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  1. Did anybody else notice Axl appeared underneath a neon sign featuring a hamburger, a hotdog, and a slice of cake?
  2. Dasani is awful stuff. You can taste plastic in the water.
  3. I replaced alcohol more with exercise than weed. Being active and smoking weed is a lot different than lying on the couch and smoking weed although, lying on the couch and smoking weed is pretty fucking awesome. When you are stoned you pick up on more subtleties in movies and music than you do when you are sober. All I am trying to say in my convoluted way is that a mix of exercise and weed is a good replacement for alcohol. Exercise calms the mind; weed enhances pleasurable activities and makes monotonous ones less monotonous.
  4. Really looking forward to hearing their cover of Big Girls Don’t Cry on the upcoming Frankie Valli tribute album.
  5. Joe Biden is the most blatantly racist president America has had since the slave trading days. That is a fact. Black People Can’t Google. Yeah right. Fuck you Pedo Joe!
  6. I would add Columbine by Dave Cullen to the list. You will never take the news seriously again after reading it.
  7. I wish they would make a rated R Star Wars movie and let Fincher or Tarantino have a crack at it.
  8. I don’t think you can replace alcohol with another drug if alcohol turns down the voices inside your head. That is what it did for me. It was like taking a vacation from your mind. Overthinking and rumination would go out the window and you would be completely in the moment. But then your subconscious mind would start taking over and you would blackout. And then you would wake up the next morning and feel guilty about something you couldn’t remember. Eventually you start getting hangovers that go beyond a day and then at that point it is best to quit because you are now playing a losing game.
  9. Did you have a bad experience on weed? I quit drinking almost 6 years ago and I don’t miss it at all. Weed is so much easier on the system and you don’t have to worry about blacking out.
  10. And yet if you try and be less white by putting black makeup on your face they want to crucify you.
  11. We had to read both those books in High School here.
  12. THC capsules and coffee are a good combo.
  13. I see Rush Limbaugh has died. The headlines reporting his passing are indicative of how batshit crazy we have become. Ten years ago the headline would have been Controversial Right Wing Radio Talkshow Host has Passed Away. Today the headline on Rolling Stone about Rush’s passing read Rush Limbaugh Did His Best to Ruin America.
  14. I guess Dougie ain't too familiar with Jon Daley.
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