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    Life is too short to bet the under.

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  1. Ummm so JB is selling out to Canadiens ? @John Bonham
  2. He has been behaving so JB the good hearted man he is seems to be giving a second chance and towel has matured so i will vauch for him.
  3. Sir may you ask your wife to play. She used to play back in the old days right ? Also @Luis @Frank Drebin sign up @GUNNER last chance
  4. Sign up for mafia now

    1. Frank Drebin

      Frank Drebin

      Whats it like? Is it like MafiaWars on FB?

    2. El Brasky

      El Brasky

      It's  a game we play here.

      It's  fun , mean and true experience. 

  5. @arnold layne @John Bonham @popcorn's snare @Damn_Smooth @bran @Winston Wolf @GnRLiars @AxlisOld @RedHook @creed
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