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  1. The recent Marilyn Manson case just showed people even here are willing to turn a blind eye on sadistic rapists, if the liberal media once in a lifetime actually telling the truth to us. Because metoo. because antifa. Because Trump lost. Because we are all fed up by MSM. Because masks. because alcoholism. Because most of you are fucking losers in real life who haven't seen a women in years. That's all fine and dandy, but.... Victim blaming because they didn't come forward sooner (some of them actually did it, but it doesn't matter to "us") it's a CIA conspiracy, they are lying like A
  2. The mere fact that you compare pornstars to gullible shithead actresses speaks for itself Stick with Fat Axl's because even if you are trolling, you are doing it in a pathetic way Haven't you considered the thought that even if you are a stupid and do something you shouldn't do and find yourself in a situation which is dead serious, you could actually claim you've been forced and or manipulated to do that? What's next? John Wayne Gacy's victims were CIA plants, because they sat in his car? Fucking hell
  3. okay, you are officialy a complete retard Lay off the sauce for a bit and open your fucking eyes Not everything is a big conspiracy AOC been payed to lie, these shithead actresses and various women gaining NOTHING, not even big fame with this shit. Stop being an asshole and once in a lifetime accept that the official narrative is right. Once in a blue moon i know, but it happens Manson is a sadistic rapist. Fuck him
  4. There is roleplaying and there is "hey, i'm gonna punish you, fuck you after i've been locked you up for days in a room, after days of sleep deprivation, pumping you full with drugs (and cum)" constantly kept your belongings (including your wallet etc.) in my posession etc. The list could go on an on On role playings you have a secret keyword to "come back to reality": Manson shat on those keywords you idiots should lay down the conservative pipe, Manson is guilty as charged Guilty as OG as MJ and Epstein and all of these shitheads
  5. More people came forward, all waited years and obv higher profile victims to come forward it's a psychological issue also, especially if you've been gaslighted, hence them "not going to the police" also imagine going to the police that MM has raped, tortured and emotionally abused me..... all cops would just go "noice", noice" Manson also put ot the BLM thing, that's also didn't save his ass it's real as for changing law, yeah, that would be great also He could be a gentleman then an animal. ever heard of bipolar personality disorder ? you people just not wan
  6. big lol casuals either don't care or those 5 years already passed this year.... money is in touring, labels adapted etc. now with rona, the industry will be more greedy than ever either a new album or bust either touring for 5 or 10 more years with the same shit or retirement. It's already too late, Axl can't sing anymore, he will be 60 next year. GNR is no Stones or Sabbath. Even if they are, those bands also needed new albums
  7. really nigga? in the current political and social climate i'd say it IS the precedent itself. like it or not, it's reality now in the 50-60-70's maybe 80's, fucking kids, beating wifes etc. was a precedent for popstars nobody batted an eyelash career wise these are different times and everything is our business without the money let's not use Marilyn Manson as an example of compassion and empathy please. he already did worse things than the guy who originally wore the Manson name lol yeah he is a poser, always has been it's all fine until it gets r
  8. aside from the sugarcoated bullshit regarding the world is outtoget Axl, this was a great post I'm pretty sure he wasn't the only one with blame and the label wasn't interested in an Axl solo project, that's true (think about it why: because the public wanted something else, so in a way, Axl shoot himself in the foot with the brandname and secured his golden piggy bank at the same time) I believe the 2010 CD 2 album cancellation by the label -> Angry Axl, cancelling the tour thing Labels won't apologize, money never apologize. Not even for the biggest rockstars. Lol at
  9. wrong forum wrong band wrong universe wrong being born
  10. I totally forgot about this shit, Manson actually dared to put this vid out The girl is definitely her
  11. She already did Btw it's hard to "prove" something which happened years ago, don't you think? Apparently there are video tapes of aforementioned acts (So if some serial rapist raped kids years ago, they need to prove it in court? it might be too late for that, but there are other ways ) Manson apparently used her beaten up face in a promo vid on his website way back in 2007. You only write and never read? You clearly know jackshit about the case so stop talking I don't think she needs "revenge", but the timing is interesting Note these
  12. Skin is awesome except this part I mean...
  13. At this point, i don't really know why would anyone think Twitter is not biased as fuck and why would anyone want to use the platform after they discovered the biggest Ponzi scheme in the technological history of mankind Just quit "social media" altogether, unless you want to live in a regulated echo chamber. Yes, that's included the "conservative" forks and clones too Social media is cancer, live your life outside, not on the internet...oh wait But seriously, there is no point even reading twitter trends now, unless you're a journalist leech who live on the scraps (((the
  14. Didn't know Snoop Dogg became a translator for mutes
  15. it's his worst album except the Villain one Manson hasn't made a good album since the Pale Emperor and before that, since Holly Wood After 2007 (when ERW comes to the picture lol) he basically makes total solo music, Chinese Democracies on a roll. Fat and shit Shooter Jennings is a fucking nobody in the industry and not really a talented musician. He is basically a Gilby Clarke now
  16. First of all, while you somewhat "hit the nail on the head" but you've managed to being totally wrong again and basically over exaggregating (and being insecure, about "overly empowered" hollywood sluts) If you're a grown man in your 30's and you're crying about "overly empowered womYn" then you're a fucking loser, big time. Also lol at "modern american women" you talk like a parent for a boomer. So fat so shit. You were born in the 20's right granpa? I can agree about the music (if you're a fan of his work after the 90's) In this particular case, ERW (and many others) were ri
  17. Well, your observation is wrong cuz the girl got bigger than Manson himself with Westworld Crazy? might be, just like any other 18 year old shithead teen I'm pretty sure she wasn't dreamed about being beaten, raped and tortured though
  18. dafuq, you've posted in the previous thread, why making this one
  19. AOC will be president someday She lied obv
  20. Bach is just happy because after they reunite with their shit families, he'd hunt them one by one on a celebrity pedo fest
  21. There was a poster here, named old man, and i got into an argument with him about that topic where at the end he said "i don't care if Axl fucked underage girls/kids" I've put it in my sig, he fucked off eventually I'm a based pedoslayer ever since Geffen payed for their lawyers, Axl was proud of it but he went into hiding like a pussy lol GNR sucked ass even back then if we take out the music
  22. They are all overpaid loudmouth morons tbh
  23. well, that's one way to look at it You are right to some extent, but if the age gap is too big (aka the male should be the grown up and turn the girl down) then it's not that simple, imho Anyway, here is a video from 1995, at the end, bitches would do anything if you're a famous rockstar (newsflash, i know) Brief mention of Slash there, the nice blonde bimbo fucked one of the GNR members too Another sidenote, there is a security guy in the video (the one who has invisible hair and try to tuck it in behind his ears lol) Turned out to be a serial killer in the area a f
  24. I lol'd http://sports.yahoo.com/courtside-karen-apologizes-wont-be-banned-after-hawks-investigate-heckling-incident-with-le-bron-james-003853828.html
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