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  1. Alex Jones did a 4 hour interview with Joe Rogan on infowars.com

  2. It has been foretold by many that Trump is the last president.
  3. Space Odyssey is true. The deep state killed Kubrick for exposing the Illuminati in Eyes Wide Shut.
  4. After many years of training a master yogi can conjure up a hotdog with meditation. What happens when Joe Blow can do that on demand with Neauralink?
  5. Pedo Joe or Alien Bro? Who do you want as your leader?
  6. Neuralink is on the horizon. We are almost there. I am a 21st century digital boy.
  7. When are they going to re-release the originals without all that shit Lucas added in the 90’s?
  8. Sim City to Sim Planet to Sim Galaxy...
  9. Not sure what speech you are referring to. I haven’t been following the news too closely as of late. I imagine the big tech companies are removing his stuff now that he is going after them with that bill to declare them content publishers. This is war. Trump vs. Big Tech.
  10. Been thinking a lot about aliens since I saw that one a few weeks back when I was on DMT. I think the aliens are us in the future wearing some fancy VR outfit.
  11. 9/11 was a Tuesday. Albums used to come out on Tuesday. I picked up The Strokes debut album This Is It that day and went over to a friend’s place to listen to the album and watch replays of the planes hitting the towers on the news. I remember thinking this song about New York City cops not being too smart is definitely going be removed from future pressings after today.
  12. They are getting us mentally conditioned for when the aliens show up and takeover.
  13. That’s one of the saddest things I have read in 2020.
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