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  1. Sorry, but that's just nostalgia perception. 2011 was the start of the true downfall, of course it's sound "good" because we have heard how shit he is since then, even with the big reunion. Sorry, but 2010 was truly good, this was the start of the downfall Also CW is not a great "example" song. He wasn't good on that one since the 90's. the verses ALWAYS sounded like shit, even if it contains a minuscule more effort and rasp
  2. lol it's a completely different approach and this "is GNR". Bucketficnk never belonged to GNR, just for Axl's solo effort, regardless of the quality of the material I know you are a Bucket-Finck fan but let's face it, this is a nostalgia band, and ain't nobody wants to hear that shit under the GNR brandname. Only us hardcores pretend to give a shit
  3. Amen That's why i don't think any new songs with Slash involved from scratch will happen. A few overdubs, that's all Also, the Emperor died, he hasn't got any clothes, he is naked as fuck since 2016-17 but he is living on a brazilians blood and sweat, and a few crazy soccermoms money since then, regardless of how shit he is
  4. Can't wait a new shitcord server named: The Locker Room Talk
  5. @maynard THIS IS WHAT YOU've been talked about: Mickey Axl/DC song called Great balls
  6. In this case, here you are: Sister in her http://www.lyrics.rip/s/Guns N’ Roses but muh axle is a LYrical geniuzzsao
  7. why? At least it generates new discussions It's not like he is spamming every thread with "I'm not towel"
  8. Jesus H Christ.... WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE RECORD IT? that's just your assumption Also i don't give a shit about behind the scenes that much as long as i've got the leakshit like everybody else okay, it's Towel who gives a shit.
  9. oh stop, it's clearly Brasky or the other one. Not Towel. Towel cannot controll himself. Guy calls himself Assad, the nickname Brasky being using for Fernando. Stop being a smartass about everything
  10. umm because Axl will sue his ass to oblivion? (which will happen eventually if he continues being an attention whore while doing deals like this one) Use your brain pls Remember: leakshit was done behind the scenes
  11. See? Kikes cannot rest until every one of us starting to kill each other all while they ascend to the throne again Heat the ovens
  12. hey, he has a point Let's start with him tough, he is being shit for decades, no big loss
  13. As soon as the election is over Economically? 2-3-4 years if the shilluminati chinks not come out with other bioweapons in the meantime. Also, getting the vaccine vs. skeptical people will be the next step, possibly the next civil war will break out because of it (if we survive the BLM-era while being white)
  14. Managing Guns N' Roses
  15. I thought this was going to end like: you two were fucking in a few minutes later in the bathroom disappointed
  16. whomever piece of shit paedo was on that video, needs to be shot in the head after a bunch of brazilians gouge out is eyeballs and rip out his heart while SCOM is playing in the background....i'm amazed this is still on youtube, i think it's a real vid from the depths of the internet. this was NOT staged, kids cannot fake a genuine cry for help like that. Makes my blood boil. after nearly two decades spent on gore sites, i'm hard to surprise at any despicable thing, but this is very close to the unthinkable
  17. Well this is obviously taken out of context, although hard talk-realtalk situation it's a moronic moot point, Oprah is a tryhard fag, always was always will be Are you spending all of your days looking for cheap conspiracy bullshit? btw what's with these shit video quality ON EVERY FUCKING "proof" video? They should have been up their game You are so gullibe sometimes, it becames hard to even "like" one of your closer-to the truth ramblings or posts.... I think the Pedosta ones are real, even if it's not from that particular pizza joint, but he sure looks like a paedo, the chin is matching (almost all child molesters has those chin feature, i think it's genetical)
  18. since then, he grow his hair and beard. But still snorting....wet wipes
  19. So libdems want WW3. They just cannot live without war
  20. LOL so Zutaut is selling material he doesn't own really I hope Axl sue his ass Oh and if Cumsford leak it then more power to him, if not then fuck him Oh boy.... then we will have to wait DECADES for eveything to leak
  21. Meh Releasing a Margot Robbie sextape or start an onlyfans page for her would have been cancel the incel "movement" though. The coomers will ascend then
  22. piece of shit mexicunt probably, btw he looks more white than some of the people he wants to kill lol
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