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  1. Budd Dwyer

    Revisiting and remembering UYI 2

    Well, i don't The last time i was humiliated was in the Kindergarten You on the other hand... you must certainly know what humiliation is, since you've been humiliated here on a regular basis, by.... fucking braziians
  2. Budd Dwyer


    At least i'm able to use the ' Buy a normal keyboard for fuck sake, maybe you can afford it too...
  3. Budd Dwyer

    Pardon My Ignorance

    Jew is not a race That is the work of nature. Doesn't matter if you're jewish. Btw there are tons of mixed families Google and books, both of your friends /thread
  4. Budd Dwyer

    GNR’s members solo performances

    Thans, at least i could retire from here with one of the worst performances from Axl. Thanks for reminding me how bad he was with his fake band (not saying he is so much better now... but that was something objectively terrible) Read only mode on
  5. Budd Dwyer


    The russians will hack it, don't worry
  6. Budd Dwyer


    Yeah, selling the forum to GUNNER, quite possibly to the biggest troll (the real sense of the word, not the mygina definition) around here was really fitting to that emoticon Plus he will unban all of the previous assclowns, probably try to kiss TB's ass etc., so there is really no point to share videos or audio here, let alone leaks. It will be deleted almost immediately. Suddenly, i've lost my remaining interest in everything GNR related It was good while it lasted, guys Have fun (sorry for quoting you, but the post was fitting for a vent)
  7. Budd Dwyer

    Revisiting and remembering UYI 2

    terrible At least we have Slash now (yes, from now on, I'm gonna go as a full blown Slashite)
  8. RIP GNFNR. So long, and thanks for all the leaks

    1. GUNNER


      Why all that negativity, Budd?

    2. 5agge
  9. Budd Dwyer


    New sleeper accounts popping up, files/links got deleted. Really makes you think... JB let's purge all of the accounts below 100 posts and ban whenever wfa lives
  10. Budd Dwyer

    A History of Rock Music

    libcom Miguel Amoros Sounds like an Ashba solo
  11. Budd Dwyer

    Will someone explain this to me?

    Bingo Can't wrap my head around how their most liked/watched etc. hits are ballads and nearly NOTHING from their "harder" songs. WTTJ is probably a meme now, PC is a middle ground, but still doesn't fully represent them. YCBM may have been big back in the day, but now? If you ask randoms whom might heard about the band to name a few songs, they'll go with NR, SCOM and PC maybe WTTJ and that is fucking all. It's sad and embarassing
  12. Budd Dwyer

    Salsh N’ Ashba: The Similarities

    Jesus in heaven, please tell me you're brazilian There is a difference between originality and being a copycat of somebody else
  13. Budd Dwyer


    Honestly: is there any difference? I don't like any of those bands so...
  14. Budd Dwyer

    Salsh N’ Ashba: The Similarities

    Seems like SOME (no, not maynard) brazilians (or pseudo brazilians) have an unheathy obsession with 80's and washed up 80's musicians They also have a shit taste in guitarists
  15. Budd Dwyer


    Well, Cinderella is more successful than both of them so Duff would be a low profile "punk musician" probably more true than his "fashion punk" self now Seriously, Slash could have been big with another band (not even talking about hair metal shit bands) They were a band. What could have been if they never form/join GNR? Who the fuck knows for sure. I'm just guessing, because this is an alternate reality scenario anyway. They are big. They are bigger with nostalgia GNR. But they are already bigger than Ron an DJ or any other hired hand ever will be