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  1. unvote GNR Liars vote Cardi
  2. ps I don’t think Vince is dead
  3. Ok valid vote GNR Liars Just remember Austin turned heel in 2001 but mags makes good points
  4. Why ? just would like to know your reasoning thank you
  5. So we got Victoria Texas in the house but it is it the 01 version ? i have to comb my beard anyone else like to share ?
  6. Well that’s kinda vague So I’m going to vote for the only person I know to be a townie Vote Troy Mcclure
  7. @Conor can we have some clarity on the commissioners role
  8. I’m trying to use logic we have a small game why rush ? i still prefer Cardi or Major as commissioner due to them being wrestling marks heck im a good candidate i would also also like to know what exactly the commissioner role will be like mags said
  9. Only 11 players so we really shouldn’t rush votes un vote major
  10. vote major mayhem my reasoning is he’s a vet player and a wrestling fan im also good with Cardi as comish
  11. Deleted user

    Has anybody else cutback on the amount of news they consume?

    Yup it’s become page 6 of New York Post.
  12. Deleted user

    WM2: Sign-Up Thread

    Um has the game started ?
  13. Deleted user

    WM2: Sign-Up Thread

    @Conor has All prior mafia games
  14. Deleted user

    WM2: Sign-Up Thread

    my favorite big show gif