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  1. They have no problem taking government handouts for their crew but when it comes to refunds for the fam soon is the word.
  2. When do you think Mark Cuban enters the race?
  3. I think this might be one of the best songs of all time.
  4. The Russians have infiltrated Antifa and BLM.
  5. I got caught up in a flurry of bubbles. Bob Marley has never sounded this good.
  6. Vodka Dews and Dont’s in Quarantine America
  7. Didn’t Slash also turn tricks with dudes? Maybe the source was an Adler interview.
  8. Axl’s Taco Bell and CNN. GNFNR is Carl’s Jr. and Alex Jones. See ya at the Super Bowl!
  9. Seattle used to be a helluva nice city.
  10. I am gonna be honest. If I could go back in time knowing what I know now I would have substituted Mayor Larry Vaughn in for President Trump to deal with the pandemic.
  11. It is like having a kid with your sister. You expect it to come out retarded.
  12. I have got the commercial idea for Vodka Dew. It is gonna cost about a million dollars because we have to license Love Me Do from The Beatles.
  13. My thoughts exactly. Mountain Dew is closer to Powerade than any other pop. Vodka is the obvious dance partner.
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