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  1. @arnold layne How would you feel about changing the name of your thread to Bat Scratch Fever for a couple of days? Maybe we can manufacture a viral to take on the virus.
  2. Send your virtual assistant to work and spend all day in bed eating corn pops and popping pills. I think I would take a Howard Hughes Las Vegas vacation where I buy a hotel and stay up all night watching old movies in the dark while people drop off food outside my door so I never have to interact with them. It would be the vipassana meditation trip to India for people who prefer their zen tea sprinkled with a bit of angel dust.
  3. I wonder how often Trump calls Alex. You gotta think that Trump would much rather talk to Alex than Sean Hannity. If Rogan did an episode of his pod with Alex and Trump it would be one of the most listened to broadcasts of all time on any format. Alex just said that Italy is the main epicenter of the corona virus because the mayor there instructed the infected Chinese workers who make Italian designer shoes to go around and start hugging everybody. Mr. Jones is on fuckin' fire during this interview. For maximum impact I would say you should listen to this in double speed after downing a shot of your favorite caffeinated stimulant.
  4. Alex is the kind of guy who is always talking to himself out loud. Yesterday he was ranting about the globalists and the coronavirus when out of nowhere he throws in a few unrelated shots at the Muslims before going right back to ranting about the corona. It is the little things like that that make Alex the Vince McMahon of news entertainment. If you put Alex in the same room as Glenn Beck he's going to pick Glenn up and pile drive his fuckin' head through the Info Wars news desk.
  5. It won't be long now before virtual reality takes over for the internet and we are all shacked up in our own White Houses with foreign trophy wives, eating fast food, fucking fast women, tweeting insults, and lobbing grenades at the fake news media who have been out ta get us from day one.
  6. TV brought everyone together whereas the internet tore them apart and left them alone online to discuss unreleased Guns N' Roses albums live and direct from their own little virtual desert islands.
  7. Jones has the perfect gravelly sounding radio voice. Nobody wants to listen to a beta male (Anderson Cooper) or human pez dispenser (Maddow) when the New World Order has got the entire damn world on lockdown.
  8. People have started banging on pots and pans here every night around 7 pm because that is when the shift change at the hospitals occur. Apparently it is an extrovert thing. I think it is annoying.
  9. They should build a wall around New York City and film a reality tv version of Escape from New York.
  10. Alex might not always be right about the globalists manufacturing these shocks to the system but there is no doubt that they use these tragedies to enact draconian laws and give away free money to the corporations. When the shit goes down I turn to Alex Jones to keep me entertained. Maddow and Hannity ain't got shit on Jones when it comes to news entertainment. You won't ever hear them talking about the Chicoms or interdimensional space beings.
  11. The internet is always with you. TV didn't follow you outside and film you egging cars. The internet is a helicopter parent. TV would leave you home alone for the weekend with $40 and a couple boxes of Kraft dinner.
  12. I read a news headline claiming that Trump is asking A. Rod for advice on what to do about the corona. We are going to see a population boom of the kind that hasn't been seen since WW2 if it gets out there that latin pussy makes the corona go away. Serms more likely that Trump was asking A. Rod if he thought that injecting steroids into your ass would put people back to work quicker.
  13. Google banned the info wars android app. I don't know about the current state of the coronavirus but I think it is safe to say tyranny has come to America with this shadow banning of Alex Jones by the big tech companies. It is getting weirder day by day. Yesterday I had to take off my gloves and allow some guy to spray my hands with something that burned before I was allowed to enter the grocery store.
  14. You can make even more money on the down if you know what you are doing. They shouldn't be allowed to use the bailout money for stock buybacks and bailouts. That shit is criminal.
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