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  1. Donald Trump

    Me Too vs. R. Kelly

    I feel as if MeToo has picked a fight they cannot win this time. Everybody knew 20 years ago that this guy was banging Aaliyah when she was 14. People will forgive musicians they like of anything.
  2. Donald Trump

    Enter Night: The Metallica’s Beer

    I didn't even recognize Hetfield.
  3. Donald Trump

    Land of the Free - The Killers

    I didn't know these guys were still around. Sam's Club was the last thing I have heard from them.
  4. Donald Trump

    Why did Slash allow Axl to put One in a Million on Lies?

    He probably thought One In A Million was Axl's attempt at aping NWA or Ice-T. Real wiggaz don't die. Or maybe he was too busy shootin' heroin up at Uncle Tom's cabin to care.
  5. The record company planted an IED under Pitman's keyboard.
  6. Donald Trump

    Best music of 2019

    Sorry, I have no idea who dat is.
  7. Donald Trump

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    I feel sorry for whoever had to clean the White House toilets after that feast.
  8. Because they reunited as a corporate entity whose only ambition is to fleece the fans out of as much money as possible without offering them new music.
  9. Does anybody else think GNR should get a replica cigarette that lights up for Slash? The top hat is great but the cigarette is really the cherry that goes on top of the Slash costume.
  10. Donald Trump

    TB versus YouTube

    Is it GNR management or GNR troothers who are having these vids removed?
  11. Donald Trump

    Who wins a street fight?

    Axl vs. Vince in a pie eating contest would be much more interesting.
  12. Donald Trump

    Best music of 2019

    Haven't listened to Florentine. Does he mainly talk about hard rock? I listen to Rapaport. Rap and basketball are right up my alley. Forgot to list Ear Hustle. It is one of the best. You get the inside scoop on prison life from San Quentin inmates.
  13. Donald Trump

    GNR playing Woodstock 2019 Festival

    Will this be the disappointing January announcement?
  14. Donald Trump

    Do you think Axl should be on testosterone replacement therapy?

    Somebody needs to put some raspartame in his diet coke.
  15. Donald Trump

    Who wins a street fight?

    Axl can wield his microphone stand quicker than Sixx can wield his bass, but if Nikki connects it is all over.
  16. To be honest, I am kind of surprised that GNR don't sell top hats. Maybe that would make Axl jealous?
  17. Donald Trump

    US Politics, Culture and Society

    I was kind of hoping Trump would rebuild America when he got elected.
  18. Donald Trump

    Best music of 2019

    There are lots more but here are a few off the top of my head. Talk: Joe Rogan James Altucher Tim Ferriss Waking Up (Sam Harris) Under the Skin (Russell Brand) Rich Roll Henry and Heidi (Henry Rollins) WTF Marc Maron Sports: Bill Simmons Malcolm Gladwell: Revisionist History Broken Record One Offs: S-Town Missing Richard Simmons Slow Burn (2 Seasons) Movies: Halloween Unmasked The Rewatchables History: Hardcore History History on Fire
  19. A plastic cigarette that glows orange when you puff on it.
  20. Donald Trump

    Do you think Axl should be on testosterone replacement therapy?

    I have been saying for years that I think he should start taking steroids for his vocal chords.
  21. Donald Trump

    Guns N' Roses new album by decade's end

    So you and your friends can keep track of who really ate the most McDonald's cheeseburgers in 2019.
  22. Donald Trump

    Coming to America 2...

    Eddie Murphy was the man in the 1980's. Imagine if Delirious came out today. The pc weenies would be trying to put him in prison. Who is this Captain Kirk that is alledgedly fucking green bitches? Eddie and Richard Pryor are still the greatest comedians to ever do it.
  23. Donald Trump

    Guns N' Roses new album by decade's end

    What will come out first, a new GnR album or Axl's tequila?
  24. Donald Trump

    A dentist please

    Duff ain't got no backbone and Slash ain't got no teeth. Axl's got a turkey neck and Adler can't get no relief. Thin Izzy is the only one to escape GNR without any noticible defects of body or mind.
  25. Donald Trump

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    She will probably be in The Fappening: Part 5.