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  1. Larry King died at 87 http://edition.cnn.com/videos/media/2021/01/23/larry-king-dies-cnn-host-obit-vpx.cnn End of an era (even though he was the most ugliest host ever. He was a professional. They don't make people like him anymore )
  2. It's called "shot on film". Actual, physical material with according lenses and whatnot That being said 4K is probably all we need, humans don't really need more than that (8K, 16K etc.) I'm more disturbed by badly executed CGI, de-aging Films with prosthetics were 10 times better than cheap CGI crap
  3. You could find some tidbits from 4tus and Brain, maybe if you nag BBF enough besides, the album was mostly done in Pro Tools, so it doesn't really matter....Only analog albums are interesting gear wise, imho
  4. If the dems have been runned her in 2016, Trump would never happened
  5. Larry King also died at 87 People over 80 tend to die anyways Norwegians actually tol that if somebody have a chronic illness while being at that advanced age, the vaccine can kill though
  6. I still don't get it how he managed to feature both Slash and Axl on his solo album... maybe it was recorded before he was fired Also strange that Axl's first public appearance after 1994 was on a Gilby show in 2000....he sung with him Actually have some respect for the guy since he turned down the cash cow offer from Fats n' Roses for being a roadie in his daughters band....
  7. If you refer YCBM being dated back to the AFD days, that was probably a "skeleton" version of the song, written by Izzy mostly The drum intro came from Duff who showed it to Matt during the actual recording of the song
  8. One more before i'll go off the grid for a while: Trump should invite them to Mar-a Lago lol
  9. On the other hand, i'm already multiple posting in this thread, so that Bayblon Bee satire was right Abandon this shit for a while is good for mental health and i'm not going to waste any more braincells on this one (at least not today) it's not worth it, because in the end, we cannot do shit Hell, a lot of us cannot even go to work and being promised alms in return for "staying at home".... So the last thing i need is already arguing about why Biden is a shit faced turd sandwich
  10. Trump not even considered but actually DID withdraw troops Biden not even CONSDIERED it, his first act was to SEND MORE troops in you've lost this argument, bro no matter how you want to slice it Sure, benefit of the doubt, etc. Okay. But what does your gut instinct tell you? So basically we have a president who immediately treats his soldier guards as a hobo's dick cheese, but with the same hand wants them to go on foreign soil to defend foreign interest.... This all sounds familiar from somewhere, almost like if it's happened before....
  11. Yeah, nice save on semantics, but Biden already CONSIDERED war. Not drone strike,s but sending actual troops, bodies and souls.... So no, he is hardly equal if you want to ride on semantics
  12. But you are already defending Biden (a thing which is highly unusual from you...) even arnold came to his senses
  13. When polled afterward, Americans’ support for drone strikes against terrorists increased, although more Americans than not were convinced that the specific strike against Suleimani made the United States less safe. Drone warfare thrives in the abstract: missiles crashing into bodies rendered unrecognizable and unknowable, into faceless targets with no identity more specific than “enemy.” So long as the White House, any White House, can sustain the public’s mental distance from the tangible, human consequences of the drone war, an unaccountable machinery will continue to wage war in
  14. tell that to the MSM http://foreignpolicy.com/2020/05/22/obama-drones-trump-killings-count/
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