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  1. So can we still listen to Michael Jackson music that was made pre-Neverland? Looks like anything after Bad is now off limits.
  2. I would travel back to the early 90's and find out what was really going on at the Neverland Ranch.
  3. Donald Trump

    NBA 2017-2018

    Zion is at least a freak athlete. The guy is built like a nearly 300 pound Bo Jackson or Mike Tyson. Tebow and Manzeil were hyped more for their off field behavior. Keep in mind you are looking at an 18 year old who is 6' 7" and weighs 285 pounds.
  4. Would you rather travel back in time inside a DeLorean or a telephone booth? If I am gonna travel to the past I kind of dig the idea of picking up some weed, nachos, and chocolate milk at 7/11 before dialing long distance.
  5. Donald Trump

    Axl at a guitar show back in July '95

    Miser, if you could travel back in time to Fantastic Sams in 1987 and pick out haircuts for each member of the Appetite 5, what would you request? I think Axl would have looked good with a Prince Adam aka He-Man hairdo.
  6. Donald Trump

    Axl at a guitar show back in July '95

    These threads are legendary. This is why you are the official Axl Rose hairstorian.
  7. Donald Trump

    Axl at a guitar show back in July '95

    Miser, what do you think was the last year for Axl's original hair?
  8. Donald Trump

    2018-2019 NFL Discussion

    Being the commissioner of the NFL is the sports equivalent of being the CEO of a tobacco company.
  9. Donald Trump

    Honest thoughts on MYGNR?

    I checked out when they put that Ross guy in charge. I don't remember that guy ever posting before they made him a mod.
  10. Donald Trump

    2018-2019 NFL Discussion

    Was happy to see The Browns picked up Kareem Hunt. Maybe the NFL can now quit pretending that its fans, owners, and players give two shits about domestic violence. Hunt's dropping by KC (and subsequent suspension) cost the fans an entertaining superbowl this year. Leave the punishment for murder and domestic violence up to the courts and let these guys play football. If the lawman don't getcha than the CTE almost certainly will. That is life in the NFL.
  11. Donald Trump

    Anybody watching the AAF?

    This league will fail like all the other ones that have come and gone before it. Nobody wants to watch second rate talent.
  12. Donald Trump

    NBA 2017-2018

    Sounds like Magic is tampering again. Apparently the Sixers gm denied this particular request about a month ago. Also, Ben is represented by LeBron's corrupt management team. If the NBA comish had balls he would ban LeBron and his management team. LeBron's era is over. No stars who are not represented by Klutch Management want to play with him. Probably because he is a snake who throws teammates and coaches under the bus wherever he goes.
  13. Donald Trump

    Who will win the GRAMMY for Best Box Set?

    No shame in losing to Weird Al. He's got a lot of hits. Did his box set come with a spatula from Spatula City?