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  1. this is...unreal scary Karen needs some serious help, possible lobotomy or HEAVY opiates on high dosage what the actual fuck was that screeching was? I thought Emily from the Exorcist came out and slowly starts the "head rolling"
  2. More, more more In July 2019, Peter John Dalglish, former United Nations chief and top UN founder of UNICEF, was arrested in 2019 on child rape charges in Nepal. During his arrest two young children were rescued from his custody. Dalglish was sentenced to nine years for abusing a 12-year-old boy, and seven years jail for molesting another 14-year-old. Dalglish was a well-respected humanitarian, involved in projects across the globe. In 2016, he was awarded the Order of Canada - the country's second-highest civilian honour - for his work with disadvantaged children. He co-founded Street Kids International in the 1980s, which later merged with *Save the Children*. Who here heard about this in the main stream media last year?? Anyone? No? I didn’t think so
  3. You are a 20 something old, but you are already wiser than half of 'Murica' (and especially Skeeter) That was fucking fire, bro
  4. magisme already said it all but in this particular case i'd say life in prison is too lenient. Death penalty is the appropriate (and cost effective) way to deal with these type of people (i'd say exactly the same if he was white.)
  5. The N-word on the pic is too white Whitewashing much? 5 year olds life matter more than an ex-con/porn actor/ drug addict N-words life I don't see any riots just the white bowing down on the Altar of virtue
  6. Hitomi Tanaka is awesome She has uncensored JAP porn Speaking of, never understood the japs censoring genitals while they happily distribute the most obscure obscenities (coprophilia, tentacle porn, real rape etc.) What a fucked up nation @EstrangedTWAT Everybody who is at least searched for uncensored japanese porn once in their lifetime can know her name She has one of the biggest asian titties ever AND doing uncensored stuff
  7. Randy is wasted's second account though
  8. at this point pedo Spacey would have been a better candidate than Biden. No one in their right mind can vote for him and even the notdrumpf crowd is smaller....
  9. or the "singer"? botched Cardi B clone plastic job here is your answer
  10. Someone just shop fataxl on this face, pls Stay Puft man has more rasp than Axl anyways
  11. Pile of stinky-smelly shit or diarrhea covered with lard
  12. Well, this proves that Ashba was a hack and he is a poser, gimmick "guitarist" Song is so shit, the audience and "demand" basically just waste of space "clubbers" It's fucking embarassing that he was ever a member of Axl's band. No other employee (old or new) or "former bandmate " ever humiliated himself this much Well, it's even worse than the remaining members of The Doors clowning around with Shillrex. The beat is so generic, even an 8 year old with basic Ableton skills could do it in 3 seconds. Ashba always looked like a fag, but this is the cherry on the shitpile of his career Shitley Crüe Shits N' Roses Shits AM *botched SCOM intro riff playing in the background
  13. why As you can see, this is a common topic here Axl deserves everything he's got (including touring money and fat memes)
  14. holy fucking shit aand this is out since Dec 2... I cannot imagine a Biden-Kamala win
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