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  1. No WMD's. No Russian Collusion. What will they try and tell us next? Michael Jackson didn't walk on the moon?
  2. Will Gronk be showing up on RAW tomorrow?
  3. In times such as these I go back to the wisdom of Jaws. Alex Jones: The Mueller report proves there was no Russian collusion. Anderson Cooper: Jones, that Mueller report doesn't prove a damn thing. Alex Jones: Well it proves one thing Mr. Cooper. It proves that you queer college boys don't have the education enough to admit when you are wrong.
  4. Ex on The Beach was a definite high for reality television.
  5. Bill and Ted travel back in time to where car crashes and drug and alcohol ovedoses were practically a right of passage for teenagers across America. Now you take one little picture and your mom gets scared and says "we are removing the twitter appie from your iPod Air."
  6. "If you come at the President, you best not miss." - DT
  7. Heard a cover of Garry Glitter's Rock and Roll, Part 2 in a truck commercial. Wouldn't a van commercial have been a more effective use of that song? Once again, marketers asleep behind the click wheels of their iPhones.
  8. social_animals. Creepy. The black kid taking pictures from the top of bridges and buildings around New York was cool. The rest of the kids were a bunch of fucking idiots.
  9. Maybe Axl could play a similar role to what Mike Tyson plays in The Hangover movies.
  10. I think this thread is a ruse to entrap Broski. Beware the poster who selects Year Zero or anything after.
  11. Mueller investigation big waste of time and money. No surprise here. Trump 2020 is a lock. Let the tweet show begin.
  12. Where are they going to find a phone booth to time travel in?
  13. The Dirt. It is trash but whatever. Update: Finished watching the movie. It was quite good. I really enjoyed it.
  14. GNR should release their next album as the soundtrack to this movie. GNR : San Dimas Starts Now!
  15. The way he manages to work past sexual conquests into almost every post about Guns N' Roses or any other random topic makes me laugh.
  16. Don't buy lays. I usually get sea salt kettle chips or plain nacho chips and dip.
  17. Have documentaries surpassed films? We get maybe one great film a year now but there's multiple great docs every year. Already in 2019 we have had the Ted Bundy doc, two Fyre festival docs, and Leaving Neverland.
  18. I haven't been this excited for a Tarantino flick since the 90's. Looks like this could be his best work since Death Proof. That Bruce Lee is dead on.
  19. Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
  20. Tyreek Hill beat the odds by making it to the nfl but unfortunately he couldn't stop beating his wife and kid.
  21. Beware the Jabberwock. I believe it is the latest one.
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