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  1. The media reaction is so outsized now compared to what is actually going on in America. Imagine what the George W. Bush Years would have been like if we all had iPhones. We are living in a 2019 version of the movie Network.
  2. Is anybody else completely sickened at the "recession hoax" being promoted by the left wing media right now in a feeble attempt to get President Trump voted out of office?
  3. Season 2 of Big Little Lies. If you are playing Fuck, Marry, Kill, Reese is the one that you marry every time.
  4. If only Dick Dunce would give this revolution a soundtrack by releasing Hard School and the rest of Chinese Democracy II.
  5. He also had a pretty good comeback in the early 90's with The Player and Short Cuts.
  6. Axl's Hannibal Lecter on vacation look is vastly underrated.
  7. Watched Nashville again last night. Truly one of the great 1970's films.
  8. Unless you are somehow making money off the news it is only worth paying limited attention to as a future conversation piece. When the voice inside your head keeps coming up with worst case scenarios they call it depression. When the voice inside your television keeps coming up with worst case scenarios they call it news.
  9. Do you think I passed up the opportunity to become a Russian Operative? I was walking by a derelict old bus stop this afternoon when I spotted a copy of Kruschev Remembers sitting on the bench. Instead of picking up the book to invesitigate further I kept on walking while fantasizing about what it might be like to walk away from it all and start life over as a Ruskie spy. I may have read one too many Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid. And then you mix that with the weed & shrooms and what you get is a Russian wedding with a washed up Axl Rose as your wedding singer.
  10. Is the picture with Mickey Rourke the most recent one?
  11. Some folks used to say he dirtied up Chinese Democracy with his fretless rhythm guitar.
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