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  1. Trudeau has cancelled Thanksgiving. Says there is still hope for Christmas. Halloween is going to be night of the covid dead.
  2. China created the myth of covid19 in retaliation to Trump's tariffs. The 200,000 deaths attributed to covid19 were the hospitals cooking the books in order to get that covid bonus money. It is like that season of the wire where McNulty creates the fake serial killer investigation.
  3. Never let Slash inject you with heroin.
  4. Chinese Democracy II: Meat Market. Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Flu.
  5. Side 1 1) You’re Crazy Live Era version 2) Hair of the Dog 3) Garden of Eden 4) 14 Years 5) The Blues Rick Dunsford Era aka Rick’s Picks version 6) Since I Don’t Have You Side 2 1) Better 2) If the World 3) Prostitute 4) You Could Be Mine 5) Back off Bitch 6) Ain’t it Fun Soul Monster Hidden Bonus track Rick’s Picks instrumental version
  6. Sat around a fire with a bunch of west coast hippies for an evening of fine food, music, and merriment. Fuck Fauci!
  7. Good old Mini Mike Bloomberg. All it took was a nickname from President Trump to end his campaign.
  8. Possibly. But Trump is the one who made it great! It invokes nostalgia for the past without being specific. There is something great in America's past for everyone.
  9. MAGA will live on even if they take the presidency away from President Trump.

    1. popcorn's snare

      popcorn's snare

      Dude, that's like the most meta Rickyism ever.

  11. Is Jim Carrey's portrayal of Joe Biden on SNL the last hope for Democrats in this election? Carrey could swing the election if he plays Joe Biden in a similar fashion to Fire Marshall Bill. I can picture Biden using Fire Marshall Bill's "Let me show you SOMETHING" catchphrase. Alec Baldwin's impersonation of Trump isn't as good as Donald Trump's impersonation of himself. But Jim Carrey can easily put in a better performance as Joe Biden than Joe Biden can.
  12. They shoot their bullshit straight whereas the Dems package their's with magic beans. A green new deal. Yeah right! Even when the Republicans lose they still win. Sarah Palin running with John McCain was brilliant. Obama was clearly going to win so they bring in a milf who hunts to see how many votes they can get.
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