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  1. I just wanna trade Axl's life for Zappa yes, even prime, slim Axl. Frank Zappa's fart worth more than GNR's entire career, he had more integrity than our fat little boys ever (including SLuff And Dush) I'm generaly being ashamed that i was being EVER a fan of GNR. Axl is a footnote in music history compared to Zappa, yet more poeple know about him than Frank. You know why? Just look at the current GNR fanbase: mostly consist of brazilians and stupid causal Jane's and John's GNR is and WAS a lame band yet some people praise Axl's every move and thought like he was the second coming of Christ GNR LIFE DON'T MATTER At all I think i'm truly done with this shit band an might move on to some snobbish Zappa forum. I like you guys here though, but i can't stand more shit from FAXL and Co.. It's like watching CNN with a former Fox Network fanbase (yes, i'm a bit drunk, but honesty came out when you're shitfaced)
  2. Honestly, this is more and more starting to look like the end of the world What if we all get mad? Global pandemic, shittiest politicians ever, mass media hysteria, riots, killings, various race wars, totally dumbfuck people, generations without purpose or future
  3. WELL, THE MAN WHO STARTED IT ALL he had a big cock NSFW
  4. Well, tbh the micks weren't always welcomed in the US, they were just a tad bit above the blax back in the day, even socio-economicaly....
  5. yeah, it's difficult because he is the only one who has them, so it's traceable no matter what.... Unless we keep it very very low profile and "hoard" these recordings amongst ourselves or put up the foreseable legal fees when Axl and co. comes after him we will never hear these....
  6. Yeah, it's cool and all, but why don't he just release the shit for the hardcores? Btw he is a bit over the top with his importance and cult of personality (used to like him though) , it's not rocket science just don't make money on it and release it for free. After all these years, nobody outside of the hardcores and a few brazilians will give a shit about these recordings anyway and since the band and Axl doesn't give two shits about releasing it, Marc should Yeah, i know, the legal bullshit might be tedious, so it's more likely we will never hear the full shows, but one can dream... if it's up for Axl and Ferdinando we will NEVER hear these
  7. Btw out of ALL bands and rockstars, GNR and Ax should shut the fuck up about blax The hypocrisy is palpable on this one, even if you have a black drummer and a half black guitarist, you stilll have a song called One in a Million, even if you tried to omit aforementioned song from your discography, you are still a jackass since 88 I sincerely think the most cuck moment of Slash wasn't the reunion, it was recording OIM Don't give two shits about Axl's "viewpoint" explanation, that shit was silly even in 88
  8. that is the most brutal flick ever (if you don't go deeper into the interwebz)
  9. Yeah, that's a very likely scenario Also, here is the aftermath nico-ferro Newbie Members 21 29 posts Posted 4 minutes ago didn't even finish my beer...
  10. Slash really felt that DTJ "Show" ended, which means "selection" in Fernando's textbook= 3 songs Okay, another fuckup, imho
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