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  1. One leg of chicken just isn't enough when you have got an appetite.
  2. I used to have a compilation album called The Tarantino Connection.
  3. I thought they were only playing a one off show for KFC?
  4. Axl probably has more in common with Moses. I am sure lots of them 80's groupies had burning bushes. Thou shalt not covet your lead guitarist's women whilst he's passed out and pissed himself.
  5. One walked on water. The other swam with dolphins. Both are big in Brazil.
  6. I think CD II will be released in 2020 to coincide with Trump vs. Buttigieg. Axl's not going to pass up the opportunity to slut shame Slash by making him lay down guitar tracks for CD II.
  7. Was it the band's cocaine use that made them so popular in the South Americas?
  8. He's switched back to PEDs.
  9. Assange is the consolation prize for the Dems after coming up short in both the Russia Investigation and the Hillary Clinton presidential bid.
  10. It's weird. Pretty much no one cared when Hoon died. It helps if you have a massive hit single or album out when you die. Galaxy was a cool tune but it didn't hit the mainstream like No Rain.
  11. If we align with Russia and China the US is finished. We will build a wall of nuclear warheads to keep you out of our country.
  12. It is time for Ben Richards and Alex Jones to take back the internet airwaves.
  13. Do you think Canada should align itself with Russia before a Global Warming ravaged United States tries to take it over? It feels as if an attempted US takeover is inevitable.
  14. When do you think LeBitch and The Greek Steroid Freak will get busted for performance enhancing drugs?
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