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  1. And boy was it. Fucking classic match. Bucks vs Lucha Brothers a spot fest but highly entertaining. Jericho vs Omega was the match of the year so far.
  2. I am looking forward to tonight and have faith AEW will be good.
  3. I’m still against the war but anyone who thinks it last more then 2 weeks to destroy the Iranians military and government is crazy. in 8 fucking years Iran was in a stalemate with Iraq. You know the same Iraq that’s military and government was destroyed in 2 weeks The same Iraq whose information minster said there were no American tanks near Baghdad as a Abrams tank drove past him in the background. Now I understand and agree America sucks at nation building and policing a foreign country but any military in the world not using nuclear weapons loses to the United States in a month.
  4. Was Gunner just Skeeter’s alt account ?
  5. Can the United States occupy successfully probably not but can the United States destroy the Iranian regime and military in about a week yes. i still vote for no war.
  6. He should come back because his friends miss him . not to defend Axl I made my wife shit in a litter box Rose.
  7. Really a screwdriver why not a mimosa and he can watch some morning joe on MSNBC. Equally hipster or 50 year old barfly. Bloody Mary’s or Ceaser’s fucking rule.
  8. Understood. only advice in that situation is a dark room or in a hot tub with headphones on listening to this
  9. Realizing how good of a buddy @magisme is for not losing his shit reading my poor grammar post.


    Thanks buddy 

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    2. Alex Trebek

      Alex Trebek

      something about that homer is really uncanny

    3. Damn_Smooth


      Pretty sure you should be thanking the whole planet for that one.

    4. Bill Brasky
  10. So it looks like the Blues vs the Bruins. This should be a smash fest of a series lots of hitting and low scoring games. bad for ratings . great for real hockey fans. Should go 7 games.
  11. That’s why god created Bloody Mary’s . Next time you decide to get stoned immediately follow up the next morning with a greasy breakfast 🍳 some pussy and a strong Bloody Mary.
  12. Seriously what’s Gunner’s new alt ?
  13. Don’t we already have that crazy guy in North Korea to deal with ? i dont want America spreading it’s freedom to much or it might not be as patriotic.
  14. Let Israel and Saudi’s fight their own wars. Did we not already learn we can fuck up any country’s military in a matter of weeks but having to rebuild and police a country were pretty shity at. Official Vote no war
  15. Yes. But that was before he got off roids and proved he just was gimmick character.
  16. Lars Sullivan is just another Boring fake wannabe monster who Vince will forget exist any day now.
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