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  1. A rated R Darth Vader movie would be cool. I knew the franchise was dead after I saw The Force Awakens. I can't be bothered to watch Solo or Revenge of the Force.
  2. I am enjoying my first taste of Trudeau's legal cannabis in capsule form. It's watered down beer compared to the medical days.
  3. If Jay Gatsby had a predilection for underage girls. This would be the number one story in America right now if we had a free press. It is hard not to believe that the CIA didn't recruit this guy to infiltrate the billionaire class and get some dirt on them.
  4. Record label tells band to drop weight before dropping new album. This is a new song called Out Ta Fat Shame Me.
  5. It is going to be fucking epic when he gets re-elected. Turks vs. Turds. Honestly, who gives a fuck?
  6. And if GNR fans leave taco bell sitting out on their kitchen counters before they go to bed they may wake up to find Axl Rose stuck in their chimney.
  7. I think it is so phony how the media tries to pass off the Trump presidency being the worst thing ever when we only recently lived through the Bush years.
  8. I am glad President Trump realizes that nobody in the US gives a flying fuck about the Middle East. Keep selling weapons to both sides and let them duke it out. That is your foreign policy play in a nutshell.
  9. I can't believe The Expos are finally in the World Series. They got fucking robbed during the strike year. Baseball was almost out for the count until steroids brought it back.
  10. I have seen every episode of Girls. And yes, I am ashamed of myself.
  11. It's a trend. He will have a career like Bo Jackson. Zion is too big and powerful for his own good. There is no way that his body can take the extreme pounding that his ridiculous athleticism allows for. I am hoping we get 5 years out of him.
  12. This coup against President Trump by the CIA and mass media needs to stop.
  13. Always bet on black. New Jack City and White Men Can't Jump are as good as it gets.
  14. I'm hearing the Layla piano coda on Elvis. Axl better not fuck this song up!
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