachment must be lower than unemployment in the African American community. It is all Boy Who Cried Wolf. Nobody sane gives a fuck. Trump could have Joe Biden executed and most people would still vote for him.
  4. Do you think Slash was setting a smoke screen with his comments? Albums are old school but GnR is Hard School. I am still confident we will get a new album this year.
  5. You gotta figure that eventually the Hamburglar will get his greasy little mitts on CD II. Watch out for the fentanyl in the french fries. That shit will kill you. Recreational cheeseburger use ain't what it used to be.
  6. I think it is too early to declare it the new aids. Probably just another sars or bird flu.
  7. Would anybody miss Hillary if President Trump took her out with a drone strike? I am sure Bill would be happy.
  8. China has got too many people as it is. Hopefully this spreads to India and the Middle East.
  9. You can find cold coffee in a can anywhere. The thc capsules come separately.
  10. Sounds to me as if Mayor McCheese is waiting for somebody to cut him a cheque before he releases CD II. Maybe they should resurrect that old idea for CD about promoting it with a special pirate pack at Burger King.
  11. Maholmes needs to win one now before Tyreek Hill ends up in prison.
  12. KC is scoring points like The Warriors right now. The only way you can beat them is by limiting the number of possessions they get with long drives that eat up a bunch of clock.
  13. KC right now is the NFL's version of the Golden State Warriors with a healthy KD. You would have no chance of beating them in a seven game series without injuries but you have got a shot if the right guys have an off night in a best of one. If they get more or equal offensive possessions they must be nearly impossible to beat.
  14. Having Bill's brain would be the rough equivalent of trying a new drug that gives you god level intelligence. I am sure Brad Pitt's penis would produce a lot of pleasure for its owner but Bill would find a way to best it by designing some sort of pleasure device that runs on nuclear waste.
  15. Nah man, if you are Gates you can go to Eyes Wide Shut parties where the ladies are all 18 and over.
  16. If you choose Pitt's looks you get below average to average intelligence and if you choose Gates you get Arvid from Head of The Class (google it) level looks.
  17. I can confirm that Circus Maximus and Elvis still sound awesome when you are stoned. Quicksong with Axl scat singing is pretty fucking great also. If Axl relaunched GNR with a song that clearly rips off Nirvana's most famous song a Cobainiacs vs. Axlites war would surely ensue.
  18. The military could make millions off of licensing Space Force gear if it looks cool. And everbody knows that black, white, and red are the best looking colors in space. Who do you think will make the first Space Force movie?
  19. I am mostly a coastal city walker. I do enjoy reading about people who climb mountains and hike through the Amazon. The extreme nature of it is very attractive to my mind but I don't think the high of doing it would reach the heights necessary to roll the dice with my life.
  20. If I was booking guests for Joe I would be pushing for Alex Jones and President Trump together.
  21. I made it until the beginning of the Yah Yah song before I turned it off. That is the last new Eminem album I ever listen to. My suggestion is you smoke a joint. Throw on Drug Ballad. You will forget this new album exists before the end of the song,
  22. Watching the Aaron Hernandez doc on netflix. Dude was a serious fucking retard. Unbelievably stupid.
  23. He should have hung it up after 8 Mile and The Eminem Show. The only decent album he has made since then is Relapse.
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