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  1. Watching The Confession Killer on netflix. Good so far. Tough to go wrong with a documentary about a serial killer. After all, they are the rock stars of the true crime world.
  2. Trump vs. Biden would provide the most laughs.
  3. You might catch Hep C if you eat Slash's ribs. At worst, Axl's ribs will leave you with heartburn due to being dipped in an excessive amount of barbecue sauce.
  4. GNR fan A: Right on! GNF'NR are playing the F'N Super Bowl! GNR fan B: LOL. It's not the real Super Bowl. GNR fan A: It says Super Bowl on the ticket.
  5. On the first day of Hanukkah we will get demo version 33 1/3 of Better with harmonica.
  6. It is a way to cash in on the week leading up to Super Bowl.
  7. I think it all comes down to personal preference. Would you like ribs aged in Marlboro reds and heroin or ribs aged in Grey Goose vodka and Peruvian cocaine? One you can find at McDonald's and the other can be found at Applebee's.
  8. I'm not gonna lie, Slash's biceps creep me out a little. I have a feeling that if you pricked them with a pin gravy would start gushing out.
  9. I loved seeing Joe Pesci again but the Irishman didn't have one memorable scene. The de-aging looked like shit and DeNiro's character was totally bland.
  10. Fernando should book them a tour playing private parties for South American drug dealers.
  11. Good Time Boyhood Into The Spider-Verse Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 12 Years A Slave Gone Girl The Master
  12. My Buttigieg prediction is looking better every day.
  13. What was the best movie of the 2010's, The Social Network or The Wolf of Wall Street? I have to go with The Social Network, but it is damn close.
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