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  1. except Trump is not that fat as Vince Meal
  2. Goychu Pokemon is gay though People like EricButts care about Pokechu
  3. http://nationalcaviar.com/karl-marx-the-smelly-douche/ here you go We need an Axl version of this one
  4. I just made a prop bet with one of my co-workers (who is not a cockend and can actually tolerate opinions other than his own) that Trump will win Easiest 300 bucks i've ever made
  5. Hope you like my new profile pic If i'd have any urge to re-register on gyna, i'd use this pic as an avatar
  6. I just want this cover from the original AFD 5, with raspy old Axl In fact i wouldn't want to hear another GNR song again, just covers. Good songs. I don't care anymore about GNR, fuck them, but their talent could be useful with actual good songs/classics
  7. Yeah, so all acoustic flamenco/cheesy italian love song sounds like DTJ... Sheesh It sounds like... a Slash song mixed with Anastasia and the Godfather theme albeit in much lesser quality. It's just a cheesy cover, poor mans Godfather theme It will be in the new solo spot, if the fat band tours ever again or Slash will play it with the Constipators It's too much "grandiose" and sometimes sounds like a demo, even in 3:43 it sounds false lol, probably the only time i've heard Slash releasing some studio material with a BIG BIIIG harsh mistake....
  8. Holy shit, i know Trump has certain "maneurisms", but he seems genuinely pissed off and surprisingly calm and level headed. In fact he doesn't seem like the temper tantrum thrower retard he is He might be onto something.... He is winning, imho Oh and Lesley Stahl seemed like a hot piece of ass back in her early days. She is almost 80 now, lol
  9. Honestly this is better than Joe Siegler's Black Sabbath forum background
  10. Holy fucking shit GG Allin is my favourite degenerate punk ever and i thought i saw every picture of him This is something new Big time
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