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  1. Does it annoy the other races that the media acts as if blacks are the only other race in America other than whites? I often read complaints about how this show or that movie doesn’t have any or enough blacks in it. What about the natives, asians, and latinos? I’m just saying.
  2. You never know when Slick Rick is gonna drop the needle on King Dick.
  3. Shaq has got the rings but Charles has multiple Emmy awards.
  4. Watching some Inside the NBA. If Charles Barkley ran for president he would win.
  5. Oliver Stone has got a 4 hour documentary in the works that will answer this question.
  6. I wonder which album will come out first.
  7. I heard somebody call Harris the black Hillary. She is too unlikable. Biden would be making a huge mistake if he picked her. Other women think she is a bitch and black people think she is a race traitor.
  8. A snow globe filled with Axl’s fat would be a hot property. That’s a $10,000 item.
  9. Do you order two drinks at a time when you go to the bar? That was my thing when I used to drink. I would usually order a beer and a rum & coke.
  10. If Axl got liposuction do you think Fernando would use the fat to make Axl Rose Fat Club brand soap? There are more than enough deranged GNR fans to make a tidy profit. Cleanliness is next to godliness and all that fat. He could sell the soap for a thousand bucks per hotel size bar.
  11. I guess he is gearing up to release his WAR brand tequila in 2025.
  12. Six or less is casual Wednesday. You gotta start out with a case before you hit the bar. Like Montell Jordan said, “this is how we do it, it’s Friday night on the west side.”
  13. Shark fin stew is running through his veins.
  14. Fat Axl is GNR. Shark fin burgers are delicious.
  15. It’s the opposite of the Hemingway classic. Chinese Democracy started out as a sexy skeleton but Axl kept adding stuff until what was once beautiful became a puffer fish hooked up to a tank of helium.
  16. What about the "dive in and find the monkey" letter he wrote after Buckethead left?
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